Without a doubt, the bass fishing public has been pushed aside and nearly forgotten thanks to the explosion of trophy speckled trout from Sabine Lake and Calcasieu in recent years. Many a seasoned angler has forsaken both Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn while in search of a monster speck this winter. The cold weather months leading up to spring have always been known as the time to chase a trophy largemouth bass here in east Texas, and these prime months are gradually sneaking up on us with little or no fanfare. Imagine that, a saltwater fish stealing the show from the most pursued game fish in America. Well not for long, the first sign of good bass showing up will turn the tables and right the wrong that has been created in many anglers’ eyes.

Because we are so blessed with access to both world class fishing for freshwater and saltwater species, the ebb and flow of the fishing public has been difficult to read in the past. At this particular moment it seems that the whole world has gone crazy for big trout and totally forgotten the freshwater scene. One of the key factors that has contributed to this line of thinking has to be the weird fall and early winter weather that had stifled most anglers on the big reservoirs. Low water conditions, high water conditions, and mixed temperatures that are more suited for a science fiction movie have made things difficult to say the least. Since the summer it has been difficult to get a handle on any consistent pattern that would produce quality fish. Every now and again someone would solve the mystery and put up a good stringer of fish at one of the larger tournaments, but these were more the exception than the rule.

With January approaching us and the start of a new season right around the corner, you can bet your best bait caster that a New Year’s resolution or two will be to catch more bass in the year 2010. I even heard a guy at the mall the other day telling Santa that all he wanted for Christmas was a normal year on his favorite bass fishing lake, talk about a Christmas wish. Perhaps the new year will be much more kind to bass fishing enthusiasts, it seems like we have begun to get some much needed rain that will help fill up our lakes and hopefully restore order in the fishing world. I recently made a trip to Fort Worth and got to see some of the lakes up there, talk about empty compared to Rayburn and Toledo. The only thing on most of those lakes were plenty of ducks, but that is a whole different problem in itself.

Bass fishermen please do not despair, the new year brings you boat shows and the promise of another spring. Also the new year brings the potential for chasing trophy bass, and what better way to get the attention off the trout than to catch a big bass. I hope each one of you has a Merry Christmas and blessed holiday season, see you on the water.