At Christmas time our thoughts turn to our friends, past and present. First we extend to each of you readers the best of wishes from our advertising family throughout our distribution area. We want to extend our gratitude to the many businesses and professionals who advertise in The Record through the year. They make these home-owned, hometown community newspapers possible. Please shop with them and thank them for bringing to you, absolutely free, this newspaper throughout the year. Special thanks to all of you for making us Orange County’s best read publications. Your support is appreciated. For more than 30 years, Joe Kazmar has been sending out his Christmas list. Be sure and check it out. We join him in extending best wishes to so many of the natives. Here are some of our special senior citizen friends he might have missed. A very Merry Christmas to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson “King” Dunn, married 72 years.***To our friend Dot Eshbach, the former world traveler with her late friend Margaret Saint.*** Millard  “Neighbor Cox” and Ms. Ginny, who received an early present Tuesday from grandson Kevin Duplechain and wife Erin. They are the proud new parents of a baby girl. His mom, Karen, former Bridge City teacher, was traveling from her home in Oklahoma to Dallas to see she and Keith’s first grandchild.***Best wishes to WWII veteran, Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout and his bride – he makes us proud to know him.***A very Merry Christmas to a new friend we found this year, Pearl Burgess Stanfield, age 89, a remarkable, lovely lady.***To Anabel Anderson, our friend of many years. We will always cherish the friendship A great lady with an outstanding family.***To one special gal, Inez Hearn, who has been a joy to know.***To Joyce “Poche” Bernard, a Cajun queen.***Shannon Messer, a prince of a guy.***Marcel Adams, the first lady of Orange County.***Also Merry Christmas to “Ace” Amodeo, J.B. Arrington, Adolph “the old coach” Hryhorchuk, Wilda Martin and to Jim Pruter, all more than 80 years old, some more than 90, you are the real salt of the earth. A blessed Christmas to all.*****Remember to track Santa on as he travels the world on Christmas Eve. Clicking on Santa’s picture on The Record’s home page will bring you to Norad, which has been tracking Santa each Christmas for 50 years. *****I must move on. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

Houston Mayor-elect Annise Parker says she is starting with a clean slate to pick a new police chief. Three candidates have been mentioned. One is 48-year-old Vicki King, with the Houston PD since 1985. She would be the first woman chief of a major city.*****The estimated time when whites will no longer make up the majority of Americans has been pushed back eight years to 2050. White children could become a minority in 2023. The United States population of 308 million should climb to 399 million in the next 40 years. Hispanics, now currently 15 percent, will rise to 28 percent. The population 85 and older will more than triple in 2050 to 18.6 million. People 65 and older will grow fastest comprising one in four Americans. *****Sen. Joe Lieberman’s chances of re-election in Connecticut are slim at best. So is the senator feathering his nest by protecting the insurance industry with his blocking of public option? The insurance companies have given $1 million plus to Lieberman’s senatorial campaigns. Here’s what I think. Do you remember Louisiana Democrat turned Republican Rep. Tauzin, who wrote the Medicare Bill that protected the pharmaceutical makers by making the federal government forbidden to bargain on prices. Today Tauzin is a rich lobbyist for the drug companies. I’ll bet you Lieberman will end up with a big job within the insurance industry when he’s booted out of the senate. He’s hell on promoting himself. Neither party has much respect for him; he thinks he can befriend both sides. In the end, the nation is the big loser, health reform without public option means billions to the insurance industry.


We were saddened to learn of the death of Joel Elliott Jeffcote, 64, who passed away Sunday. Services were Wednesday (Dec. 23). In his life Joel accomplished a lot. We knew him as a power broker with Gulf States who blazed a trail in both Louisiana and Texas. Joel was a doer, very active and exceptionally smart, no matter where he traveled Bridge City was always home. To his wife Margaret, children, siblings and their families we extend our heartfelt condolences. A good man has left us. (Please see obit.)

30 Years Ago-1974

Editor’s note: Below are some of the people who were in our lives, friends we have written about, folks who played an important part in our community. We can’t cover them all but here are some who have made an impact in the last 30 years. Judge Sid Callavet, W.T. Oliver, Sheriff Chester Holts, Dewey “Teddy Bear” Cox, A. J. Judice, Cecil Beeson, Louis Dugas, T.L., Sue and Buzzie Gunn, Jimmy Conn, Judge James Neff, Henry and J.D. Stanfield, Jackie Harmon, Paul Cormier, Bill and Elaine Townes, Tony Dal Sasso, Frank Zeto, Jim Morris, Bubba Hubbard, Fred Gregory, Leon Parish, Elmer Newman, Gus Harris, Maurice Collier, Sally Frazier, P.M. “Red” Woods, Arthur Simpson, D. Roy Harrington, Judge Graham Bruce, Alvin Keown, Ann and Jimmy Segura, Major Inman, Larry Gunter, Jim Stelly, Bob Montagne, Jim Gilliam, C.R. Nash, Larry Ward, Leland and Vivian Morrow, Marlin Thompson, Judge Malcolm Dorman, Davis Cooper, Charlie and Juliet Patton, Patsy Fisette, Tim Lieby, Joe and Inez Runnels, Bill Cunningham, Bill Hughes, Henry and Tony Houseman, Ed Bacon, Allen and Viola Bendy, Butch Lusigan, N.J. “Vic” Vicnair, Aton Williams, Dick Bevins, Tony, Frank and Betty Em Giarratano, Frank Manshack, Charlie Fredrick, Grover Halliburton, Lowell Scribner, Houston Baker, Gordon Baxter, Ed Lovelace, Vivian Dorman, J.B. Thibodeaux, A.J. Broussard, Uncle Jim McKay. (Editor’s note: All of the above people were mentioned in the pages of our newspaper in 1979 and are all today deceased. Their contributions while on this earth were many. Over the years they have been thought about often by friends and family.


We understand good friend Mary Fontenot has been in and out of the hospital a couple of times with heart problems since we last reported. She came home Saturday following surgery. Hopefully, she’s done with that. By the way, has she quit smoking yet or is she waiting to tell St. Peter “I just gotta have one more cigarette.” Here’s wishing this great gal full recovery.*****Speedy recovery to Orangefield’s Johnny Dorman who had bypass surgery in Beaumont Wednesday.*****Special thanks to our longtime buddy Dot Eshbach, who for 20 years in a row has delivered her yearly homemade candy. Sorry we missed you Dot but it’s great to know you are still flying around town.*****Also thanks to Rev. Leo and the rest of you folks for the Christmas goodies. Rev. Leo has bought off our crew with boxes of quality sweets.*****“How bout dem Cowboys? They walked into New Orleans and beat the Saints in their own house. They did what no other team this season could do; beat the undefeated Saints 24-17. Nick Folk, missing a chip shot field goal, gave the Saints a chance. If he had made it that would have put the game out of reach and N.O. wouldn’t have scored again. I’m not a Jason Garrett fan but he and Wade Phillips put on a coaching clinic. Team leaders, Romo and DeMarcus Ware, stepped up. The loss doesn’t hurt the Saints but it sure helped the Cowboys. Folk was sent packing and former Cowboy Shaun Suisham was brought back, not great but can’t be worse.***** The Houston Texans are now 7-7 with Sunday’s 16-13 win over the Rams.*****Jim and Dot Keith, 30 year residents of Bridge City, like many other elderly people lost their home to Ike. The Keith’s relocated near their children, who were reared in Bridge City and were BC high graduates. Jim says they were very saddened because it closed a chapter in their lives. On Pearl Harbor Day Jim turned 77 years old. The Japanese bombed on his ninth. Good folks. You guys stay in touch and have a nice holiday season.*****A few special folks we know having birthdays this week. Judge Flo Edgerly will celebrate on Christmas Day. She and Gene have moved away and built a new home near a son off of IH-10. ***Helen DeRoche, a Christmas baby, celebrates this week. She’s Al’s better half.***Bridge City mayor Kirk Roccaforte, whose claim to fame is wife Shirley, celebrates this week also. He’s getting older. He was a youngster when he first started playing with Bridge City politics and Shirley made him a star.***Celebrating is Kenny “KeeKee” Dupuis.***The lovely Harriet Dubose, married to David and the other Dubose, county commissioner John, also celebrates.***Our buddy Ronnie Hutchison celebrates a birthday this week. Best wishes to all.***A belated birthday to Judge Buddie Hahn who celebrated Monday, Dec. 21. Buddie, one of the finest gentlemen we know blew in with the first day of winter quite a while ago. There is no one we respect any more. We wish him a long life with many of God’s blessings.***We understand that Gordon “Puz” Underwood has joined First Realty as a new broker and appraiser. No kidding? You mean “Puz” and Sleepy Smith in the same building? Now there’s a pair of aces.*****Mark Dunn made it in from Boston after an hour-by-hour, 12-hour delay just in time to get this paper out. His daughter Amber flew in from Ohio after being stranded in Denver. Ms. Phyl’s only sibling, Jo and husband Claude Huard, drove in from Hot Springs.*****Let us know if you had guests come in for the holidays.

Buddie Hahn, Jane Holton, Sue Cowling, Terri Estes, Helen DeRoche, Lewis Sims, Mary Jane McCune, Mike Dillion, Ronnie Hutchison, Rushia Mae Cooper, Velma Theriot, Evelyn Foster, Janelle Deutsch, Louise Buker, Mary Frances Hartley, Randy Wuske, Ashley Burris, Emily Glover, Jennifer Ferguson, Kent Broussard, Laura Floyd, Rebecca Johns, Rob Turner, Bobby Sibert, Judy Taylor, Kirk Roccaforte, Lorraine Bonin, Max Pelham, Stacy Roberts, Debbie Taylor, Harriet Dubose, Kenneth Wiemers, Linn Cardner, Raymond Costilla, Sam McLellan, Jacklyn Bradberry, Larry Padget, Sherrie Reid, Kenny Dupuis, Jean Marshall and Lauren Leger.

Dec. 25, Rickey Henderson, 51; Annie Lennox, 55; Sissy Spacek, 60; Jimmy Buffet, 63 and Barbara Mandrell, 61.*****Dec. 26, Phil Spector, 69; Jared Leto, 38; John Walsh and Carlton Fisk, 62.*****Dec. 27, Cokie Roberts will be 66, Gerard Depardieu, 61 and John Amos, 70.*****Dec. 28, Sienna Miller, 28; John Legend, 31; Gayle King, 55; Edgar Winter, 63 and Denzel Washington, 55.*****Dec. 29, Jude Law, 37; Ted Danson, 62; Jon Voight, 71 and Mary Tyler Moore will be 73.


This book by Terry Teachout was written 38 years after Armstrong’s death. Teachout has written a definitive narrative biography of the greatest jazz musician of the 20th century. It tells about “Satchmo’s” upbringing in New Orleans, as a young trailblazing genius of the 1920s, and his 40 legendary years of music. His great trumpet, big smile and all those great tunes from “Old Man River” to several dozen more, left a trail that I’m glad I traveled. The sound still plays in my head.

A letter from Cuzzin Sostan.
Dear Cuz,
I’m dropping you a line to let you know wat’s going on with some of da old folks here. Miss Florene , Sugar Bee’s 93 year old aunt, drove to Lafayette las week to do some Christmas shopping. Da family didn’t know she was gone. While dere she call 911 on her cell and told dem dat her car had been broken into. Florene is hysterical her, she explains to da dispatcher, “Dey stole da stereo, da steering wheel, da brake pedal and even da accelerator.” Da dispatcher say, “Stay calm officer Comeaux is on his way.”
A few minutes later Comeaux radios in, “Disregard,” da officer says, “She got in da back seat by mistake.”
I went to Abbeville Sunday to visit our old uncle Harold Breaux. I axe him, “Wat do you old folks do now dat you retired?” Uncle Harold say, “I’m fortunate me, I have a chemical engineering background. One of da tings I enjoy most is turning beer, wine, scotch and margaritas into pee and me, I’m damn good at it too.”
I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Tell Kee-Kee, LuLu and Cox to stay sober dem.

I’m thinking if time permits, next week I will send out a few resolutions some of the natives should make and some predictions.*****Texas Monthly published their Bum Steer of the Year awards. The 2010 Bum Steer of the Year goes to Tom DeLay. I believe he should get it for the last decade. Gov. Perry made the list also with a host of others.*****I was in hopes the beautiful weather would last but as I write this the clouds are gathering. Rain is on the way. By Friday it should clear up.*****Remember all Friday garbage pickups will be Saturday.*****The Lunch Bunch meets Wednesday at Van Choate’s “Tuffy’s”. Everyone is welcome. No meeting next week; we resume first Wednesday in January at Robert’s Steakhouse.*****From the gang here, Tammy, Debbie, Mark, Robert, Amanda, Penny, Al, Bill, Roy and our writers and the folks who deliver this newspaper, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.*****From Creaux and I to our bud Sharon Bearden, who we know always enjoys a good feast, we say, “Dig in brother, we’ll go on a diet come January.” *****I’ve gotta go. Take care and a special blessing to all.