Once in a long while, an individual appears whose destiny is to be a beacon for the hopes and aspirations of many.  Such a man was Martin Luther King Jr.: minister of God, charismatic advocate for universal civil rights and tireless champion for the brotherhood and sisterhood of all people.

This year at 5 p.m. Jan. 17, the Orange Branch NAACP will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a memorial to be at Power of Praise Christian Center, 1301 10th St. 

The theme will be “Dream from the Mountaintop: Share the Legacy to Shape the Future.”

Jackie Mayfield, founder of Compro-Tax will be the guest speaker. The Orange City Wide Choir along with various other community leaders will be on the program.

For a decade the Orange Branch NAACP has held a re-enactment based on King’s historical marches for change.

This year, the memorial program will be held instead of the march.

NAACP leaders ask the citizens of Orange to adhere to Dr. King’s words when he said, “We must have the strength to love and the courage to change.”