The Bridge City High School Powerlifting teams, both girls and boys, took first place at the opening meet in Nederland on Jan. 16.

Lady Card senior, Valerie Brown took 1st with a squat of 460 lbs; bench, 150 lbs; and deadlift of 350 lbs. Brown is the Nederland meet record holder in squat. Teammate Alexa Richmond, also a senior, is the record holder in total lifts with 720. Her scores were 280/145/295 respectively. Other first place finishers from BC with their lifts are: Taylor Daville, Sr., 275/120/275; Whitney Leblanc, Soph., 220/100/210; Thomas Luce, Jr., 610/315/475; Austin Broussard, Jr., 345/235/350; Jerry Nguyen, Jr., 350/195/375; Sean Longmire, Fr., 235/145/280; Tyler Ballard, Fr., 330/210/400; Hunter Stout, Fr., 275/165/245.

Bridge City second place finishers: Kayden Church, Fr., 200/120/180; Ashleigh Strahan, 300/125/260; Shane Stankus, Jr., 545/325/545.

Taking 3rd were: Ricci Shoemaker, Sr., 230/100/265; Gabrielle Brown, Soph., 260/105/265; Bailey Moore, Fr., 115/50/150; Adam Prosperie, Jr., 385/275/415; Zach Cole, Fr., 325/175/315.

Coming in 4th place were: Haley Jenkins, Fr., 115/50/150; Bree Walker, Fr., 135/60/170.

BC 5th Place: Cassie Derouen, Fr., 150/60/135; Nick Green, Jr., 365/235/315; Hunter Woolls, Soph., 430/260/400.

Also participating were: Lari Navarro, 210/80/200; Bree Smith, 225/90/200; Shelby Ash, 180/80/220; Simone Dies, 245/80/215; Decker Blevins, 180/70/175; Olivia Hubbard, 230/95/210; Stephen Balsano, 285/165/315; Brent Crooks, 315/215/345; Shane Wilson, 400/245/375; Andy Beaumont, 315/255/315.