Dancing back and forth from foot to foot, five girls nervously listened to music and tried to focus on something they had never done before. Although they had prepared for several weeks, it was time for the actual competition-their first ever powerlifting meet.

For WO-S, powerlifting has been a part of the boys’ athletic program since 1977. However, for the first time in many years, several girls approached Coach Cornel Thompson, wanting to get together a team.

“We’ve had girls that have won state in the 80’s-Ramona Papillion won it three years in a row and Andrea Jenkins also won it one year,” Thompson said. “During the 90’s, girls would come out to lift and when they found out what was expected of them, they never came back in the weight room.”

However, this year has been different. Over twenty girls started lifting and about ten girls are still working out on a consistent basis. Five girls competed last week at the LC-M Powerlifting Meet.

 “I decided to work out and lift to help me get stronger, so I can jump and flip better in cheerleading and to keep me busy in my spare time,” sophomore Alayna Jacobs said. “My first meet was a wonderful experience but I know I could’ve done better.”

Jacobs placed third in her weight class, lifting a total of 425 pounds. Sophomore Crystal Haynes placed second in the same class, lifting 450 pounds and junior Krishe White placed fourth with 385 pounds.

“My favorite lift is squats because it is helping my leg muscles get stronger for the other sports I participate in,” Haynes said. “My first meet was fun and I can’t wait until the meet this week.

White decided to lift because she thought it would be fun and would help her get stronger for softball.

“I like to deadlift the best because I have stronger lower body strength,” White said.

Sophomore Ashleigh Kelly placed second in her division, lifting more than the other girls with 600 pounds.

“I decided to powerlift because I’m very competitive and I love to compete against myself,” Kelly said. “Lifting will help me tone up and get me ready for volleyball.”

Placing first in her division, sophomore Caitlin Greer lifted 565 pounds.

“I figured I would try something new for a change,” Greer said. “At first I was nervous, but as I went along, I got into the feel of it.”

The boys’ team brought home the first place trophy, with Brenson Lindsey winning the Outstanding Lifter in the light weight division. In the 148 lb. class, junior Wilson Washington placed third, lifting 895 lbs. In the 165 lb. class, the Mustangs took home first, second and third. Lindsey placed first with 1100 lbs and sophomore Britton Lindsey took second with the same amount. Junior Darius Robinson placed second lifting 1005 lbs.

In the 198 lb. class, junior Robert Gooding placed second with 940 lbs. and Donovan Rubin placed fifth, lifting 755 lbs. Sophomore Lawrence Gilmore won the 220 lb. class lifting 1060 lbs. and sophomore Ian Jenkins won the 242 lb. class lifting 1155 lbs. In the 275 weight class, junior Justin Petry placed third with 975 lbs. and Terrance Dennis placed fifth with 945 lbs.

In the Super Heavy Weight class, sophomore Ryan Allen won first with a lift of 1255 lbs, deadlifting 500 lbs.