Bridge City High School senior powerlifters Valerie Brown, Alexa Richmond, Taylor Daville and Ricci Shoemaker claim top spots to help the BCHS girls powerlifitng team take first place at the West Brook meet Saturday.

The Lady Cardinals accumulated 36 points over West Brook’s 30 .
Outstanding female lifters were Devin Metoyer of West Brook, Maegan Fontenot of LCM and Taylor Daville of Bridge City.
Meet results:  

97lb Division: 1st–Kailin Richard, Lumberton, 475 lb. total; 2nd–Bailey Moore, Bridge City, 340 lb. total. (Only 2 spots awarded in this category.)

105 lb Division: 1st–Whitney LeBlanc, Bridge City, 515lb.; 2nd–Kendall Boykin, Lumberton, 475lb.; 3rd–Bree Walker, Bridge City, 450lb.; 4th–Cassie Derouen, Bridge City, 425lb.; 5th–Or’Dwinika Walker, PA Memorial, 415lb.

114lb Division: 1st–Ricci Shoemaker, Bridge City, 570lb.; 2nd–Lari Navarro, Bridge City, 485lb.; 3rd–Tygha Thomas, West Brook 480lb.; 4th–Robbie Clarke, West Brook, 465lb.; 5th–Tahlor Bell, West Brook, 445lb.

123lb Division: 1st–Alexa Richmond, Bridge City, 695lb.; 2nd–Taylor Daville, Bridge City, 685lb.; 3rd–Halasi Harper, Nederland, 660lb.; 4th–Ricki Calvert, Nederland, 655lb.; 5th–Karmen Mounto, West Brook, 595lb.

132lb Division: 1st–Maegan Fontenot, LCM, 920lb,; 2nd–Chelsey Hammonds, PNG, 730lb.; 3rd–Alesia Levine,  Ozen, 695lb.; 4th–Bethany Davis, West Brook, 625lb.; 5th–Makayla McCrea, Memorial, 530lb.

148lb Division: 1st–Bethani Duncan, Vidor, 920lb.; 2nd–Tiffany Robinson, Lumberton, 720lb.; 3rd–Alexis Campbell, West Brook, 670lb.; 4th–Jalessa Evans, West Brook, 625lb.; 5th–Loni Lilley, Nederland, 605lb.

165lb Division:  1st–Maygan Crosslin, LCM, 915lb.; 2nd–Kim Wells, West Brook, 850lb.; 3rd–Labrena Ware, Ozen, 730.; 4th–Kihaya Ware, West Brook, 730lb.; 5th–Alexia Prevost, Memorial, 665 lb.

181lb Division: 1st–Devin Metoyer, West Brook, 895lb.; 2nd–Hallie Jones, Ozen, 675lb.; 3rd–Mariah Petry, Memorial, 645lb.; 4th–Lilly Organ, Deweyville, 600lb.; 5th–Deziray Granger, Memorial, 570 lb.

198lb Division: 1st–Raven Cole, LCM, 840lb.; 2nd–Cheryl Ford, Ozen, 775lb.; 3rd–Asia Reliford, Ozen, 775lb.; 4th –A. Mitchell, Central, 615lb.; 5th–Autumn Grant, Nederland, 265lb.

220lb Division: 1st–Valerie Brown, Bridge City, 955lb.; 2nd–Katye Harris, LCM, 900lb.; 3rd–Anglica Knowles, West Brook, 665lb.; 4th–Raven Sellers, Ozen, 655lb.; 5th–Kenniesha Washington, Memorial, 610lb.

220lb plus Division:  1st–M. McGhee, Central, 815 lb.; 2nd–Kaylyn Taylor, West Brook, 800lb.; 3rd–Atlantis Temple, Memorial, 765lb.; 4th–Jasmine Runnels, West Brook, 745lb.; 5th–Ednesha Cook, Memorial, 740lb.

The next meet will be held Saturday, Feb. 13, at Bridge City Middle School.