None of the bulls at the last Longhorn riding did much more than work up a little sweat. The 18 bulls had no trouble putting the 18 riders in the dirt in short order. Several bulls were a little “green.”

Bullfighter Bubba Tacker did a yeoman’s job of keeping the cowboys safe. Several times, had it not been for Tacker jumping in hot spots there would have been some riders with serious injuries.

Nathan Dupry was the seventh rider of the night and in the process of going off his bull, got hung and drug into the fence.
Dupry was on the ground against the fence and unable to gain footing when Tacker moved in front of the bull. The bull hooked Tacker and boosted him to the top of the fence. Tacker being hooked gave Dupry a little room to try to get to his feet. As Tacker came down he hung for a moment on the fence, Dupry rolled and the bull pulled his head around and moved away from the two humans. All ended well with Dupry on his feet and Tacker having another “war story” to tell.

Johnny Minix made an appearance after taking time off with an injury. Minix has several years in the arena and has the capability of covering a ride on any night. Friday was just not that night. Minix had a little trouble with form and balance and was headed off the moment the gate opened. The short ride ended with Minix on the ground, and the bull heading for Minix’ backside. Tacker distracted the bull for another save.

Derek Pickard was headed off when his ride started. One move by the bull and Pickard was leaning to his right. The bull made a move to the left putting Pickard off balance and on his way to the arena floor.

Adam Meaux was a tall rider on a short, small bull. Whatever happened was all wrong and Meaux was dirty in less than two seconds. He was popped like a cork out of a champagne bottle.
Dillon McNeil was another rider off from the get-go. When the gate opened he looked down and leaned to his right. He regained a little posture, but slid to the bull’s right with his left leg over the bull’s left. The rest of his body was hanging on the bull’s right side. The bull spun and McNeil had one leg under the bull’s neck and looked like a tumor on the shoulder. The ride lasted nearly eight seconds, but for at least five seconds McNeil was just hanging, trying to get his hand loose and get away. It was the longest ride of the night.

Kyle Blanks looked good on the exit and for about three seconds then he lost his position and allowed the bull to move him to the back to the “rumble seat.” When he was on the bull’s hips all it took was one kick to flip Blanks into the stratosphere.

Jace Coleman’ bull hopped on his exit and put all four feet off the ground right at the gate. Tacker was looking the bull in the eye at the gate and had to climb the gate on the next chute to get out of the way at the bull nearly hipped on the chute he came out of. The bull moved right and Coleman gained a little control, but it did not last too long. The ride was over in about five seconds.

Rodeo Director Coleman Peveto plans to start the next buckle series in early March. He has the design for the Broken Arrow buckle and seeks a series name to put on it. Anyone is welcome to contact Peveto and give him a brain jolt or two. The winner will be acknowledged at the finals.

The best way to finish a night at the Longhorn is at the restaurant. Miss Deb and her staff will make every effort to make your night end on a high note with smiling service, hot coffee and a good meal. Friday night she had a table of complainers and kept the cheerful service going like they were the top of the heap. Your club wrist band is worth a 10 percent discount on your meal. There is a great line up of top entertainment coming in the next few months. The great David Allen Coe is on the books for a return concert – an entertainer you will not want to miss. For information about the upcoming concerts call (337) 589-5647 or go to