Charges of sexual assault, felony theft, DWI, fraud and forgery charges were among Orange County grand jury indictments released Friday by District Attorney John Kimbrough’s office.

DOUGLAS RAY BOEHM, 50, of Bridge City; TIMOTHY BRYAN CLAYPOOL, 19, of Vidor; and RONALD DEAN FOWLER, 47, of Orange; are charged with aggravated sexual assault; while a sexual assault charge went to JOSEPH KEVIN BROUSSARD, 31, of Vidor.

Charged with felony possession of a controlled substance are PHILLIP GUTHRIE, 49; ROLANDA R.CONKLIN, 25; QUENTIN GERALD SPIKES, 40; and RONALD ANTHONY NUNEZ, 40; all of Orange; JOHN MICHAEL KIMBRO, 27, of Bridge City; and GLEN EDWARD DYESS, 43; and ROBERT SHANE REVIA, 33; both of Vidor.

Other charges include:

• Felony theft: ROBERT CARL ROEHR, 36; and TERRY ALLEN TUBBS, 22; both of Vidor; BRANDIE LYNN MITCHELL, 39; BRIDGET DENISE CUNNINGHAM, 30; JOSEPH RICHARD, 49; DONNIE RAY HALEY, 32; all of Orange; and TIMIA DEJOHN JACKSON, 21, of Lake Charles, La.

• Burglary of a building: CHARLES RAY HIGGENBOTHAM JR., 50; KASEY ALLEN LEE, 17; and EDWARD CROWLEY, 45; all of Orange; JOSEPH NOE MARANGE, 23, of Vidor;

• DELLA ST. CRYE, 48, address unknown; and KELLY MANCINA, 33, of Beaumont.

• Burglary of a habitation: CODY ALAN POWELL, 21; and DOUGLAS RAY GINGRICH, 41; both of Vidor.

• Felony evading arrest or detention: DAVID LEE GRYDER, Orange.

• Securing execution of a document by deception: STEPHANIE MAIRE PHELAN, 28; ASHTON C. WHITE, 24; and MAURIBETH AMISE AMMEAN, 39; all of Orange.

• False statement to obtain credit: JUSTIN LEE QUIRK, 26, of Humble.

• Injury to elderly individual: BRIAN WAYNE WILLEY JR., 34, of Orange.

• Debit card abuse: EBONY QUINTELLA HARDIN, 27, of Orange.

• Felony forgery: COBY LANE PACE, 24, of Orange.

• Aggravated assault: JOHNNIE HENDERSON BUCKLEY, 32, of Orange.

• Felony DWI: RHONDA FRANKEN, 44, of Orange.

• Deadly conduct: KEITH ALLEN KIRKLAND, 35, of Vidor.

• DWI with a child passenger: RONALD EUGENE SHETTLESWORTH SR., 39, of Vidor.