After the death of her father, June Muldoon prayed for a town doctor – and no one would ever have to die again. 

Her prayers were answered when Galen Gray fell from the sky.

That is the premise of “Anatomy of Gray” which opens this week at the Orange Community Players’ theater.

The stage will come to life Thursday under the direction of OCP veteran Brook Doss. The production was originally scheduled for the winter of 2008, but Hurricane Ike rendered the building unusable and it was under construction instead – the second time in three years the building had fallen victim to hurricanes.

Even though the show doesn’t open until Thursday, it could have opened Tuesday. With publication deadlines at The Record, the last few OCP presentations have been reviewed at a special dress rehearsal several days before the show opens. 

Usually during those last days, they are still ironing out at few kinks. Costumes still need finishing touches, lighting cues may still be influx, staging adjustments are made and occasionally someone has to think of a line. 

Not this time. Doss already has everything in place. It was a polished performance only lacking an audience.

Gray (Brad Durio) is a not-so-knowledgeable doctor who can’t stand the sight of blood, and even passes out at times. The only kind of surgery he can stand to do is on cadavers. Muldoon (Rebecca Phillips) is enamored with the man of her prayers and hopes to marry him.

Jenny Carson plays June’s mother Rebekah, a practical woman trying to deal as best she can after the loss of her husband.

Eastwood Almazan creates a fire and brimstone preacher as Phineas Wingfield, who suffers from a kidney stone, while Jennifer Garrison plays his wife Tiny.

John Hall and Susan Tiger claim the characters of Crutch and Belva Collins, while ‘Rico Vasquez plays Homer, the young man who has a secret love for the 15-year-old June.

The cast is rounded out with Skylar Huckaby as Maggie and the townsfolk played by Gerard Richard, Jade Hollier, Bridget Pattillo, Ariel Killian, Nikki Moody and Linda Grooms.

It’s a strong cast that should provide memorable performances. Most are longtime veterans of the OCP stage.

Theater-goers might want to call in reservations early, as “Gray” has the potential to play to sold out crowds. Showtime is 7:37 p.m. at the playhouse, 708 W. Division Ave.

Performances are Thursday through Saturday and next week Feb. 25-27. Tickets are $12 for adults and $5 for students. Reservations can be made by leaving a message at 882-9137.

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