Every once in a while I write a recipe just for children to try. I have found that a lot of the adults use them, also.

Since students will soon be out for Easter holidays (spring break), I thought I’d put a recipe in the paper just for them.

This could be pudding or put it in a cooked pie crust and call it pie.
I expect you to learn about shopping, reading recipes and helping around the house. That’s how I learned how to do things. However, I didn’t learn how to use a recipe from my mother. It was all in her head.

I had no idea how to read a recipe until I was 17. I got married and was forced to learn how. I always thought that you had to use everything in the recipe in order for it to be good. That’s not so, however, never skimp on eggs.

Chocolate Velvet Dessert

• 1 package (4 serving size) instant chocolate pudding
• 1 cup milk
• 1 1/2 cups non-dairy whipped topping

Place pudding mix in a bowl and add milk. Beat until well mixed and thick. Fold in whipped topping and chill before serving.

You can divide into 4 individual servings or leave it in one bowl. I like to divide it and place a cherry on top.

Don’t forget to clean up the mess.

Gooder’n Syrup, Von