In Loving Memory of
11/12/1991 – 02/25/2007

 Lisa, this was the year you were to come of age. You would have been a senior in high school, “Class of 2010.” I still remember and can never forget the sound of your voice, your smile and all the funny things you did. I was looking through all the pictures you took, most of which were of yourself or you and friends, that are saved on the computer, there are several I find noteworthy.

One was a picture you took of your feet standing in a parking space marked “Visitor” and I think, how blessed we were to have had you in our lives even for a short while. Another was one you took that depicted 3 shadows on the street with the shadow of a telephone pole in the background that appears to be a cross. What made you take that picture that appears to be three men on a cross? You titled it, “Me in the middle”. I found some that were not so serious such as the one I have chosen to attach to this. This picture captures the Lisa I remember, always clowning around. You were suppose to be helping paint the house but of course you did nothing you didn’t have fun doing.

You loved life and lived it to the fullest as if every day were your last. You loved cheerleading and all sports, especially basketball.

You loved God and going to church, you made me bring you every Wednesday night whether I went or not. I remember when you were in little dribblers and your coach scheduled practice on Wednesday night. You had me drop you off at church for 45 minutes then come back and pick you up early so you could go to basketball practice, refusing to miss either one.

I remember the day we brought you to the emergency room because you were so sick with the flu. You asked me what day it was and said they were having cheerleading tryouts and that you wanted to go. How can it have been 3 years? It seems like only yesterday you were asking me to bring you to the mall or you were doing your comedy act with me as your main target of humor. You were always a strong force that demanded attention from all and usually got it. I miss you so much! We all miss you so much! I will NEVER stop missing you but only ACCEPT that I cannot change that you are not with us.

I love you Lisa, your Mom