The West Orange-Stark boys varsity and junior varsity powerlifting teams placed first and the girls team placed second at the meet at Silsbee on Monday. The varsity boys placed first in three of the four meets they competed in this year. 

In the girls, Alayna Jacobs placed 3rd in the 123 class, Ashleigh Kelly placed 1st and Kanosha McGhee placed 2nd in the 198 class, Caitlin Greer placed 1st and Kanisha McGhee placed second in the 220 class and Chelisia Mitchell placed first in the 220+ class.

In JV boys, Tremaine Anderson placed 1st in the 123 class, Matthew Lackey placed 1st in the 148 class, Joe Lynch placed 1st, Colin Janice placed 2nd and Julius Knolley placed 4th in the 165 class, Alvin Childress placed 2nd and Aaron Ray placed third in the 181 class, Dylan Brackens placed 3rd in the 198 class, and Devin Hebert placed 1st and Jerquis Beasley placed 2nd in the 242 class.

In varsity boys, Wilson Washington placed 1st in the 148 class, Brenson Lindsey placed 1st and Britton Lindsey placed 2nd in the 165 class, Evander Guillory placed first in the 198 class, Lawrence Gilmore placed 2nd and Donovon Rubin placed 3rd in the 220 class, Ian Jenkins placed 1st and Stephen Cook placed 2nd in the 242 class, Terrence Dennis placed 3rd in the 275 class and Ryan Allen placed 1st in the Super Heavy Weight. Britton Lindsey also won the Best lifter in the Light-weight class.