BC familiar territory for Beck
Angela Beck, a Bridge City native, reports to work Monday.
“I’m so excited,” she said. After a thorough review of applicants, the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce has named Beck as new director. 

It’s an important job, especially in Bridge City. The director not only takes care of the day-to-day paperwork and management responsibilities for the chamber, Beck will also be responsible for monthly mixers, and other activities and fundraisers to promote the Bridge City community. 

Sort of a cheerleader to help attract new businesses and chamber members to a town that is still in the midst of recovering from hurricane Ike. 

Beck is a perfect candidate for the job. She has been an unofficial ambassador for Bridge City for the last decade at her current job.
“I would bring in the Penny Record to work and say, ‘Look, look what they’re doing in Bridge City!’” 

“Angela will bring a lot of experience to the Chamber,  she has over 10 years working in the nonprofit area,” said chamber president Robert Simonton.

Beck has been employed with Catholic Charities in Beaumont since graduating from Lamar State College-Port Arthur in 2000.

A single mother during her college days, Beck not only carried a full load of 21-24 hours per semester, she also worked three jobs to provide for her young daughter. She completed a two-year degree in computer information systems in one year, graduating with cum laude honors. 

“You do what you have to do to make sure your priorities are taken care of. My priorities are my family.” 

And juggling that kind of schedule proves her organizational skills.
“She is very energetic and an outgoing person,” said Simonton
Beck wasn’t really looking for a job when she saw this opportunity, but what caught her eye (besides being in Bridge City) was the fact it was a nonprofit organization. 

“I could do the things I was doing now,” she said. Beck is taking a substantial cut in pay “but it’s worth it for me…I can eat lunch with my kids.” The fact she would no longer drive 30 minutes to and from work each day means more time to spend with her children.

Jason Beck – her new husband of less than two months – is excited too. So are their children. 

“They know how [nonprofit] stuff like this works. They want to grow up and help people.” 

Between them, the couple have five children, Cristlyn and Alaina Harbert, 11 and 9, Samantha French, 4, Josalyn and Ethan Beck, 14 and 10 this month.

The couple were married Jan. 7, having only met since Hurricane Ike. “We had been talking on the phone about three weeks, but had never met.” Then Ike came. Her home was flooded like everyone else in Bridge City. 

“[Jason] offered to come help me without ever having met me,” she said.

 Angela was overseeing disaster supplies distribution points for Catholic Charities and he helped rebuild her home. Now he’s ready to help her in her new career.

“I’m glad to be a part of it all,” she said. 

 Somonton said, “I look forward to working with her over the next year.”

Besides being able to spend more time with her family, what’s the best thing about the new job? 

It’s in Bridge City.

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