The Little Cypress-Marucieville High School Bear Iron
Powerlifting team competed in the final qualifier’s meet hosted by West Brook High School on Saturday, Feb. 27. 

The boy’s squad was represented by Jonathan Fontenot, Nick Dockens, and Josh Trahan, all of whom won first place in their individual weight class.

Katye Harris, Raven Cole, and Maegan Fontenot represented the Lady Bears. Harris placed second while Cole and Fontenot brought home first place medals. 

Statistics for individual lifters are:

Nick Dockens – 1st place in the 148 pound class with a squat of 405, bench – 235, and dead lift – 415 for a total of 1055 pounds.

Jonathan Fontenot – 1st place in the 198 pound class – squat – 520, bench – 330, dead lift – 545, for a total of 1395 pounds.

Josh Trahan took 1st place in the Super Heavy Weight division with a squat of 495, bench – 305, and dead lift of 515, for a total of 1315 pounds.

Meagan Fontenot took 1st place in the 132 pound class with a squat of 385, bench – 195, dead lift – 340, for a total of 920 pounds. In the 198 pound class,

Raven Cole took 1st place with a squat of 375, bench – 220, and a dead lift of 365 for a total of 960.

Katye Harris placed 2nd in the 220 pound class. Her stats are squat – 350, bench – 225, and dead lift 340, for a total of 915.

In addition to these outstanding performances, six lifters found out over the weekend that they will be advancing to the regional meet. Those are: Nick Dockens, junior – ninth in the region; junior,  Jonathan Fontenot and Senior, Katye Harris, who are both ranked second in the region; senior, Maegan Fontenot, sophomore Maygan Crosslin, and Freshmen, Raven Cole, who are all ranked the number one lifters in the region at their weight.

The girl’s regional meet will be in Palacios on Thursday, March 11 and the boy’s meet will be held in Katy on Saturday, March 13.
For additional information, contact Coach T.J. Reed at 886-5821.