The seventh grade Lady Cardinals had an outstanding track meet Thursday.  They placed 2nd in the meet.  The following girls placed in their event:
High Jump – Hannah Faulk and Alexis Henry – 3rd
Discus – Gabby Smith-2nd, Alicia Smith-4th.
Triple Jump – Alexis Henry-1st, Hannah Faulk-6th.
Pole Vault – Haley Hodgkinson-1st, Hannah Faulk-2nd.
Shot Put – Kasey Fredrick-1st, Skylar Kahla-2nd, Taylor Pepper-5th.
2400 m – Cassidy Obrien-2nd, Jody Chesson-4th.
800m – Cassidy Obrien-3rd.
110m hurdles – Haley Hodgkinson-2nd.
100m dash – Hannah Faulk-4th, Kristen Young-6th.
400m relay – Alexis Henry-3rd, Haley Hodgkinson, Ariel Scogin and Jacy Walker.
800m relay – Alexis Henry-1st, Haley Hodgkinson, Ariel Scogin and Jacy Walker.
200m hurdles – Jessica Milligan-1st.
200m dash – Hannah Faulk-4th.
1200m run – Jody Chesson-3rd.

The eighth grade girls, also, placed 2nd in the meet:
These girls placed in their events:
High Jump – Monique Mercer-3rd,  Cierra Miers-6th.
Discus – Hannah Leblanc-1st, Harleigh Myers-3rd, Alexis Mays-6th.
Long Jump – Haley Stout-4th.
Triple Jump – Haley Mills-1st.
Pole Vault – Katie Thornton-1st, Kandi Breaux-3rd.
Shot Put – Harleigh Myers-2nd, Samantha Ayer-6th.
400m relay – Taylor Brownlie, Angel Sehon, Autumn McIntyre and Kandi Breaux-6th.
1600m relay – Taylor Brownlie, Alaina Porter, Hannah Leblanc and Monique Mercer-3rd.
2400m run – Rachel Hernandez-5th, Stephanie Martinez-6th.
110m hurdles -Katie Thornton-2nd.
800m relays – Taylor Brownlie, Autumn McIntyre, Angel Sehon and Kandi Breaux-4th.
200m hurdles – Katie Thornton-3rd, Alexandra Biggs-5th.
1200m run – Kristina Threatt-6th.