Teachers and staff at Pine Forest Elementary in Vidor raised $300 for the American Cancer Society and Orange County’s Relay for Life through a “Kiss the Pig” fundraising contest.

Students and staff from grades prekindergarten through fourth grade brought in pennies and other spare change to vote for whether their principal or assistant principal should have to “Kiss the Pig.”

Fundraising / voting lasted for approximately two weeks.

“It really gets our students involved and they love the suspense of who will have to kiss the pig,” said Heather Clayton, Pine Forest Elementary kindergarten teacher and Orange County Relay for Life co-chair.

Assistant Principal Jenny Capps was the winner in the contest. She kissed the pig at a school assembly in February. Last year  the contest ended in a tie so both Capps and Principal Roxanne Manuel had to kiss a pig.

The pigs for the contest, one full grown and one baby, were provided by the families of Pine Forest student and staff members.
 To find out more information about the 11th annual Orange County Relay for Life, visit the website at  www.orangecountyrelay.org or contact Kerri Morrell at 330-4131 or 670-7459; or Jacki Burleson at 835-2139.