With materials provided by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)’s High School Financial Planning Program® (HSFPP), students are offered a program about managing money that turns learning into action. 

The program was designed and developed around a special type of education called performance-based learning. Students take what they learn and apply it directly in the course of each unit. Carefully designed exercises and activities move the student step-by-step toward each of the seven core competencies that the program teaches.

In the process, students:
• Create their own financial plan
• Create their own budget
• Propose a personal saving and investing plan
• Select strategies to use in handling credit and managing their debt
• Demonstrate how to use various financial services
• Create a personal insurance plan
• Examine how their choice of career and lifestyle will affect their financial plan 

Along the way to learning these seven lessons, students also learn dozens of related skills, all designed to help them see how easy and important it is to manage their resources.

The program was developed by teachers and financial professionals who know how to move students from knowledge to the kinds of positive action that will help them begin their financial lives on the right foot.

In addition to providing the program to Orangefield, Sabine Federal Credit Union representatives visited several economics classes to give them a “real world” financial experience presentation. The Real World – Orange,” was an interactive, fun learning experience for the teens.  Each teen was given a card which listed their “job.” 

They then went through a list to determine their housing, utilities, cable, Internet, cell phone, car, gas, and insurance. The expense for each of these items was then deducted from their “paycheck.”  Of course, in the real world, additional expenses do come up, so the teens drew cards and discovered they had a flat tire, had to take a sick dog to the vet, had to buy a friend’s birthday present, etc. 

These cards were especially fun for the teens, as the withdrawal cards had accompanying props which they got to keep.  In the end, the teens learned to be a little more careful when spending their money, as well as to appreciate the money that their parents have to spend. 

Sabine FCU is proud to provide financial education and support our local schools.  It’s another step to help fulfill the credit union motto of “People Helping People.”