Orange County Master Gardeners continue to share their love of gardening with the classes at North Early Learning Center by helping them prepare and seed gardens.

Master Gardener Sandra Hoke worked with Head Start Teacher Dolly Gauthier to help students plant individual classroom gardens of the herb and/or flower of their choice.

Hoke greeted the classes and told students about the item they would be planting which varied by class. Some of their choices included zinnia, basil, fennel, chives and cosmos.

Students each planted and watered their class seeds. 

Hoke then led students in the song “Frank, The Flower” which included movements that illustrated plant life needs.

“Because our fall garden was dedicated to planting vegetables, we decided to plant spring flowers. It fits in perfectly with our curriculum and hopefully flowers will continue to grow throughout the summer providing food for the butterflies,” Head Start Teacher Dolly Gauthier said.

Classes will now water and care for their gardens. They hope to enjoy fresh herbs later in the school year.

In the fall of this school year, Master Gardeners helped the campus prepare a vegetable and butterfly garden.

The students were able to watch mustard greens, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, carrots and swiss chard grow; as well as taste the vegetables in their classes.

“Despite the challenges of keeping up a school garden, there is nothing better than to watch a child pull up a carrot they grew and then later taste it. Master Gardener Sandra Hoke and merchants in the community such as Farmer’s Mercantile are always here to support us and we are so grateful,” Gauthier said.