Bridge City High School competed at the University Interscholastic League District Academic Competition at Silsbee High School on Saturday, March 27. The following are the results from this contest:
Number Sense- Jessica Kelly took 4th place. 

In Calculator Applications- Lisa Huynh placed 1st and Jacob Howard placed 2nd. The Calculator Applications team of Lisa Huynh, Jacob Howard, Jessica Kelly and Tim Cude placed 1st.
The sponsor for these events is Leslie Stegemoller.

 Jake Dionne placed 1st in Prose Interpretation. The sponsor is Kathie Dorman.

In Literary Criticism, Jordan Smith placed 1st; Haley Beall placed 2nd; and Sam Placette placed 6th. The Literary Criticism team of Jordan Smith, Haley Beall, Sam Placette and Shanna Miller placed 1st. 

In Ready Writing, Sam Placette placed 1st and Mallory Matt placed 2nd. The sponsor for these events is Diane Grooters.

Jordan Smith took 5th place in Feature Writing; while Jake Dionne placed 1st in Informative Speaking andJason Broussard placed 6th in Persuasive Speaking. The sponsor for these events is Debbie Miller.

In Social Studies, Kinsey Arnaud placed 5th and Tanner Royal placed 6th. The sponsor for Social Studies is Don Miller.

Those students placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 1st place teams will be representing Bridge City at UIL Region Contest at Blinn College on April 24.

Orangefield High school also competed in the 21-3A District UIL Literary Meet at Silsbee High School, March 27. Orangefield placed 2nd in the overall standings. Eleven students will be advancing to the Regional Competition in Brenham, on Saturday, April 24.

The Spelling team placed 1st overall. As individuals, Dustin Monceaux placed 1st, Bria Crain placed 2nd, Meredith Guzman placed 3rd, and Emily Gilson placed 5th.

The Speech Team placed 2nd overall. In Informative Speaking, Elana Newell placed 3rd and Christopher LaChance placed 5th. In Persuasive Speaking, Constance Ingram placed 1st and Robert Ehrlich placed 4th.  In Poetry Interpretation, Leah Matlock placed 3rd. In Prose Interpretation, Devan Ficken placed 2nd and Meeghan Falls placed 4th.

The Journalism Team placed 2nd overall. In Editorial Writing, Shane Marburger placed 1st and Emily Gilson placed 5th.In News Writing, Shane Marburger placed 5th. In Feature Writing, Shane Marburger placed 2nd. In Headline Writing, Emily Gilson placed 4th.

The Social Studies Team of Josh Shores, Bria Crain, Derek Baker, and Ashlyn Lopez placed 2nd overall, with Shores placing 2nd as an individual.

The Accounting team of Ariel Sherman, Michaela Tremont, Reagan Dressler, and Shelby Poole place 2nd overall with Sherman placing 5th and Tremont placing 6th as individuals.

In LD Debate, Elizabeth Newell placed 2nd. In Ready Writing, Constance Ingram placed 4th. In Computer Applications, Bria Crain placed 3rd, Elana Newell placed 4th, and Heather Quarles placed 6th. In number sense, Daryl Broussard placed 6th. In Current Events, Jessica Cole placed 5th.