Orange County

commissioners this week approved a rotation list and

operation guidelines for wrecker services in county unincorporated


According to

commissioners’ legal advisor Doug Manning, the guidelines are

revised from a previous version adopted by the Orange County Sheriff’s

Office.”The purpose

of the policy is two-fold,” Manning told the court

in regular session. “To ensure that wrecker drivers are responding to


scene of an accident and do so in an orderly fashion,” and to set a

maximum fee for those driverså

Rotation lists

within city limits are still enforced by the cities, he said.

The county revision does not signigicantly change the one adopted

previously by

the sheriff’s office.

Such lists are

ideal, he added, so that “you don’t have massive

numbers of wreckers arriving on the scene at the same time where


conditions exist.”

Sheriff Keith

Merritt said the original policy was created in 2002 but

never officially adopted by commissioners.

“This is a

very simple, generic policy to get us going and we’re going

to review it every year to see if there’s any changes,” Merritt said.

“I don’t see where any wrecker companies would have a problem with it

because we’re basically doing the same thing; we just need the court to




worksheet changes


Management Coordinator Jeff Kelley said county auditors had some

extra work on their hands because of state changes in the way project

worksheets, which keep track of hurricane-related repair issues, are


In compiling

the first project worksheet quarterly report for the year,

Kelley said the state had “changed the rules in mid-game.”

“Normally you

don’t have to give expenditures to date on a quarterly

report. You just do the quarterly report and tell them where you’re at


where you’re project is at, and the end you give expenditures. But they


the rules and now we have to keep up with it.”


auditors, he said, now had “extra work to jump through





Agent Roy Stanford praised volunteers working with the Master

Gardeners’ and Master Naturalists’ educational programs.

Some 42

programs were presented in March, including in conjunction with

Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Pine Forest Elementary School; and

there was a

tree-giveaway and poster competition in connection with the Lutcher


presentation of “The Man Who Planted Trees.”

Also, he said,

there are four successful Master Gardener Junior Clubs in

Orange County growing in focus and size.

“These [volunteers] are residents in our area and they care enough to

participate in these programs on a regular basis,” he said.