A Tuesday meeting at the Bridge City Community Center met with some positive as well as negative reactions to residents in the Country Lane area being offered water and sewer services by the city.

Responding to a letter sent from city hall, some but not all of the residents showed up, City Manager Jerry Jones said.

Another meeting is planned tentatively for April 27, if the Community Center is not booked for that evening, Jones said.

Another letter is being prepared for residents and will be sent next week, he said.
There are about 58 locations in the area that would need water and sewer hook-ups. For each lot, the price would be about $2,500 and homeowners would need a grinder pump. Jones said county grants would be available to pay for the pumps and hook-up costs.

Residents would then be charged monthly rates at double price, since the area is outside of the city limits.

Advantages to going along with the plan, Jones said, would be to get the area out of septic systems and up to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality standards.

Also he said, the proposed hook-ups would be routed from a set of area apartments, which would help absorb additional costs to residents.