Well, it’s come on another week and here I am running behind again. You won’t want to miss next week’s newspaper – our annual anniversary issue. If you have to be out of town, be sure someone saves you a copy. It will be very special. *****I was just thinking about the Community Hand Build A Multipurpose Structure (CHAMPS) Project on Farm Road 1442. It will be a great facility for Orange County. I would like to see solar panels used, a wind turbine (windmill) to produce electricity and also a deep well to furnish all the water that will be needed. It would serve as a model that might just put us on the map. *****I’ve got to get started. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

25 Years Ago-1985

Bridge City B&PW holds “Spring Fling,” at St. Paul Methodist church. Thirty models appear in fashions from Town and Country. B&PW president is Jessie Hebert. Finalists in the Miss Bridge City Pageant were invited to model, along with last years Miss B.C. Sharon Gregory. Models are Theresa Hearn, new Miss Bridge City, Lori Chesson, Leslie Garrison, Laura Smith, Liz Godwin, Pam Demler, Sue Shanks, Melinda Bendy, Kim Vincent and Tina Sigler. *****Dot Eshbach, owner of the Kottage, says she employs a couple of Charlie’s Angels. She didn’t give their names. *****Awards were recently presented to 143 Levingston Shipbuilding employees. Cecil Beeson did the honors. The employees total 2,230 years of service. Those with 20 to 35 years service were Clyde Breaux, Harold Cooper, Manuel G. Deleon, Floyd Heard, J.M. Kyle, Vernon Pennington, R.H. Rienheart, Hershel Anthony, C.J. Broussard, G.B. Bennefield, Curry Broussard, Emile Stewart, Frank Wallace, Edward Baker, Roy L. Halliburton, Harold Patillo, Luther Smith, Grover Squires, Joe Verchez and 15 other men. *****Uncle Jim McKay, 95, was a guest of Skipper Free. Uncle Jim said he traveled the world, slept in boxcars and houses of ill repute but never slept in a waterbed, so Skipper let him sleep on her waterbed. The next morning, he said he felt like he needed a life preserver. *****Edna Breaux died at age 82. *****Running for office in the May 3 election for U.S. Congress are Charles Wilson and Allen Summers. E.L. “Ed” Parker and Fred Hill will make the run for sheriff. Democratic nominees for president are Jimmy Carter, Edward M. Kennedy and Jerry Brown. *****Celebrating birthdays are Leland Morrow, Janet Fontenot, Jo Amodeo and Pam Hoosier Kay who turns 20. *****Lisa Warden and Wesley Lewis will wed on May 2. *****In the Drainage District race Grover Scales and George Anderson ended in a tie. The race will continue in a runoff April 26. *****Imogene McKinney named president of the recently organized Senior Citizen Nutrition chapter of Bridge City. Other officers are Marie Hebert, Ruth Mulin, Eunice LaGrappe and Rose Billeaud. *****Bridge City’s Mark Kelly won the 120 high hurdles, the 330-yard intermediates and the high jump to advance to regional. *****Tommy Poindexter will be the area’s only girl representative in regional track competition after the Bridge City tracker won the 440 dash in Beaumont. *****Beth Dugas has announced auditions for her production of Neil Simon’s “California Suite,” to be presented at the Orange Community Playhouse, May 29-31. Roles are available for five men and six women. *****Leslie Neilson performs his sold out presentation of “Clarence Darrow” at the Lutcher Theater on April 21.


Happy 72nd wedding anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson King Dunn, who will celebrate their special day April 16. Seventy-two years may not be a record but it’s a darn good average.*****Happy birthday to Connie Angelle, better half of Lee, mother of some good youngsters and great athletes. Best wishes to a couple of great folks. *****Don’t forget the big link sale fundraiser Saturday by the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Bridge City Walgreen’s parking lot of Texas Avenue.*****If Bridge City had a queen, it would be Ms. Mildred Hatten, who reaches the good age of 90 on April 20. Ms. Hatten is a BC pioneer, a wonderful lady and the mother of our friend Mike Hatten. A very happy birthday. *****Happy birthday this week to some other special folks; Bill Nickum, a loyal friend, Kirby Cruse, the gal who keeps all the Ridley’s and husband George straight, Reatha Bradberry, Linda Claybar and Sam Carpenter Jr. All celebrate this week. *****Happy belated birthday to lovely Patsy Peck, who celebrated April 12. *****Last week the old pipefitter Charles “Pappy” Ellis celebrated a birthday. We wished him a happy birthday and meant to say he was a real “Cat’s Meow.” For some reason in translation it came out “Cuss Mouth.” I dictated that part and Penny misunderstood my Cajun. Sorry about that Pappy. *****Betty and Steve Hogg were married 55 years ago on IRS day, April 15. *****Our buddy Linda “Granny” Newton is out of the hospital after undergoing gall bladder surgery. She had a hard time of it but is on the road to recovery. *****We spotted longtime best friend Sharon Bearden at the ball game. After a lifetime of trying, Bearden finally got his weight down to his high school days. Congrats. *****Lefty Phil Mickelson won his third Masters with 5 under 67, 16 under 272. His wife Amy, diagnosed with breast cancer 11 months ago, was able to attend the tourney the last day. I thought Tiger Woods did quite well after a five-month layoff. The four time Masters champion played a brilliant game to tie for fourth. He’ll be back. *****Polish President Lech Kaczynski and dozens of military, church, government officers and his wife were killed in a devastating plane crash in Smolensk, Russia, Saturday, April 10. It’s a crushing blow to Poland. *****Twenty-nine men were killed in the Massey Energy Co. coalmine explosion April 5 in West Virginia. Sad, sad, sad.*****Texas Stadium was brought down by a ton of dynamite Sunday in Irving. Twenty thousand people watched the famous Cowboy stadium bite the dust. Last week former Irving City Manager Jack Huffman told us it was ridiculous, the stadium could have had plenty of uses. *****The Houston Astros are sucking hind tit and I don’t see them moving to the front tits anytime this season. *****Tina Fey did a perfect Sarah “Bimbo” Palin on Saturday Night Live. Sarah is like a cartoon character; the more fun that is made of her the more millions she will go to the bank with. She will never be president but thanks to John McCain, who picked the unknown bumpkin for VP candidate, she will never again see a poor day. *****The GOP warns possible dogfight over Supreme Court nominee to replace Judge John Paul Stevens, leader of the court’s liberal wing. Now the Repubs want President Obama to replace him with a conservative. It ain’t gonna happen so why continue to be polarizing? *****It was a clean sweep Friday night for Orangefield over Bridge City. Both boys and girls won. The Orangefield boys are for real. I was surprised at their hitting power, three homeruns, against Bridge City’s Matt Hicks, who allowed 10 hits. The three homers were hit by Jace Statum, Chase Angelle and Quinton Evans. Statum, an Aggie recruit, is as good a left-handed pitcher ever seen in these parts. Catcher Jacob Felts has the arm of a pro and when he swings the bat you feel the breeze in the stands. Orangefield 7-Bridge City 2. *****A pretty, brown-eyed, Bridge City High student, Megan Smith, was the sweetheart of the night. With a standing room only crowd, she protected an elderly gentleman’s seat when he took breaks. Megan didn’t care how big they were, no one was taking that old man’s seat. I don’t know whose child she is but she was raised right. *****KBTV Fox 4 will have exclusive television rights for live broadcasts of all Lamar athletic events, which will include pre-  and post-game shows. *****On April 17, there will be a big crawfish boil at the Capistrano. Our buddy Darrin McGail will do his great brand of entertaining. I plan to be there. *****I believe Clint Landry is kin to more people in Orange County than anyone else. Now I learn that Mary Stanton is his cousin. He’s kin to all the Angelle’s plus coach Sam Moore and his son, Chad, coaches Bridge City baseball. *****Let me tell you about a place where you can’t go wrong. It’s David Moreau’s Classic View Windows and Doors. It’s a lot more though. I’m a satisfied customer and I have never heard of anyone who dealt with Classic View who wasn’t very pleased with the quality of work. Give them a call or stop by 1600 Strickland Drive in Orange; you’ll be glad you did. *****Let me tell you something else. You steak lovers won’t find a better rib-eye anywhere than the one Cathy Clark serves at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s. The seafood is great but try a steak sometime. *****In January 2009, the country was in the tank and a depression looked certain. Today, the Dow Jones is over 11,000 and the deficit is lower than it was a year ago. Democrats are turning the country around without any help from the “No” Party. Democrats on Monday won victory on unemployment despite opposition.*****The five top defensive backs up for the NFL draft are Eric Berry, Tenn., 5 ft. 11.5 inches, 211 lbs, (4.47 in the 40). No.2, Earl Thomas, Texas, 5 ft. 10.5 inches, 208 lbs, (4.41 in the 40). No.3, Joe Haden, Florida, 5 ft. 11 inches, 193 lbs. (4.50-40). No.4, Kyle Wilson, Boise State, 5 ft. 10 inches, 194 lbs. (4.48-40). No. 5 Devin McCourty, Rutgers, 5 ft. 10.5 inches, 197 lbs., (4.48-40). Earl Thomas, a local star, is considered one of the very best safeties in the country. If still around at No. 20, he could go to the Texans. There is talk of Dallas trading up to get Earl. It’s all speculation but it’s a sure bet he will be our next big Orange County star.*****Orange County star Tracy Byrd is hanging up his guitar, sold his big bus and giving up the road. His band has been dismantled and he canceled all future dates. Life on the road can get long and tiresome. Tracy wants to smell the roses and watch his three children grow. Like Garth Brooks, who also called it quits, Tracy is expected in time to make special appearances. He has a wealth of success. We wish him well.******Mark Dunn will represent the Historical Museum of Bridge City as a speaker during the Texas Historical Commission’s annual Historic Preservation Conference, Thursday through Saturday, April 22-24. In 2007 Dunn formed the Bridge City Citizens For Historic Preservation that was instrumental in preventing the demolition of the namesake 1940 Cow Bayou Swing Bridge and its nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. He also has attained the historical marker for the rare swing bridge. The historical marker, the first in Bridge City, will arrive this summer. Dunn will speak Saturday morning during the session titled “Threatened Landmarks: Historic Bridges of Texas.” The topic includes how community preservationists can inspire love and commitment to preserve local history. Dunn is also a board member for the Orange County Historical Commission and president of the newly incorporated non-profit Bridge City museum. The public is invited. More information is available at the THC Web site, www.thc.state.tx.us/.*******Our Cajun buddy Joyce Poche Bernard writes to give kudos to Roy and the rest of the staff for their stories and photographs in the April 7 issue. Bernard, a West Orange author, says she has traveled many miles with Roy “Down Life’s Highway.”


Robbie Bethes, Amanda Ginn, Jaclyn James, Joy Learned, Kasie Moerbe, Kevin Huckabay, Larry McClure, Phillip Elmore, Randy Renfrow, Reatha Bradberry, Robbie Bethea, Sam Carpenter Jr., Tiffani Thompson, April Stone, Christy Swanson, John Langlinais, Linda Claybar, Shani Lawson, Debbie Aarons, Jaclyn Eickenhorst, Judy Pittman, Kirby Cruse, Lillian Mercer, Marie Duett, Quentin Billeaud, Betty Foreman, Jane Istre, Jessica Christiansen, Kaylie Byrd, Mildred Hatton, Natalie Miller, Rachel Fowler, Ronnie Haymon, Shelby Bickham, Shelby Sellers, Steve Evans, Whitney Anderson, Cheryl Puntes, Matthew Franklin, Megan Waguespack, Cheryl Patterson, Emily Gilson, John Fuss, Maurelle McDonald, Ryan Ferguson, Beverly Raymer, Bill Nickum, Donna Wiegreffe, Emory Webb, Ken Brown, Becky Atkins and Belinda Norman, Barbara Sarver.


On April 15 Emma Watson will be 20; Emma Thompson, 51 and Roy Clark, 77.***April 16, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 62; Martin Lawrence, 45; Bobby Vinton, 75 and Pope Benedict will be 83.***April 17, Victoria Beckham, 36; Jennifer Garner, 38 and Olivia Hussey, 59.***April 18, America Ferrera, 26; Melissa Joan Hart, 34; Conan O’Brien, 47; James Woods, 63 and Hayley Mills, 64.***April 19, Kate Hudson, 31; Ashley Judd, 42; Suge Knight, 44; Al Unser Jr. 48; Maria Sharapova, 23 and Hayden Christensen, 29.***April 20, Joey Lawrence, 34; Carmen Electra, 38; Don Mattingly, 49, Jessica Lange, 61 and Ryan O’Neal, 69.***April 21, Robert Smith, 51; Andie Macdowell, 52; Tony Danza, 59 and Queen Elizabeth, II, will be 84.


Jude Comeaux and Sid Badeaux were sitting on Comeaux’s porch. Jude him, was holding his puppy. It had da body of a weenie dog, da hair of a poodle and da face of a chow.
Badeaux, him, couldn’t resist any longer. He axe, “Comeaux, wat kind of a dog is dat, hanh?”
“It’s a soma dog,” Comeaux answer.
“A soma dog, wat kind of dog is dat?” axe Badeaux.
Comeaux answer, “Mais, you know soma dis and soma dat.”
Comeaux went to do store for detergent. He pick one brand out. Da clerk axe, “Do you have a lot of dirty cloths to wash?”
“No, I need to wash my soma dog, me,” Comeaux answer.
Da clerk warn him dat da detergent is strong yea, “It will make da dog sick or kill it.
Comeaux kept it anyway.
Yesterday Comeaux went back to do store for to buy some beer. Da clerk axe, “How is you dog?”
“Oh, da dog him, died,” said Comeaux.
Da clerk says, “I told you so, about dat strong detergent, dat’s wat kill it hanh?”
“No I don’t ting so,” Comeaux answer, “I ting it was da spin cycle.”


Don’t miss the 30th Mauriceville Crawfish Festival this weekend. I guarantee you will have a great time. Those good country folks always make you welcome with plenty of food and entertainment.*****You just can’t believe all the campaign rhetoric, some just outright lies. Such is the case with Gov. Rick Perry claiming, despite evidence to the contrary, that Texas dropout rate is only 10 percent. It’s more like 30 to 50 percent since he became governor. Students dropped out last year alone at the rate of 134,000. The IDRA study says the magnitude of the problem is more than 2.9 million. That’s nearly three million in the past 15 years. Perry said, “Texas’ dropout problem isn’t that big a deal.” That’s where the lie comes in.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will meet this week at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s and next week at Robert’s Restaurant. Everyone welcome.*****My time is up, thanks for yours. A heartfelt thanks for your readership and loyalty. Take care and God bless.