Orangefield Junior High seventh graders, Jacob Buckles and Lori Bailleaux wrote essays selected as winning entries for the Beaumont “Do The Write Thing” competition sponsored by I.E.A./Ben Rogers Foundation.These students will serve as Do The Write Thing Ambassadors for the Beaumont Region.
 The challenge was founded by the Kuwait-America Foundation in 1991. It’s core mission, inspired by Kuwait’s liberation by Allied Coalition forces in the Gulf War, is to express gratitude for American sacrifice during the Gulf War, and to strengthen ties between the peoples of the United States and Kuwait.
The foundation wanted to promote anti-violence and  after much research, they found that middle school aged child would best benefit in stopping the cycle of violent behaviors.
 Over 150, seventh and eighth grade students in Mrs. Heggie Coulter’s and Mrs. Martha Howells’ classes participated in the Do The Write Thing Challenge. Students  accept the “challenge” by making a written, personal committment not to engage in violence and by preparing writings on the causes of and solutions to youth violence. Buckles and Bailleaux’s essays were chosen to represent Orangefield Junior High. They will have several upcoming opportunities to share their plans to stop youth violence with their peers and local community leaders.
The Beaumont committee will publish a book containing the writings of area ambassadors.  The committee also encourages the formation of groups called Community Peace Partnerships that work with local government, business and community leaders to provide opportunities such as job training internships, mentoring and academic scholarships for the students who have participated in the program. 
 In addition, Jacob and Lori have the opportunity to attend Camp Bright Star, also sponsored by I.E.A./Ben Rogers,  with other area ambassadors. The student ‘s essays are now eligible for state and possibly national recognition through the Do The Write Thing Foundation. 
A recognition ceremony  will be held May 6 in honor of the ambassadors, teachers, parents and administrators.
 Winners of the state and national competitions will be announced at that time. State winners will meet with state lawmakers and businessmen, in Austin,  to share ideas, plans, and experiences that could put a stop to violent behaviors.  National winners will travel to Washington D.C. to meet with other Do The Write Thing winners across the nation, politicians, and members of the media; to promote the anti-violence campaign and implement effective plans for youth across the nation.