In April of 1960, The Penny Record Newspaper started serving 1,000 residents living in the Bridge City and Orangefield communities. The paper grew up with them. Over the years, the citizens looked forward to the publication that they called their hometown newspaper.
Many publications have come and gone but The Record has grown and now includes a sister paper, The County Record, that totally covers the greater Orange trade area. Together the two papers are read by more Orange Countians than all other publications combined. The Record papers have more reach into homes than any combination of print, radio and television. We do a good job of total reach for our advertisers, at a reasonable cost. With a combination rate, buy one get the other free, total distribution is over 20,000. Thanks to our family of advertisers, who sponsor this great community paper week in and week out. We can’t thank them enough. They bring a paper to your door, wrapped in plastic, to you free. Can’t beat that kind of deal.
We also give a big appreciation to our award-winning staff. I have seen many community newspapers throughout the country and have not seen better. Mark, Debbie, Amanda, Penny and Robert do a great job of production. The Record is unique, with a special appealing look. Our writers and contributors, from fishing, hunting and sports, feature stories and current events no other paper offers.
I know you will enjoy this 50th anniversary issue. I haven’t seen most of the stories but I’ve seen the menu and the stories cover the spectrum. You will be entertained. One story I read and really enjoyed was Bridge City High School’s first District Championship, 50 years ago, in 1960. You will be surprised at who was on those boys’ and girls’ teams. You would never guess who the southpaw, All District pitcher was. Cove kids contributed a lot to those championship teams in Class 1-A. This is truly a collector’s edition. Congrats to our longtime friend, Lester “Buckshot” Winfree, our “Person of the Year.” Come along now as we start another year. I promise it won’t do you no harm.

After Gov. Rick Perry announced he would be a candidate for an unprecedented third term, which ultimately led to him defeating Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Republican primary, we made a prediction. We said Perry wasn’t running to be governor of Texas; his intent is to be in a position to run on a national ticket. Being governor of a conservative state is not bad to launch a national campaign. Rick believes he can be president of the U.S. but he knows that’s not likely. By making a run at it, he puts himself in a better position to bargain for the VP spot. From day one, his goal was not to be Texas governor but reach for higher office. Perry, 60, considers himself a Marlboro-type guy. He will continue to run against the Obama Administration now and if he can get by Mayor Bill White, also a conservative, in the November general election. Running against Washington might help Perry but it doesn’t help Texas. It further isolates and polarizes us. A good example of many is NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Our governor is in no position to negotiate. That’s were Bill White’s strength would be.

The cities of Bridge City, Pinehurst, West Orange and Orange adopt a juvenile curfew ordinance. Curfew hours are in effect from 11 p.m.-6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and midnight-6 a.m. Friday and Saturday.*****Darrell Stevens, Bridge City baseball player, signs a letter of intent to play baseball for the McNeese State Cowboys. In attendance for the signing were his parents Max and Tammy Stevens, coach Billy Bryant and athletic director Claude Traver.*****Former West Orange-Stark coach Steve McCarty has announced his resignation after 15 years as athletic director at Stephen F. Austin. McCarty, age 62, brought coach Dan Ray Hooks to WO-S as an assistant.*****
Bridge City tennis star, Kody Duplechin, is headed to regionals, after winning district.*****John Patterson, our Orange County baseball star in the majors, had a great outing and win for the Washington Nationals on Saturday.*****The BC Cardinal track team took the first place trophy in the district 24-3A track and field championships held at Larry Ward Stadium. Bridge City edged out West Orange-Stark, 164 to 158 points. BC’s Aaron Brannen, won the .3200 meter in 9:51.12, finishing second and third were team mates Brad Mason and Randy Becker. Brannen took the 1600-meter in 4:26.72 with Mason and Becker coming in second and third. Mason won the 800 meters in 2:00.49 and teammates Jacob Peart and Brad Heath finished second and third. Sam Elmore won the discus with a distance of 135.6. Cody Sparks won district in both the 110 meter hurdles at 15:14 and the 300 meter hurdles at 15:14 and the 300 meter hurdles in 40:10.*****Bridge City pitching ace, Kevin Angelle, smoked Hardin-Jefferson with 15 strike outs to beat H.J. 8-0, allowing no hits at the plate. Ben Myers, Hunter Hayes and Kirk Vincent tallied for the runs batted in.

35 Years Ago-1975
Services were held last week for Judge Frank “Dub” Hustmyre.*****Dr. Joe Majors was up at daylight Sunday pulling a Roy Dunn wisdom tooth. Roy said he never saw day take so long coming. He woke the good doctor up at the first crack of daylight.*****Legal secretaries chose Marlin Thompson “Boss of the Year.” Zora Beth Lindey, “Secretary of the Year,” Billie Ewing was installed as president. Other officers are Betty Baker, Mickey Litton, Dorthea Sutton and Marilyn Vaughn.*****Charlie Wickersham buys Roy Butler’s interest in Butler-Baker Pontiac. Houston Baker will still retain interest and continue to run the dealership. (Editor’s note: Best I recall, that marriage didn’t last long.)*****New Stephen’s Buick dealership building to be opened on I-10. Steve has been in the car business 25 years.*****The Dunn’s venture to Arlington this past weekend to watch son Mark, a middle linebacker on the UTA football team, play in the annual Blue and White spring game. Next week they will watch Lanston Fall, another Bridge City High product, play in Lamar’s spring game. The running back has been moved to defensive end.*****Tommy Gunn, son of Mary Lou and Donald Gunn, received several awards at Baylor’s annual law day banquet. Gunn received the Peeler Williams and C.A. Lupton tuition scholarships. He was recently named to Omicron Delta Kappa fraternity, whose membership is restricted to two percent of student enrollment at Baylor. (Editor’s note: Tommy is still an active practicing attorney in Orange. His dad is deceased but his mom is still very much alive.)*****Would you believe that 65 years ago on April 26 Anna Belle Hebert Rost and Roy Dunn made their First Communion together in Abbeville. They were boy and girl partners in the Catholic Communion march. (Editor’s note: They both live in Orange County and see each other from time to time.)*****Bridge City holds Distributive Education Student Employee banquet. The Opportunity Valley News D.E. student is Debbie McCardle, who has been with the OVN over a year. Rusty Wilson is the D.E. administrator. (Editor’s note: For the last 34 years, Debbie has been Mrs. David Fusilier and is still very active in the newspaper business as production manager of The Record Newspapers.)*****April 27 will mark Rev. W.W. Kennedy’s 32nd anniversary at Cove Baptist.

After Mark Dunn puts this special issue to bed, he will attend the Texas Historical Commission’s annual Historic Preservation Conference in Houston. On Thursday Mark, a member of the Orange County Historical Commission, will accept an award presented to Orange County by the state. Dr. Howard and Elizabeth Williams will attend the Friday and Saturday sessions. On Saturday, Mark will be a featured speaker on threatened landmarks; historic bridges of Texas. Mark is president of the newly formed Historical Museum of Bridge City. He was very instrumental in the Cow Bayou swing bridge being nominated to the National Register of Historical Places.*****Speaking of the swing bridge, after it was completed in 1940, the Dupuis brothers opened a service station at the foot of the bridge. That station, 69 years later is still in operation and in the same family, operated by Kenneth “KeeKee” Dupuis. It’s the oldest continually operated business in the Bridge City trade area and one of only a half-dozen full service stations in Southeast Texas. *****Thursday is the big day in the NFL and a big day for Orange’s Earl Thomas and Dion Beasley. Earl is expected to be drafted in the first 20 choices. Beasley, I believe, is a real sleeper. Whoever gets him will get a bargain. He’s still one of the best high school players at WO-S that I’ve ever watched. Read Kaz’s Korner this issue.*****A big, big showing at the Boston Marathon for LC-M/Lamar running star Drew Bean. He came in 62nd overall. Think about that; 62nd with 26,000 runners from around the world. Drew came in second among all Texas runners. Congrats.*****Sharon Osbourne is going to remove and donate her breast implants to husband Ozzy to be used as paper weights.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met at Tuffy’s last week. Roy was ill and didn’t attend so I don’t have a report. However, I understand that two beautiful ladies, Dayle Harmon and Charlotte Anderson, attended. This week the Bunch meets at Robert’s and next week at Novrozsky’s. Everyone always welcome.*****Texas leads the nation in work-related deaths. Over 5000 workers are killed and many others injured in the country each year. I believe the escalation has come about in the last 20 years because so many job sites today are not using skilled, union labor. Construction workers are being hired off of street corners to work as pipefitters, ironworkers, boilermakers, etc. Union workers have always put safety first; it’s their training. Now I’ll get some flack but I also know I’m right.***** What worries me about the 15th anniversary of Timothy McVeigh’s Oklahoma City bombing is another attack of domestic terrorism. I fear another terrorist like McVeigh, a lone actor, or John Hinckley, who tried to take out President Reagan, or some variation of a disturbed mind will appear. Words matter and some of the hatred being spewed at our government, the “Talking Heads” working up an audience with words like “Fight if we must,” “Use any means to take back our country.” “Don’t retreat,” “Reload,” “Set our sights” and etc, has put our nation in a scary position. After the health care bill passage, Democratic congressmen were threatened. These are sensitive times and my biggest fear from the hate hawkers is getting into the weak person’s head. Given our first African-American president being targeted, the backlash would be this country’s worse case of chaos throughout our land. I look for very bad times if the media of this country doesn’t step up and condemn the pundits who use inflammatory rhetoric, over and over again.*****Special folks celebrating birthdays this week; One of Bridge City’s favorite school teachers, lovely Beverly Raymer, who will be retiring soon, celebrated on Tuesday.***Rev. Paul Zoch, a great guy, celebrates another one.***Jason Smalley, Josh’s big brother, is a year older. What became of him anyway? The longtime lawman has gone underground.***Our buddy Darby Byrd, puts another notch in that yard stick of life.***Celebrating also Marriet Litton and Gus Harris.***Joy Dubose Simonton’s oldest, Christian, celebrates this week. He’s Joyce and John Dubose’s oldest teenage grandson. The other rascal is Johnny’s boy Logan.*****Our gal Amanda Adams, a Jack-of-all trades for this publication, has published a book, “The Veneers.” It’s a collection of poetry to stir the emotions. I read it from cover to cover. Even though less than 50 pages it took me two days as I slowly read, assorted and searched for the meaning of each verse. The final poem, “Inside” stirred up excitement. The book is available at www.lulu.com, keyword the Veneers. *****This week Harry’s Appliance celebrates 47 years in business. Congratulations to our longtime friends, Harry and Margie. You can’t go wrong when you trade with Harry. Always hometown service, low prices and free delivery. Harry’s is always about service first.*****We also welcome Cecil’s two auto dealership on I-10 in Orange. Give them a try before you buy a new or pre-owned auto. There’s no reason to go out of town. The best deals are right here at home.

Beverly Raymer, Cheryl Patterson, Benjamin Ezell, Bonnie Short, Courtney Williams, Dana Hill, James Corley, Christian Dubose, Marshall Myers, Scott Fisher, Allison Rendall, Amelia Hollier, Brandon Fisher, Glen Prince, Jason Smalley, Linda Robinson, Nancy Rendall, Paul Zoch, Samantha Briggs, Jeremie Breaux, Kathie Stephson, Barbara Fuselier, Crystal McCarthy, Darby Byrd, Glenn Jeter, Jeff Fisette, Louise Savoy, Marriet Litton, Roberto Deleon, Bro. James Gilbert, James Gilbert, Julie Williams, Luke Domas, Stephen Russell, Christi Goodyear, Donna Lee, Gus Harris, John Applebach, Mike Cain, Rosalyn Hollingsworth, Tim Batchelor, Chelsea Ballard and Ferrel Ashby.

On April 22, Peter Frampton will be 60; Jack Nicholson, 73 and Glen Campbell, 74.***April 23, George Lopez, 49; Valerie Bertinelli, 50; Michael Moore, 56 and Sandra Dee 68.***April 24, Jason Lee will be 40; Kelly Clarkson, 28; Chipper Jones, 38; Barbara Streisand, 68 and Shirley MacLaine, 76.***April 25, Jason Lee, 40; Renee Zellweger, 41; Hank Azaria, 46 and Al Pacino, 70.***April 26, Jet Li, 47; Bobby Rydell, 68; Duane Eddy, 72 and Carol Burnett, 77.***April 27, Sheena Easton, 51; Sandy Dennis, 73 and Casey Kasem, 78.***April 28, Jessica Alba, 29; Penelope Cruz, 36; Jay Leno, 60 and Ann-Margaret 69.

Bubba Russo was a Texan who belong to dem counterfittin’ ring. Bubba him, had went on a seven-day drunk. Before he sober up, he whip himself and da gang up a batch of $12 bills. Da boys in da counterfeiter ring wonder how da hell dey gonna get rid of dem $12 bills.
One of dem fellows say, “I know me, les take a run to Sou’h Louisiana and pawn des $12 bills off on dem Cajuns. Dey won’t no any better dem.
So dey brought deyselves to Kaplan and stop at da Crossroads Grocery, operated by Placide Arceneaux. “Could you give me change for a $12 bill please,” one of dem Texan say, very sly.
Arceneaux him, scratch his head, look in his cash register and say, “Mais for sure, how you want dat, tree fours, four trees, or two sixes.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in putting this special issue together. Thanks also to our friends who bought space just to congratulate us. We will never forget you. This paper records a lot of history. Read it from cover to cover. Take your time, you don’t have to read it all in one day. Read the ads, you’re sure to find some great bargains. After you finish you might want to save it. You can also catch up with us throughout the week, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on our Web site at www.therecordlive.com. Many thousands do from around the globe. Fifty years ago when Walter Gaston started The Penny Record he would never have envisioned that the little 1,000 circulated paper would some day be read around the world. Thanks again. Take care and God bless.