The Gulf Coast Rollergirls, an Orange County team, hosted a private friends and family scrimmage April 11 at their home rink, Spinning Wheels in Orange.
Before a packed house of more than 300, the team took on South Side Rollergirls of Pearland.

GCRG were in for quite a shock when they adhered to their WFTDA Rules (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association or for more info) and the South Side ladies brought quite a different set of rules to the track. Penalties were blatant on both sides, with girls from both teams making their home away from home on the penalty bench. On SSRD’s part, there were numerous penalties for tripping, falling down on the track in front of the home team, hand-holding and elbows to the chest to name a few. At the half – the score was 170 SSRD to 10 GCRG.

Following a 30-minute halftime in which numerous door prizes were awarded and items auctioned off, it was time for more action, and the crowd was ready.

GCRG came out with some serious game faces on, and were not having any of the beating they took the first half. Whatever SSRD dished out, GCRG gave it right back. Elbow-for-elbow, trip-for-trip, penalty-for-penalty. During Jam No. 20, a fight broke out between GCRG’s Princess Slaya No. R2D2 and SSRD’s Mazy Mayhem No. 0928, resulting in immediate ejection for both skaters.

GCRG utilized a stingy defense and held SSRD to just 30 points in the second half, and scored 9 more points themselves. Outstanding players for the home team were Va Va Doom, showing her versatility as not only a Pivot, but also as Jammer, scoring the first points of the night. Top Jammers were Princess Slaya and Innocent Body SlamHer, with fantastic Pivots for the evening, Boom Boom Pow and Proper Wicked. Top Blockers for the home team were Damsel of Distress, Coco the WifeBeater, Booty Galore, Broken Halo, Rearview and Bootylicious.

The team feels although it was a loss, it was a valuable learning experience, and shows them exactly what needs to be worked on before they play other teams around the state later in the year. Look for upcoming monthly interleague bouts between the various teams.

As always, GCRG is still accepting skaters, referees, officials and volunteers.
Call (409) 553-2209, or go to for more information.