The Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bear Iron Powerlifting teams competed this past weekend at the 2010 American Powerlifting Federation High School National Powerlifting Meet in Alexandria, La. LCM’s boys and girls combined to win the 2010 APF Co-ed National Championship.

The team consisted of Nick Dockens, Chelsie Doyle, Coleton Boudreaux, Kelly Kaufman, JC Fontenot, Megan Daniels, Mitchell Jennings, Kentayshia Redd, William Ferguson, Maegan Fontenot, Stephen Gilbeaux, Courtney Doyle, Josh Trahan, and Raven Cole.

Other area lifters teaming up with the Bears were: Taylor Daville, Shane Stankus, and Thomas Luce of Bridge City, along with Dean Whitfield, and Justin Lummus of Deweyville.

The Lady Bears finished 2nd in the nation as a team.

Medalists in the girls meet on Saturday were: Fontenot – champion (132 lbs.); Cole – champion (198 lbs.); Daville champion (114 lbs); Chelsie Doyle – 3rd (114 lbs.)

Kaufman and Redd also earned points for the team by finishing in the top five.

The Bear Iron Boys finished 3nd in the nation as a team.

Medalists in the boys meet on Sunday were: J.C. Fontenot champion (198 lbs); Luce – 2nd place (242 lbs.); Dockens – 3rd (148 lbs.); and Stankus – 3rd (220 lbs.).

Trahan and Lummus also earned points for the team by finishing in the top five.

Freshmen, Cole broke the American and world records for her weight class with a squat of 407.7 lbs. Her Bench Press (192.7 lbs), Deadlift (341.5 lbs), and Total (942.7 lbs) are also WPC world records for her age group (13-15). For a total of 4 world records.

Junior, Luce broke an APF and WPC record. His Squat (716.2 lbs) is a new American and world record for 16-17 years.

Senior, Daville also broke 3 APF and WPC records. Her Squat (314lbs), Deadlift (314lbs), and Total (754.7lbs) are all American and world records for 16-17 years.

Senior, Maegan Fontenot also broke numerous APF and WPC records. Her Squat (374.7lbs), Bench Press (209.2lbs), and Total (942.7lbs) are American and world records for her age group (16-17). She also tied the American record on the Deadlift with an attempt of 341.5lbs.

Fontenot now holds 11 American records and 9 world records as a result of competing in three different weight classes over the past three years. Fontenot capped off her illustrious career as LCM’s most decorated powerlifter, named as the outstanding lifter on the light platform at the 2010 national meet.

Coach T.J. Reed said, “We are extremely proud of all our competitors. Winning nationals is a great way to close out what was already considered to be a stellar season with our accomplishments at the regional and state levels.

“This is my first year as the powerlifting coach at LCM and I never expected the kind of success we had this year.

“The Bears have always turned out great individual lifters, but have never had this kind of production as a team. All of the accolades are a tribute to the hard work and dedication of our kids.

“We have a young team and a great platform to build on. I can’t wait to see what these athletes can do next year with the knowledge and experience they have gained throughout this season.”