It’s not too late to participate in Golden Triangle Body, Mind, Spirit Connection’s first Good Medicine Workshop and Meditation Retreat, 9 a.m.- 9 p.m., Saturday. The event will be held at Langtree D.U.C.K. F.A.R.M. Retreat and Eco Center located at 2825 County Road 190, Liberty. The drive is only 30 minutes from the intersection of Hwy 90 (College) and Major Drive in Beaumont.

Participants will be treated to the experience and wisdom of Bhante Kassapa from the Buu Mon Temple, who will be leading a Vipassana meditation in the afternoon.

Yoga Instructor, Linda Kleinschmidt, owner of Able Body, will be presenting a Mudra class before meditations for the day begin. Kleinschmidt has 34 years of experience teaching yoga.

Chris Huckins, of Sulphur, La., will have a vibrational bed for those who want to sign up to experience it.

Learn techniques chiropractors use–you can do for yourself, presented by Dr. Kim Folse.

Don’t miss the experience of a walking meditation on the 120 foot Chartres Cathedral style labyrinth.

Ann James will be treating guests to chakra chimes, tuning forks and more.
Bring drums, rattles and rain sticks, if you have them, for the campfire drumming circle.

Dress comfortable, bring a lawnchair and blanket for the campfire event. Water will be furnished. You may bring your own snacks and if you didn’t pre-register for the meal during the early registration, you must provide your own lunch.
Cost is $45 per person the day of the event. Checks should be made out to GTBMS

Contact Ramirez for more information at 409-963-9787.

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