The spring Farmers’ Market returns Saturday, May 8, at the MacArthur Shopping Center in the Big Lot’s parking lot off MacArthur Drive in Pinehurst.
Starting at 7 a.m., the market will be open until all vendors have sold their produce.

“We expect to have the following items: fresh beets, squash, potatoes and blueberries, as well as frozen blueberry juice, canned vegetables, hot sauce, jams and jellies and baked goods,” said Jean Fregia, one of the vendors helping to organize this season.

“The amount of produce will greatly increase in just a week or so, but don’t miss out on what’s available now,” she added.

Co-organizer Jim Frazier carries a variety of homemade jams and jellies, pickled hot sauces, pickled green beans and jalapenos.

As with the previous farmers’ markets, there is no charge for vendors.
Handcrafts and baked goods are also welcome.

Fregia said the market will continue each Saturday until the crops are no longer available, probably sometime in mid-June.

“It could go up to July since the gardens got started late this year,” she said.

The Texas AgriLife Extension Program again sponsors the event, partnering with the Orange Convention and Visitors’ Bureau and the city of Pinehurst.

Next week Fregia expects the vendors, which typically number between 12-15, to continue with beets, potatoes, squash and blueberries.

Selections will change as new crops come in.

For more information, call Fregia at 745-4017 or 670-6121 or Frazier at 276-1260.