As I was checking out the produce last week, especially the cabbage, a lady asked me if I ever made cabbage rolls and of course I had. Did I boil the leaves to make them pliable? Of course. So she said to put the cabbage head in the microwave instead of boiling them. Hey, it does work. I wasn’t making cabbage rolls, so I didn’t need the leaves to be pliable. I did however cut the end of the cabbage off a little and put that in the microwave to see just what it would do. It does work. I’ll try it next time I do rolls. However, now I am making corn beef ad cabbage. This was something we used for a meal when our family included six kids, plus Charles and myself.

I found a recipe that called for frying a pound of bacon, removing the crisp bacon and then frying the chopped cabbage. Now I don’t know about you, but that is an awful lot of grease for one platter of food. So forget that.

• 2 slices of bacon
• 1 large chopped onion
• garlic (optional)
• salt and pepper or seasoning to taste
• 1 head chopped cabbage
• 1 can corned beef

Spray skillet with non-stick cooking spray and add two chopped onion slices, when they are soft and loosing their color, add one chipped onion to the bacon. Add head of chopped cabbage and your seasoning. Put a lid on, turning down the heat and simmer. When the cabbage starts to cook down, stir. Continue cooking until cabbage is done.

Spread cabbage out over a platter, making a well down the center. Warm the can of corned beef and place it in the well. It makes a pretty dish. I have never added anything to the corned beef and don’t really know if you are supposed to or not.

Anyway, it is Gooder’n Syrup. Von