How would you describe “Urinetown the Musical”? It’s kind of hard to categorize, definitely different. I guess black comedy would be the closest. There were many comedic moments and great music though the underlying story was dark, filled with oppression, revolution and execution.

There wasn’t a stand-out star in the show…because there were many great performances, a true ensemble.

Doug Rogers started the show as Officer Lockstock, a keeper of the peace and narrator. Conversations between Lockstock and Little Sally (played by Janet Bland) were used to tell the background story and fill in the gaps between scenes. You could not tell Bland was a woman and not a girl, partly due to the hair and makeup of Paul Burch.

Brook Doss as Penelope Pennywise played the tough matron supervisor of Public Amenity #9, the dirtiest, nastiest public toilet in the city.

You see, after so many years of devastating droughts, you had to pay…to pee.

Number 9 was where all the poor people had to go, and if you didn’t have the fee, you couldn’t pee. It was against the law to go behind the bushes. You could try it, under penalty of death if your caught. The UGC (Urine Good Co.) made such an example of “Old Man” Strong (played by Paul Burch), setting off a revolution led by Strong’s son, Bobby Strong (played by Adam Conrad).

A little “Romeo and Juliet” was thrown in with an impossible love affair between Bobby and the head of UGC’s daughter, Hope Cladwell (played by Jennifer Garrison).

Revolution, victory and freedom are achieved, but not without consequences.

If you like great music and quirky little tales, you’ll enjoy Urinetown. If you’re a “proper” prude that would be offended by toilet humor, you may want to stay home.

Kevin Doss has done a great job directing, bringing this tale to life.

Urinetown runs nightly at 7:37 p.m. through Saturday, May 15. A 2:37 p.m. matinee is scheduled for Sunday, May 16. Tickets are $15 for adults or $8 for students. Call 882-9137 for reservations. The Orange Community Playhouse is located at 708 W. Division Ave., Orange.

OCP auditions/Young People’s Theatre Workshop registration slated

Auditions for Broadway Fun For Funds VII will be held at 7 p.m., Monday, May 17 at the Orange Community Playhouse. The show will run June 3-5.
For more information call the theater at 882-9137.

Auditions and registration for OCP’s Young Peoples’ Theatre Workshop will be June 7 at the playhouse. Cost of the workshop is $25 per child. Ages 6-18 are eligible to participate but spaces are limited. Workshop subjects include: costumes, auditions, choreography, plus older participants will learn stage combat and makeup. Younger students will study puppetry.

The workshop will run Mondays through Fridays 5:30-8:30 p.m. and will continue through July 11 finishing with performances of “Lost in American Glee.”

Registration starts at 11:30 a.m. on June 7, auditions are 6 p.m. until completed. Come prepared with music to audition musically and/or ready to read out of the script.

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