Well, Neighbor Cox assured us he had perfected his Indian rain dance. He performed it Wednesday, midnight, on the full moon. It worked in most areas, very little in some, a bunch in others. At our teepee we got less than a half-inch. At Don Harmon’s reservation nearly three inches fell. Cox’s dance wasn’t consistent but any amount was much needed. I wish Cox could figure out how to eliminate the onslaught of mosquitoes that accompanied his rainfall. It’s time to get that skeeter plane in the air. The skeeters on Memorial Day hauled off a puppy and two cats and left folks needing blood transfusions. *****In the past we blamed outrageous mistakes on the Gremlins. I don’t know what to call it in the computer age. Computers are only as reliable as the folks operating it. Last week we made one of the biggest screw-ups to date. We ran a picture of Dennis Burch, the “Old Trapper” on the front page of the County Record with the correct headline but  the story from the previous week. Nothing to do with the “Old Trapper.” We are running the entire story in both papers this week. I see mistakes in all of the papers, New York Times, USA Today etc. and we make our share but it’s frustrating. I am constantly amazed at the tremendous readership these Record Newspapers get. Last week we had to restock several locations. Also we are read around the globe on our Web site. I don’t believe there are any community newspapers anywhere that enjoy more response and readership. For that we thank our readers. I guess that’s what keeps us going. Our entire staff gave up their Memorial Day holiday to put out an issue delivered to you free of charge. Your kind words and shopping our advertisers is how we get paid. Patronize the folks in our advertising family. *****I best get going. I have a long way to go. Hop on board and come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.
T-Boone Pickens commented on CNN, when top kill was to be tried to snuff out the oil well flowing in the Gulf, that it wouldn’t work. I’ve gained a lot of respect for T-Boone over the years because he is so often right. At the time he said the oil would quit flowing when a relief well was drilled diagonally into the gushing well. “It won’t be easy, with crews working around the clock it will take over two months.” I hoped at the time he was wrong. I hoped the mud and cement trick would work. A report Monday said 798,000 gallons of oil a day is spreading in the Gulf. If T-Boone is correct we’re talking over a trillion gallons of oil. Containment will be almost impossible if a hurricane enters the Gulf in this hurricane season. The damage would last three lifetimes. The culture down the Louisiana coast, as we know it today, would be something that went out with the tide and crude.
James Carville is correct in his evaluation. He has Washington mad at him but he says, “No more. Louisiana has been ignored for the last time. Those people don’t know our culture, our way of life. They should take time to come and stay a while. We’re different, we don’t like their food, We’re not from the Beltway, we’re unique people who live off our natural recourses and our way of life is being threatened. We won’t stand for any less than an all-out effort. It upsets me to criticize my friends in Washington but I won’t shut up. Life on this beautiful marsh country is facing destruction. We want all out action now. We feed the country with the world’s best seafood, shrimp, crabs, oysters and fish and I’m not going to stand by and watch it be destroyed.” He went on to say, “Obama needs to file criminal charges that will get BP’s attention. He must make them do more.” Carville will keep the heat on – you can book that. If T-Boone  is correct, I don’t know how you prevent disaster and total destruction of the way of life the Cajuns and their neighbors have enjoyed since being exiled from Canada. They found a new land that promised little. They took the marshland, bayous and Gulf and carved a unique way of life. The culture along the coast is one of the World’s oldest, still intact cultures. Today it’s threatened and prospects are it may never be the same again. Black gold may be our motherland’s black day.
This week all of Orange County will be pulling for the Orangefield Bobcats to defeat the Jasper Bulldogs. The first game is Thursday, 7:30 p.m., second game Friday, 7:30 p.m. and if a third game is necessary it will be Saturday at 6 p.m. All games will be played at Lamar’s Vincent Beck Stadium. I have felt, since the first game I saw Orangefield play, it would take a really good team to prevent them from being in the state championship games. The Bobcats are a complete package. I’ve said all along they are the best-hitting team in Southeast Texas. However, Jasper is dangerous with the sticks in their hands. They slap the ball better, for Texas leaguers, than any team around. Play them too deep and they will eat you up with hits over the infield. I still believe that Bridge City had a better team than Jasper. The Cards had their opportunities; sometimes it’s just the way the breaks fall. Bridge City never quit. They were well-coached, made the right moves and their sticks were scattering the balls but the breaks went the other way. I can’t say enough about “Mr. Hustle” Matt Hicks. He’s a competitor. I’ve watched him since he was hitting homeruns at age 8 in Little League. A bad accident didn’t prevent him from living his dream. He gave the Cards four great years. He’s a class act, on and off the field. We wish him, Joe Robertson and the rest of the seniors the best life offers.
Neighbor Cox brought me the May 17 issue of the Shelby County Light and Champion newspaper. I like to keep up with 98-year-old Mattie Dellinger, who for years has written “Mattie’s Party Line.” She is a historian columnist who, on Oct. 1 will be 99 years old. She was in her kitchen preparing a little dinner when the phone rang. A man’s voice asked, “Is this Mattie?” “Yes,” she answered. “Mattie, this is Willie.” At first she thought one of the town boys was pulling her leg then she realized it was Willie Nelson. Mattie says, “No one can mock that little nasal accent of Willie.” They spoke for 30 minutes.
Willie told he after leaving California, he and Annie were headed to their home in Hawaii. In fact, that’s where he is now. Last week, he cut his long hair and played in his son’s band. Willie told Mattie he would be in Europe in June to play in a concert but would be in Center to celebrate Mattie’s 100th birthday in 2011. “I am booked in Center Oct. 1, 2011. I wouldn’t miss it.” Willie also has agreed to be in Center next year for the Rotary Club’s annual auction. Willie was going to e-mail Mattie a copy of his new song but Mattie says, “I don’t have a computer and don’t want one, Willie – just mail it.” It has since arrived. If you would like to drop her a line to tell her she’s popular in Orange County now also, her address is Box 744, Center, TX, 75935. If you are from Shelby County write and let her know who your folks are. She’ll write about it. Our friend Newton Johnson is sheriff of Shelby County. I bet Mattie knows him. He replaced James Wade as sheriff here then went to work in Hardin County with Wilson Roberts. One of these days Wilson and I are going to drop in on Newt and Miss Mattie.
30 Years Ago-1980
Levingston launches “Pride of Texas,” the largest ship ever built by the company. Built for dry bulk cargo in record time, four months. The ship’s length equals two football fields. Some of the folks spotted at the christening and launching ceremonies were Brad Walker, Robert Ewing, Cecil Beeson, Gary and Kay North, Beverly Williams, Jim Graves, Jim and Billie Rae Stelly, Roy Dunn, State Rep. Wayne Peveto, Sen. Carl Parker and Beverly, C.J. Leblanc, Anna Godwin, Davis and Rushia Mae Cooper, Dr. Jack and Jane Couvillion, Janet and James Fontenot, Kathy and John Cash Smith, Joy Gilliam, Mayor Major Inman, Judge Pat Clark, Harmon Beauchamp, Terry Burns, with Billie, Becky and Danny Zoch, Ace Amodeo, Police Chief Paul Hulsey, Barney and Betty Morris, Jerry Hughes, Pauline Kachtik. Ed Paden is Levingston president.*****Gladys Trimble and Jim Jones are the town’s latest newlyweds.*****Coach Bum Phillips traveled to Oklahoma to join in a special promotion for his friend and former assistant coach Jim Crossland, who owns the Ford dealership in Newkirk. Bum will return to Port Arthur next week for the “Bum Phillips festivities. (Editor’s note: I’ve lost track of Crossland. He sold both dealerships several years ago. I’ve been unable to track him down. I’ll give Bum a call and see if they are still in touch.)*****Celebrating birthdays last week were Joey Walker, Aunt Mary Dorothea Fontaine Smith, Edgar Wooten – also Marty Conway. ***Stan Procell turned 20 on the May 24. *** Tessie Cormier celebrates on May 26 and Jane Dickenson, May 27. *****Procell Brothers’ Machine Shop held grand opening at Highway 62, between Highway 87 105. (Editor’s note: When did they move to Green Avenue?)*****Sue Kazmar, who has lived around a bunch of Joe’s trophies, now has one of her own. The “Highest Bowling Game,” 194 brought her the award at the banquet. *****Pete Sterling will celebrate his birthday  June 4, Roy Dunn and Tim Hughes on June 5 and Helen Harrington turns another page June 6. (Editor’s Note: I bet they would all like to recapture those last 30 years.)
We had a nice visit last week from an old friend, Glenda Dyer, in town attending her granddaughter’s graduation at Orangefield. She and Paul headed back to Eagleville, near Nashville, after the ceremony. A lot of chores awaited them back home. They have a herd of Angus cattle, grow fruit and produce and plenty of acres of hay. When you live on a farm or ranch there is always plenty of work to do. We always enjoy her visits.*****I see where Ms. “Peggy on the Bayou” is running a coupon in this paper. On Monday and Tuesday, buy one, get one free with coupon. Her prices are always reasonable anyway. Mention us and she’ll sweeten the pot.*****RV Repair Center is doing a lot of work. Those guys do a great job. If your RV needs fixing or doesn’t run, don’t hire a wrecker, the RV people will fix it at your place.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s last week. Pearl Harbor veteran Cedric Stout and his bride, along with Ross Talmadge and his crew from “Like New Automotive” broke bread with the bunch. This week the Bunch will dine at Robert’s and next Wednesday at Novrozsky’s. Everyone welcome.*****It is said that people born on June 5 are perfect Geminis because there are as many days on either side of the sign. If you believe in that stuff, some folks we know who were born on June 5 are Joyce Dowdle, Tim Hughes Roy Dunn, Gena Guyote, Mary Jennings, Trey Wild, Chris Andes and Kevin Doss. Other special birthdays this week are Walter Riedel, Herman Dupuis, Sandra Hoke and Pete Sterling. Happy birthday to all. ***June 6 would have been Lannie Claybar’s 98th birthday. Hard for me to believe. He was only 57 when he died in a Houston hospital on Sept. 6, 1969.*****The Cardinal Fun Zone, on Texas Avenue in Bridge City, is a great place for summer activity. No fun place in the area offers more plus you can book birthday parties. Try it, you’ll like it.*****Again, for the fifth season in a row my pick to win American Idol came in second. Crystal Bowersox lost to Lee Dewyze. Last week we speculated, because of a late surge by Dewyze, it might happen. By the way, Bret Michaels seems to be the favorite to replace Simon Cowell as a judge on Idol. His song, “Every Rose Has A Thorn” sung with Texan Casey James during the final show got a standing ovation. *****The Country Music Award show, usually my favorite, will air on CMT June 9, 8 p.m., hosted by Kid Rock. *****Ray Cotton, Tina and the gang at the Longhorn are putting on a big show Friday night, June 4. Clay Walker will perform plus a big rodeo. The Texas Longhorn is the place I plan to be if Cotton has a spot available. If you don’t know Ray Cotton, you have really missed a trip. One of the real genuine folks.

John Gifford, Julie Lummus, Kathy Holland, Kayla Hickey, Miranda McClure, Donna Witt, Herman Dupuis, David Lopez, Matthew Jagoe, Sandra Hoke, Donna Benefield, Donna Rogers, Gena Guyote, Jessica Freeman, Kevin Doss, Mary Jennings, Tim Hughes, Trey Wild, Chris Andes, Joyce Dowdle, Roy Dunn, Laura Silva, Lindi Torson, Lynn Fields, Gail Griffith, Kelsey Miller, Linda Sims, Sarah Williams, Billy Frank Bradberry, Billy Killman, Logan Smith, Penny Robards, Tana Hightower, Walter Riedel, Aubrey Reynolds, Billie Wood, Carolyn Sexton and Crystal Wells.
On June 3 Anderson Cooper will be 43; Deniece Williams 59; Curtis Mayfield, 68 and Tony Curtis, 85. ***June 4, Angelina Jolie, 35; Michelle Phillips, 66; Bruce Dern, 74 and Dr. Ruth Westheimer, 82. ***June 5, Mark Wahlberg, 39; Kenny G, 54 and Jill Biden, 59. ***June 6, Sandra Bernhard, 55 and Robert Englund, 63. ***June 7, Prince will be 52; Anna Kournikova, 29; Liam Neeson, 58 and Tom Jones, 70. ***June 8, Nancy Sinatra, 70; Joan Rivers, 77; Jerry Stiller, 83 and Keenan Ivory Wayans, 52. ***June 9, Natalie Portman, 29; Johnny Depp, 47; Michael J. Fox, 49 and Dick Vitale, 70.
Da little town of Maurice, in Sou’h Louisiana, between Lafayette and Abbeville, bought dem a new fire truck. For five years da citizens had held fund raisers to raise da money. Da council met to decide wat to do dem with dat old 65-year-old fire truck. After some discussing, old man Joe Comeaux him, stood up and said, “Me, I tink we should keep dat old fire truck.”
Mayor Premeaux him axe, “Mr. Comeaux, why you tink we should keep dat old truck hanh?”
“Mais, we can use it for false alarms, answer Comeaux, and save da wear and tear on our new truck wen dere ain’t no fire.”
I’ll go out on the limb and say Orangefield won’t need to rent Vincent Beck on Saturday. The Bobcats will win it in two. Jasper’s big lefty will just be batting practice. The Bobcats are the best team on the mound and they have the hottest bats in town. Game one, 6-1, game two, 10-4. Gas prices are the lowest they have been in five years. Two and a half years ago, gas at the pump was $4 a gallon. It would have cost $8 to $10 to drive to Lamar to support the Bobcats. You can get there and back for no more than $5, so let’s all go. Good luck Bobcats moving on up to the big show.*****Here’s hoping the new plan “Cut and Tap” works and stops most of the oil from flowing. I don’t feel as good about that happening as I do the Bobcats winning. Then life is uncertain. Who would have ever believed the love birds of the last decades, Al and Tipper Gore, would be calling it quits after 40 years. Al blew the presidency because he wouldn’t use President Clinton’s help because of the Monica affair. After being nominated he planted a kiss on Tipper that was a “last a lifetime wet one.” Someone is guilty and has found a new love. I hope it’s her. How can anyone throw 40 years away? The hard times are behind you by then.*****Thanks for your time, mine is up. Take care and God bless.