Ninety-five percent of Orange County has received some rain, some a good amount, others a fair amount. I don’t know if you call it irony, uncanny or what but would you believe that east Bridge City didn’t get April showers or water on May flowers? In fact, about a half inch of rain is all that has fallen in the past 10 weeks, especially in the Dugas Addition area. Neighbor Cox’s Indian rain dance has helped others but not those in Roy’s neighborhood. The rain gods may be mad at him but it’s also punishing the neighbors, like Mary Ann Cruse, the Gerald Morrises and others. I bet they wish Dunn would get straight with the rainmaker; their stuff is burning up also. It’s impossible to keep everything alive by watering only. You have to get some of that heavenly moisture from time to time. The weatherman keeps saying afternoon showers; he don’t say where. Cox will just have to dance harder. Rain was due Tuesday but I doubt Bridge City east will get any measurable rain. *****I’ve got a long way to go. Rain or shine this column has to come out on time. Hop on, come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.
The political gimmick Gov. Rick Perry is using the same thing he used to defeat Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the primary. He’s running against Washington, everyone in Washington, including Sens. Cornyn and Hutchison, and also all of the Texas congressmen. Strange as it may sound, Republican congressmen are doing the same thing. U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, in an interview last week, five times blamed Washington, like he isn’t part of it. Maybe he isn’t. Don’t blame Brady for not being an effective representative – blame the system. Back in 2003, when Perry and Tom DeLay gerrymandered the state to favor Republicans, they got rid of fair representation for the people of Texas. Done fairly, Texas would have 16 Democrats and 16 Republicans and, regardless of which party was in the White House, Texas would still have a strong presence in the Capital. It’s no surprise with a “Bashing Washington” governor and representatives, from the party out of power, that Texas has absolutely no influence. They might as well all just stay home and save the air miles. What Texas needs is not one party control but fair redistricting so rural parts of our state get the representation they deserve not 18 out of 32 congressmen coming from the three large metropolitan areas. Two congressmen and a state senator represent the five counties that surround Orange. Brady and the others are from the rich area of the Woodlands, which has no common ground with us. That’s not Brady’s fault. He was happy in the district he was in. DeLay and Perry carved up the state to give their party the advantage. This has backfired, not only on the citizens of Texas but also on Tom DeLay and Rick Perry. Texas redistricting work is getting started. Legislators are going to travel the state. The house redistricting committee, judiciary and civil jurisprudence committee will hold joint meetings on redistricting that will occupy much of the 2011 legislative session. The first meeting outside of Austin is June 21. Lawmakers are charged with drawing new boundary lines for state and congressional districts, based on new census data, not on lines that make 90-degree turns to give one political party the advantage. We now know that has been proven to be a disadvantage. Hearings will be held in east and Southeast Texas in October in Beaumont and Marshall. That gives our local governments, county and municipalities time to unite in one cause, redistricting that doesn’t short-change Orange County and its citizens. Our county should be whole, with one state representative. East and Southeast Texas deserves its own congressman and state senator. Our commissioner’s court should be front and center on this right. City governments should join them in a concerted fight for fair representation that no longer leaves our little part of Texas holding the bag. Three or four new Congressional seats will be added, we need our own people, neighbors fighting for our cause, in Washington and Austin. We need to have our own district, it’s only fair.
We were sorry to hear about the death of Adolph Hryhorchuk, 83, who passed away Wednesday, June 2. Services were held Sunday. Coach Hryhorchuk was one of the great guys that we went back with 40-plus years. What most people will not recall, and his obituary didn’t cover, was that he served as athletic director at both Stark High and West Orange High at the same time. For several years after the West Orange and Stark school districts merged, the two schools continued to operate independently. Neal Morgan was head coach at Stark and when controversy broke out involving black athletes he left. Hryhorchuk convinced Dexter Bassinger to take the head coaching job at Stark. Bassinger stayed six years. Neal had hired Wade Phillips, who stayed with Bassinger one season before joining his father Bum at Oklahoma State. When Hryhorchuk left during those turbulent times, longtime coach Ted Jefferis was brought back as AD at Stark. Lonnie Tryler, principle at West Orange, also served as AD. Coach Green was head coach but for the only time in history Hryhorchuk was AD at both schools. I recall way back when Adolph was a young basketball coach at Orangefield. After a few years he went into administration and spent his last working years as a school superintendent. To his wife Janell, his children and their families and also to brothers Frank and Vincent and sister Bessie we send our deepest sympathies. The Hryhorchuks from Deweyville were some of the finest people I’ve known. May Adolph rest in peace. Please see obit and special column by Joe Kazmar.
We all had hoped Orangefield would make it all the way. It just wasn’t meant to be. Jasper ended their climb in two games. I still believe, in the long run, both the Bobcats and the Bridge City Cardinals were better teams. Jasper created their breaks and took advantage of them. Orangefield wasn’t the same team on those two losses that I had watched play in three games before. However, they gave their fans a great ride. It won’t surprise me if Jacob Felts is a starter at Texas as a freshman. The major leagues could be in his future. Jace Statum will make his mark at Texas A&M. Some say as a centerfielder. His speed will take care of him. Congrats to coach Bennett and his tribe of fighters. Statum was named MVP by District 21-3A coaches. Felts offensive MVP and Matt Menard, of Bridge City, joined them as defensive MVP.
We were sorry to learn about the death of Harry Land, 66, who lost his life while riding his Harley on Texas Avenue in Bridge City Sunday, June 6. The bike/car accident happened near Walmart. Harry was a likable guy and talented taxidermist. A memorial service will be held Thursday, June 10, at Winfree Baptist Church, 10 a.m. Our deepest sympathies to his mom Mary, daughter Cristal and husband Beaver Dubois, siblings Rickey, Dorothy, Candy and Becky and grandchildren Camden and Caleb DuBois. Please see obit.
30 Years Ago-1980
Eight Orange County teams participated in the inaugural Bum Phillips Celebrity Golf Tournament. Members of each team are as follows: Gulf Chemicals, Bob Walker, Bob Rowatt, Bud Ewy and Dr. George Eastman. Owens Illinois, Harmon Beauchamp, Jim Turpen, Eual Norwood and Bill Falcone. No name team, Homer Stark, Earl Nugent, John LaCroix and Joe Griffies. Dupont, Frank Riddick, Don Garrett, Don Viguat and Howard Slatter. Smith Lee Olds-Cadillac, Carmon Davis, John Smith, Benis Lee and Pat Foster/Larry Kennon. Dal Sasso Enterprise, Ron MacDonald, Jeff MacDonald, Bob Swan and Tony DalSasso. Norstock Steel, Dexter Bassinger, Larry Moerbe, Les Patin and Ronny Logan. Orange Bank, Johnny Smith, Brooks Hill and Danny Zoch.***Celebrities attending, Terry Bradshaw, Ken Stabler, Mike Barber, Danny White, Billy Joe Dupree, Tony Dorsett, Willie Alexander, Carl Mauck, Dave Elmendorf, Robert Newhouse, Robert Brazile, Little Joe Washington, Greg Pruitt, Jim Zorn, Dan Pastorini, Earl Campbell, Gifford Nielsen, Benny Barnes, Durie L. Harris, Dick Nolan, King Hill, Ed Biles, Joe Wolley, Andy Bourgeois and many others. (Editor’s note: The tournament was the creation of W.T. Oliver. It and the Bob Hope Birthday Bash benefited Hughen School. Two guys I found nice and congenial were singers Johnny Nash and Johnny Desmond, who was chauffeured by Martha Hughes. I bet Martha remembers that day. County Judge Pete Runnels presented a plaque to Coach Phillips in recognition of his birthplace. Sandi Mobley was seen cuddling up to Oiler Mike Barber. It’s hard to believe 30 years have gone by since that first celebration.)*****In 1980, Doris’ Crazy Kitchen, prepared fresh Sabine catfish, seafood, short orders and homemade pies. The Kitchen was located in Mauriceville on Hwy. 12. *****Jerry Vale headlines a Las Vegas-style evening of song and dance at the Frances Ann Lutcher Theater June 11. A headliner in Vegas for many years, Vale was a frustrated baseball player. The New York Yankees and other parks in the Major League use his version of “The Star Spangled Banner.” (Editor’s note: Do you remember Jerry Vale and were you at that great show? Do you remember him on Johnny Carson, Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin or “Password?” That was only 30 years ago. A big hit I remember is “Time Alone Will Tell.”
Ford pulls the plug on Mercury after 72 years of production. It’s really been dying for a long time but for the last few years it’s been on life support. One of the many cars I’ve owned was an older model 1945 Mercury Coupe. It was a great car. I recall Harry Waddell had a 1951 model, a sharp car with lowering blocks. The back bumper would touch the pavement when loaded with youngsters. James Dean drove a modified two-door in the movie “Rebel Without a Cause.” I’m sure many of you have a Mercury car story from out of your past.*****Our friend Judy Hidalgo is still in Houston battling lung cancer. She has been awfully sick at times and still has many treatments to go. She’s making progress and your prayers for this good lady would certainly be appreciated.*****Our buddy Daniel Jacobs is undergoing experimental therapy for Leukemia in Houston. As of Sunday he was holding his own and not going backwards which was good news. He’s a tough guy who just plays the hand dealt to him. We wish him God’s speed for a successful recovery.*****Mexican drug cartels are tapping into underground pipelines and siphoning tons of crude oil and gasoline to sell in the United States. As much as $715 million a year goes into bankrolling their illegal activities but they are also releasing oil into farmland and destroying the Mexican environment. Mexico was once a great place to visit but today it would be like a vacation in Iraq.*****The dedication of St. Henry Catholic Church in Bridge City will be Saturday with a mass officiated by Bishop Guillory at 5 p.m. The church was damaged by Hurricane Ike and has been totally repaired ready for services to resume.*****Our Hometown Baseball writer, Joey Encalade was nominated to the Texas Association of School Boards 2010 Media Honor Roll for his efforts in reporting positive news about OISD. He will be recognized at the next school board meeting on June 21. Way to go Joey! Talking about Orangefield, don’t forget the 62nd Orangefield Homecoming is this weekend in the elementary cafeteria 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The Cormier Museum will be open 9:30-11:30 and 1-3 p.m.*****A very special happy birthday to everyone’s buddy Adam Dupuis. He’s KeeKee and Nancy’s special child. Come June 15 Adam turns 32 years old. At birth his parents were told he wouldn’t live a year. He loves camping and just got back from a two-week trip. Dad Ken says he pulls his weight and is always ready to load up.*****By the way, you might want to wish dad a Happy Father’s Day in next week’s June 16th issue. An ad and picture in next week’s issue can be run in both The Penny Record and County Record, reaching over 45,000 readers for only $25. Information can be turned in at 335 W. Roundbunch Road in Bridge City or 320 Henrietta St. in Orange Thursday, Friday and Monday.*****Rene Hanks, mayor of Starks and his brothers Ernest and Dwight, Cajun boys and members of the “Backyard Band” have been entertaining at nursing homes lately. Their mom Zora, known as Maw-Maw Zero to the great-great grandchildren, is in Oakwood Manor Nursing Home so her band of sons have been performing there. Their next engagement is Friday, June 25. The home is at 225 Main in Vidor.*****It’s called piling on. Republicans, on Sunday talk shows and around the country, are repeating the same memo. Blame President Obama for his responses to the first-ever of its kind Gulf disaster. First, the government is not equipped to cap a run-away well. The “Talking Points” are to make it look as bad as the response to Katrina. No comparison, they let a lot of people die. We remember the response we got from the Bush Administration after Ike. Ask Mayor Roccaforte or any county official, it took Houston mayor Bill White to get housing for homeless people. FEMA housing started arriving one week after he got involved. The Bush/Cheney Administration was cozy with big oil for eight years. In fact, Ken Lay and big oil wrote our energy and environmental policies in secret with oilman Dick Cheney. The well that is dumping oil in the Gulf is not an Obama well but I’ll bet that he will hold BP’s feet to the fire and make them pay. Back then they may have gotten away with no pay – but not now.*****On June 25, June 28 and July 1, Pat Pate will have a three-process surgery on her back. Best wishes Pat.*****Attorney Lynwood Sanders was admitted to the hospital last Thursday afternoon. We understand that he had a stint installed and is as ornery as ever. We wish Lynn better days ahead.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week and then have a special seafood all-you-can-eat meal at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s. Last week the Bunch dined at Robert’s where Roy was surprised with a birthday party. His family joined over 30 friends. The big surprise was grandson Jason Menard, who had arrived during the night. After a three-day visit Jason will be deployed to Iraq for his third tour. Roy was humbled by the attendance of so many friends. Everyone is welcome to join the Bunch each Wednesday at noon. *****Shrimp and seafood retailers are telling us that 30-count and smaller shrimp are getting scarce and the prices are jumping up. Larger shrimp, 9-15-20 count, are more plentiful. I’m not sure what’s causing the shortage. Texas waters are fine and the catch good. Possibly local shrimp catches are being shipped to out of state restaurants to make up for the short fall in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama waters.*****Helen Thomas, 89, who seems to have been covering the White House since Abe Lincoln resigned her reporter job. Helen caught a lot of heat over her Jewish remark that Israelis should go home to Germany and Poland. She has been in the press corps under 10 presidents.*****SUMMER FOOTBALL: Saturday, June 12, the “Southeast Texas Classic” will be played at Port Neches-Groves stadium. Coaches Dan Hooks and Curtis Barbay will coach opposing teams. Make plans to attend. The first “Classic” should be a good one. It’s sponsored by the Ford dealers.*****Congrats to Little Cypress-Mauriceville weight-lifter Megan Fontenot, who appears in this month’s issue of Sports Illustrated.*****A speedy recovery to two great friends: J.B. Arrington fell Sunday and hit his head requiring surgery at St. Elizabeth to relieve pressure on his brain. Also lovely Margie Stephens was at Baptist in Beaumont Tuesday undergoing treatment for kidney stones. Best wishes to both.*****Margaret Toal wrote a “Preparing for Hurricane Season” story and the Enterprise ran Don “Cochise” Shockley’s picture on the front page. He’ll be hard to get along with now; he thinks he’s a star. Also featured was Tammy and Shaun Davis’ lovely daughter, Carly Thibodeaux, who spends her days in Mauriceville with commissioner Owen Burton and deputies.

Elizabeth Barfield, Debbie Vidrine, Harold Adkins, Lacey Wallace, Dorothy Breaux, Candice Steele, Magdalene Bryant, Jeanette Hubert, Frances Ragsdale, Kevin Ernst, Selita Ernst, Sylvia Galbreath, Carley Swenson, Jesse Walles, Sidney White, Gavin Birmingham, Deane Moran, Alston Reynolds, Chrisleigh Longlois, Rayford Jimerson, Ben Perry, Charlie Burnaman, Dixie Armstrong, Charlie Blalack, Jessica Hilliard, Karli Choate, Paige Olive, Tyler Derouen, Caroline Hennigan, Chris Riedel, Jacqueline Bourdier, Jane Minor, Pam Williams, Brook Doss, Caitlyn Villanoueva, Elizabeth Tran, Kaaren Kline, Ryan Kelly, Shawna Gauthier, Steven Crabtree, Desia Davis, Duane Anthony, Susan Fischer, Tammy Droddy, Adam Dupuis, Betty Jean Lonadier, Brandon Duhon, Brandy Aldridge, David Cardner, Faye Sherwood, Ryan Richard, Sherri Fruge, Tina Romero, Alex Eby, Carol Hall, Denise Vickers and Sharon Fisher.
On June 10, Sasha Obama will be 9; Tara Lipinski, 28; Elizabeth Hurley, 45; F. Lee Bailey, 77.***June 11, Shia LeBeouf, 24; Dr. Oz, 50; Joe Montana, 54 and Gene Wilder, 75.***June 12, Jim Nabors, 78; Vic Damone, 82; Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, 24; Jamie Walters, 41; Tim Allen, 57 and Ally Sheedy, 48.***June 14, Steffi Graf, 41; Boy George, 49; Donald Trump, 64 and Marla Gibbs, 79.***June 15, Neil Patrick Harris, 37; Ice Cube, 41; Courtney Cox Arquette, 46; Jim Belushi, 56 and Helen Hunt, 47.***June 16, Joan Van Ark will be 67.
Da TV, it say dat da government was bringing one of dem new nuclear power ship to help wit da oil spill in da Gulf.
LuLu LaBouf him, say to his wife Clotile, “Babe, git da chiluns, we gone to New Orleens us, to look at dat big nutria power ship wat is tied up at da Poydras Street warf.
Wen LaBouf got to New Orleens he bought hisself to a dead stop by a policeman and he say, “Ma Frien, Mr. Policeman, can you tole me where I can find dat nutria power ship? Me, I’m from Church Point and jus got to see how dem lil rat animals can run dat dere big boat all by deyself.”

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