Folks on Bridge City’s east side say they don’t care what Kelley’s report says, it’s going on 11 weeks and Dugas Addition has only had one half inch of rainfall. Granted the residents nearest to Lake Sabine usually get the most rain when it comes from the lake and gulf direction. A dozen more days and a three-month drought, unless rain comes, would have burnt up most of the plants and gardens. It’s hard to water enough plus some retired guys, who plant crops, say they can afford the water bill but it’s the sewer bill that kills them. Cities should have a set sewer rate in the summer when the water customers’ use doesn’t go through the sewer. It’s going in the ground trying to keep crops alive.*****We were sorry to learn about the death of Neighbor Cox’s sister Dollie McElroy, 90, who passed away in Port Arthur Monday. Service was held in Center on June 15. Dollie was a true fan of this newspaper and each week Cox had to bring her the latest issue. To Millard, Virginia and their family, we send our sympathies.*****I’d best get going; I’ve been away and just returned near deadline time. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

With little else to do federal regulators are considering banning peanuts on airplanes. No peanuts on flights. Now that does it. Meals have been cut out, now they want to take away our peanuts. Some folks claim they have peanut allergies. Well, some folks are allergic to perfume, shaving lotion or underarm deodorant, even the laundry detergent the guy sitting next to you washed his shirt with might make you sneeze. I can’t imagine an $8 drink on a flight without peanuts. That’s like a root beer float without the ice cream.*****A French drug company is hoping to offer American women a new “morning after” pill. The drug is dubbed ella. It would be sold as a contraceptive that prevents pregnancy for five days following unprotected sex. Here’s the problem, the drug is a close chemical relative of the abortion pill RU-486. The fear is it could be used to induce abortion making the womb inhospitable for an embryo. The kid wants no part of it. Folks will come out of the woodwork against it because it might be used for the wrong reason.*****The break up of the Big 12 Conference. In a heartbeat the Big 12 became the Big 10 with the desertions of Colorado to the Pac 10 and Nebraska to the Big 10. It’s not just football and rivalries which would be affected but we’re talking big bucks, as college football is an industry. Texas will make off like a bandit by keeping the Big 12 intact. How about adding TCU and Houston?

30 Years Ago-1980
Huey Simon was killed in a single car accident. The funeral held Sunday, June 9, drew one of the largest crowds ever for a local funeral. It’s memorable because Huey was just a common man, not a politician or anyone who had accomplished great wealth. Roy Dunn, who had known Huey since their very first day of school in Abbeville says, “On our first meeting Huey and I fought over who would occupy a certain desk. On our first day of learning I got the worse of it. Before I even had a desk I was in the hospital with 14 stitches in my head from landing on a bookcase and splitting my head open. Huey and his family moved to Orange and later, when I did, Huey and I became friends. He had a lot of friends. He was one of the finest, big-hearted individuals you could hope to meet. He helped people from all walks of life and was respected by all who met him. That explains why so many attended his funeral. He was a likable guy but always tough.” Huey was only 45 years old. *****Tick Granger is elected county commissioner, Pct. 3. Jack Thompson elected constable in Pct. 1. *****Bridge City Cablevision starts up the first television cable service in Bridge City. Owner/operator is Al McKay, in partnership with Carl Parker and Oscar Wyatt. *****Opportunity Valley News announces winner for “Best Dad of the Year.” First place went to Herbert Ray Jones, submitted by stepson Lyle Everett; second place Dr. Joe Ben Welch, submitted by daughter Wendi; and third place, Don Peters, submitted by daughter Rammi. More than 100 names were submitted. *****Dr. Welch’s wife Dottie, with daughters Wendi, Sandy, Robin and Roxie were in Zachary, La., celebrating Joe Ben’s dad, Joe Welch’s 64th birthday. They also visited with mom Pill and siblings Mike, Bobbie and Wanza.*****Mark Dunn left to retrieve his finance Kerrie Lewis in Boston. He drove with hopes of bringing her to Texas. Also headed to Boston is his friend Valerie Ingls, KOGT-AM commentator. (Editor’s note: Mark did bring Kerrie back. They were married by Judge Pat Clark and had two daughters, Amber and Jenna. They have long parted and live different lives but have remained good friends. Kerrie didn’t like Texas and resides in Massachusetts). *****Sue Pate of Bridge City is vying for one of seven Texas positions on the Democratic National Committee. Election will be June 20-21 at the state convention. There has never been a member on the committee from this area. (Editor’s note: Sue, a Bridge City schoolteacher, was elected and became the first person ever to serve from South East Texas. She was married to attorney H.D. Pate. Sue is now a resident of Lake Charles).

Dane Cook, comedian, paying tribute to departing American Idol judge Simon Cowell said, “You have the honesty of Abe Lincoln and the charm of the guy who shot him.”

Congrats to the Horned Frogs. TCU earned its first college world series appearance in school history. The Frogs defeated number two seed Texas 4-1 in the final game of the best of three super regionals. TCU is making quite a name for itself, first football now baseball. TCU will open it’s college world series run over the weekend against the Florida State Seminoles.*****Special folks we know having birthdays coming up. Everybody’s buddy, Wilson “King” Dunn turns 92 Wednesday, June 16. A finer man is hard to find. Every week “King” breaks bread with the Lunch Bunch, tends to his place and checks daily on his wife of 72 years who is in a local nursing home. The best of wishes to this great guy.***Our bestest friend, Mary Alice Hartfield, who never forgets our special days, celebrates her special day. We wish her the best of everything.*** Here’s a pair of aces worth drawing. To John Cooper, one of the great guys and Commissioner David Dubose, who happens to be Harriet’s husband. Best wishes to these two aces.***The very active Beverly Perry celebrates her special day June 16. Best wishes, Bev.*****A few friends who are on the mend. Our buddy Daniel Jacobs, in Houston battling leukemia, was waiting for test results Tuesday that will determine the next course of action. His wife is by his side and he says she’s a blessing.***Judy Hidalgo is still in Houston fighting the cause to beat lung cancer. Husband Gene and their son have been sharing time looking after her. As bad as it is on the patient, it is very hard on the caregiver also. ***Bobby Bernard, Babette’s dad, had surgery in Houston, came home, is doing great and giving up his walker. ***One of the finest young men we know, Russell Bottley, only 37, is battling cancer. Kevin Smith and others are planning a cowboy fundraiser. Russell is traveling for treatments twice a week. If you recall, since he was a teenager, he was the late Betty Jo Spence’s sidekick, taking care of her race horses. Russ, here’s wishing you God’s speed.*****In the primary Gov. Rick Perry debated Debra Medina and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison but will fight any attempt to get in a debate with opponent Bill White. Perry spokesman and GOP strategist Royal Masset said on Sunday, “White is plain spoken, he is very specific-oriented. He’s kind of our nightmare – why give him a chance?” Well, because the voters deserve to hear them debate the issues. Perry has dodged the debate issue by saying he wouldn’t debate until White releases his tax statement. He did and Perry is now looking for new ground to avoid a debate with a guy that likely would clean his plow. If media pressure is applied, Perry may have to face the music. Perry knows White is a conservative, not what Perry calls “Washington liberal.” White is the most qualified candidate Perry has ever faced. He doesn’t want to face that he is running for a spot on the next national ticket. As Texas governor, Perry would have a base. Perry will take every opportunity to sling mud like he did against Kay. A debate however will prove he is lying about White. He will dodge as long as the media will let him.*****Billy Tubbs gives up athletic director position at Lamar but will continue to eat at the trough. He has accepted a new gig as special assistant to president Simmons, as a consultant, sports public relations or whatever. Named interim A.D. is girls’ basketball coach Larry Tidwell. We’ve met and spent time with him, a very down to earth guy, who since he got to Lamar has been selling the program. David Ess and Johnny Montagne are sure to be happy their friend will be athletic director.*****Gene Cropper, 74, died last week in Port Arthur. We had known him since we were all youngsters. I bet Gene danced a million miles in his lifetime.*****Our friends Betty and Corky Harmon renewed their marriage vows in the Catholic faith last weekend. Fifty-three years ago, when they were married, Betty was the baby sitter for his two boys. Her plans were to enter the convent and become a nun. Because of circumstances they could not marry in the Catholic faith although Betty raised all of the children Catholic and always maintained her loyalty to the church. It was a happy time for them to have Father Daleo perform the ceremony.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Sheriff Keith Merritt’s dad, Bob Merritt, last week. He was mowing his lawn when death called unexpectedly. Marlene says they learned the importance of everyone having a will. You never know when that call will come and the family will be left to sort through legal matters while trying to make arrangements. Condolences to Keith and his family.*****On June 20, Jane Russell will turn 89. Boy, wasn’t she stacked? She was married to quarterback Bob Waterfield.*****On June 22, Kris Kristofferson turns 74. He doesn’t sing so good but boy can he write songs. A native of Brownsville, he’s one of the good guys.*****Hard to believe but I read in 30 years ago that Huey Simon has been dead 30 years. Time just don’t stand still.*****On the other hand, Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in WW II would have just been 85 on June 20. We met him 50 years ago and thought he’d be older.*****The Judds broke up in 1991 after coming from rags to riches in the music business. This November they start an encore tour of 18 cities.*****The Lunch Bunch dined at Novrozsky’s last week. You never get a bad meal. Good food and ole’ Jim serves everybody right. This week the Bunch dine’s at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s. A special time will be held to celebrate “King” Dunn’s 92nd birthday. Next week, it is back to Robert’s Restaurant. Everyone is always welcome.*****Sometimes survey results are surprising. Gallup, in the Wall Street Journal, says more Americans are against abortion than not. Strong moral qualms about abortion have not gone away. The same Gallup survey reporting that Americans regard abortion as morally wrong also showed that an even larger majority regarded homosexual relations as morally acceptable. Meanwhile Gen. Colin Powell, who in 1993 helped implement “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” now says that at the end of the day the law will change and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” will go away. I’ll buy that. It’s a changing world, one that has traveled a long way since my early days.*****The World Cup is big business. For me it’s like watching paint dry that never does. However, just as a Brazilian wizard name Pele’ helped change the way soccer was played so an entrepreneurial Brazilian named Joao Havelange changed the way it’s paid. He harnessed television audiences and corporate patronage. Now get this, Havelange is president of FIFA, Federation International de Football Association, soccer’s governing body. I hate those damn trumpets but it’s part of their marketing. Go figure.

Frankie Allen, Beverly Perry, Tyler Bailey, Dustin Hartsfield, Keith Kay, Christian Louvier, Marie Norton, Betty Norwood, Justin Roberts, Justin Johnson, Wyetta Carter, Paul Richardson, Don Finley, Jennifer Harrison, Leigh Ann Wilson, Ruby Bell, Alex Brent, Andrew Riedel, Belinda Welch, Brandy Slaughter, Janice Rabin, Nancy Haworth, Shelby Turbeville, Vern Campbell, Amber King, Kyna White, Mary Alice Hartfield, Mary Stewart, Shelby Permenter, Chelsie Moerbe, Cortnie Moerbe, Marianne Choate, Myrtle Howell, Debbie Johansson, Gregory Darbonne, Loretta Beck, Lynda Phillips, Sarah Claybar, Sharon Wright, Wesley Darbonne, Dan Dumas, David Dubose, John Cooper, Melanie Broussard, Caitlin Wells, Charlene Braus, Nora Anne Minor and Phyllis Nimitz.

On June 17, Mark Walker (Reebok ad commercial actor) will be 11; Venus Williams will be 30; Barry Manilow, 64; Newt Gingrich, 67.***June 18, Nathan Morris (Boyz II Men singer) will be 39; Paul McCartney, 68; Isabella Rossellini, 58 and Roger Ebert, 68.***June 19, Zoe Stadana, 32; Brian “Head” Welch, 40; Paula Abdul, 48; Kathleen Turner, 56 Salman Rushdie, 63 and Louis Jourdan, 91.***June 20, Nicole Kidman, 43; John Goodman, 58; Lionel Ritchie, 61; Anne Murray, 65 and Brian Wilson, 68.***June 21, Prince William, 28; Meredith Baxter, 63; Michael Gross, 63; and Jane Russell, 89.***June 22, Carson Daly, 37; Kurt Warner, 39; Freddie Prinze (would have been) 56; Meryl Streep, 61 and Kris Kristofferson, 74.***June 23, Jason Mraz, 33; Frances McDormand, 53 and Salma Blair, 38.

Kee-Kee Dupuis stoped by Ray LuLu’s barber shop. LuLu had not seen him in weeks. He axe, “Kee-Kee wats wrong, you look bad, got circles round you eyes, why you look like a homeless man Hanh?”
Kee-Kee answer, “Well LuLu, it’s like dis. Me, I’ve been so depressed tinking about da economy, wars, jobs, my savings, special security and all da oil covering da Gulf dat I just wanted to die me.”
LuLu say, “Da hell you say, mais dats bad, wat you do about it?”
Kee-Kee say, “Well me, I got so low I called da suicide lifeline.”
“Yea, wat dey tell you dem?” LuLu axe.
“I got a call center in Pakistan,” Kee-Kee say, “Wen I tole dem I was suicidal me, dey got all excited dem and den dey axe if I could drive a truck me.”

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads. Most often dads are taken for granted but daily they face the grind of earning a living, providing for a family, making them comfortable, seeing that they get an education and a good start in life. There are exceptions but for the most part most dads take care of their obligations and hold the family together. Pat yourselves on the back, you deserve it. *****This week we present our annual All Orange County Baseball Team. Thanks to Joey Encalade for a great job this season covering our high school baseball teams. *****Tuesday evening, for the first time in his presidency, President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office. Too late for this column to comment on but it’s in our main news. There are high expectations and it’s bound to be a good speech. However Fox News and the “Talking Heads” were already putting the speech down before even hearing it. I believe the President will be sincere and square with the American people. *****As I write this the Lakers have their backs to the wall. They must beat the Celtics both Tuesday and Thursday to win the NBA championship in seven games. My guess is they will pull victory from the fire but the odds are against them. *****Many of us will remember the times spent with Jimmy Dean, a fun guy to be around. Jimmy died Sunday at age 81. He is best known today for Jimmy Dean Sausage but some will recall his smash hit about the workingman’s hero, “Big, Bad John.” He had other hits and a television show also. He was born in poverty in Plainview, Texas and dropped out of high school in the ninth grade to help support the family. Mark Dunn took pictures of Jimmy and his dad, Roy, who has many Dean stories. *****Tuesday afternoon rain came to some parts, as much as an inch in Vidor, but none in east Bridge City. The folks have high hopes for Wednesday. *****Read us cover to cover. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.