Just under 130 Bobcat alumni showed up at Orangefield Elementary Saturday for the 62nd Orangefield Homecoming. Representatives from as far back as the Class of 1939 were present. Honored classes for the day were 1955 and 1960.

Retired Orangefield band director Emory Webb was honored with a plaque from the Class of ‘60, naming him the “Best Bobcat Band Director.” Webb is a frequent attendee, though these days his mobility requires a wheelchair.

“We did all this so we could get Mr. Webb to make a speech,” said former superintendent and the day’s emcee Robert Montagne.

“The only thing I can talk about is flats and sharps, saxophones and clarinets and flutes. That’s the only thing I can talk about.” said Webb.

“Well, when you get clearance for more, we’d love to hear some of your stories,” said Montagne as the crowd laughed.

Barbecue, provided by the homecoming committee was the entree, while an assortment of sides and desserts, including chocolate covered strawberries, were provided by attendees.

Classmates reminisced. “I remember when they were building this building,” said Sandy Garrison Harvey who now lives in Jasper. “Third graders were shipped to McLewis, because we were out of room at the ‘Alamo.’”

“It’s great to see old friends,” said Jo Ann Laviolette LeBlanc, who still lives in Orangefield.

Coach Mark Foreman and wife, Vickie showed up before attending the first All Star football game at Port Neches-Groves held Saturday night.

Once again this year, the Paul Cormier Museum was open before and after lunch for attendees to visit.

The class of 1960 also held a separate reunion at the Pompano Club in Port Neches with a 50’s style sock-hop. “If we can still do it,” said Beverly Campbell Brown, reunion co-ordinator. She admitted at their age, they needed to have more slow songs than fast.

Out of a graduating class of 42 about 22 were planning to attend the reunion. Nine classmates are deceased. “You have several of them that are not very healthy right now,” said Jean Carolyn Wolfe Dugas from Bridge City.

According to Dugas, only two classmates were MIA, “We couldn’t find them.”
The Class of 1959 was invited to join them, but it was a last minute decision, so not many were located, only three plus guests attended.

Brown’s daughter, Barbara Benoit, came from Houston to photograph the event.

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