The Bridge City Strutter Officers attended Showmakers Officer Camp in San Marcos last week and won Sweepstakes, Outstanding Home Routine, Outstanding Choreography Assignment, and Outstanding Final Day Evaluation.  Earning high scores in each of these categories placed them in the top ten officer teams at the camp and a Grand Champions award. 

Capt. Jordyn Ewing, 1st Lt. Allison Morphew, Lt. Karli Anderson, and Lt. Kaitlyn Ezell earned All Star status. 

The camp’s dance instructors then chose Ewing and Morphew as Superlatives (elite dancers) from the All Star recipients. 

Miss Leaps Finalist was awarded to Ewing and Miss High Kick Finalist was awarded to Ezell. 

Ewing, Morphew, Anderson, Lt. Nicole Encalade, and Ezell earned several blue ribbons throughout the camp for outstanding achievement. 
Director is Cathy Riley.

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