Old east town shopping is back. Remember the days of shopping at Weiners, TG&Y, and Weingarten’s? Orange Trade Days welcomes you back to east town with Orange’s first indoor and outdoor flea market/farmers market. Bill and Gabriella Snyder have restored the old shopping center into a perfect place to buy and sell–which begins Friday.

Orange Mayor Brown Claybar spoke about the positive effects that Orange Trade Days will have for the entire community, Tuesday, at a ribbon cutting held by the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce.

“With the help of the community, vendors and enthusiastic shoppers, we will make this a successful and fun event for the entire community,” said Snyder. 

 Orange Trade Days will include a flea market, farmers market, food, and music. As they expand, they hope to offer mini storage, boat storage, and swap meets.

They have over sixty vendors who have committed to be there and have almost filled up the restored half of the complex. These vendors have come from all over the area, including; Lake Charles, Beaumont, Vidor, and Winnie. Several of the vendors regularly participate in Winnie trade days, and welcome another venue in Orange.

“We are excited about all of the expansion possibilities this building will allow us. We have fun ideas on how to make sure everyone has a great shopping experience here.” Gabriella, or “Gabby” as her friends call her, said, “We have a very large, paved parking lot to welcome shoppers, and the parking is free to make it all the more convenient for them to come and see what we have to offer. We have also invited farmers to come and sell their produce under our awning, at no charge.”

Orange Trade Days may increase the number of out-of-town visitors to the area. Both Holiday Inn Express and Sleep Inn are offering discounted rates to vendors and visitors of the event. 

“We have seen a great amount of support from the business community in Orange and we hope to receive that same kind of support and encouragement from the public,” said Bill Snyder.

Orange Trade Days boasts seven acres of paved parking and 40,000 square feet of indoor space. Rain or shine, shop 9 a.m.-5 p.m. this Friday-Sunday and every weekend following the second Monday of the month. Orange Trade Days located at 200 Turrett in Orange. Take the Simmons Drive exit from Interstate 10. Turn at the white Trade Days truck on Simmons to find the flea market.

For more information about Orange Trade Days or becoming a vendor, you can call (409) 883-4344 or visit their Web site: orangetradedays.com.