Most of us are sick and tired of hearing about illegal immigration, and all of us know we must secure our borders before we can truly solve the problem–if we ever can.

Healthy immigration adds a rich diversity to the fabric of our society. But, how healthy can it be when thousands of people, desperate for a place in the land of milk and honey, are encouraged into breaking the law and entering illegally.

I said encouraged. By that, I mean many of them have believed the lies that the firebrands of their culture have proposed over the years. And of course, American employers hiring illegals under the table doesn’t help.

Our neighbors in Mexico have leapfrogged from one revolution to another over the centuries. I had never thought much about it until in one of my graduate courses, the prof, a Ph.D. and a Hispanic, claimed by 1990, the brown line would stretch from Houston to Dallas.

I shrugged it off until I read some speeches by various Hispanic leaders in the state of California a few years later. They preached a peaceful takeover of the border states, beginning with California.

I didn’t believe it until I did some research, and no, that doesn’t count the Ouija Board.

In every culture there are those who want something for nothing. Why should they struggle to survive in Mexico when the U.S. is so handy? Besides, their leaders insist, we’re entitled to it. After all, the land was once ours. The U.S. and Texas stole it.

That is what these firebrands preach.

Richard Alatorre, Los Angeles City Council, said in September, 1996, “They’re afraid we’re going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They’re right. We will take them over. We are here to stay.”

His remarks were supported by the Excelsior, the National Newspaper of Mexico. “The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot.” (that was before southwestern ranchers were killed or fishermen robbed on Lake Falcon)

Then in 1995, Associate Professor Jose Gutierrez, UT at Arlington, spoke at a Latino Conference at the University of California. “We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our population. You have a destiny to fulfill in this land that has been ours for forty thousand years, and we’re a new Mestizo nation.”

When I read that remark, it clicked into place with an observation made by John Salmon “Rip” Ford, in the classic biography, “Rip Ford’s Texas.” A stalwart and brave Texan, Rip spent several decades fighting Indians, Mexican and American bandits, and the Union. An educated man, he ran several newspapers and served in various important capacities in his life.

As a Texas Ranger, his job was to–what else, patrol the border. Naturally, the Mexican people resented the loss of Mexican soil to the U.S. Who wouldn’t? Ford understood that, but he had his job, which he carried out. He remarked once that “The Mexican hated and feared Texans, and would not hesitate to cut their throats if they could.”

On that day in 1836 when Santa Anna relinquished Mexican soil to Sam Houston, the Hispanic desire to retake it was born. The fanatical firebrands will not let the average Latino forget it, and that list of firebrands is longer than my arm.

Of course, there is more to this “invasion” of illegals than simply land and hatred. Liberals love illegals because many go on entitlements, and in doing so, feel obligated to vote for the liberals who provided such treasures. California is a perfect example.

However, California’s lagniappe will soon come to an end, if not by force, then by bankruptcy. Right now, how about 19.1 billion dollar shortfall in the 2011 California budget, unemployment knocking on 13%, a cut in debt rating, scaling back days of work, worst credit rating in the country, and no relief in sight?

Anybody with sense knows that bailouts cannot continue.

Over the years, I’ve seen neat communities fill up with entitlements and morph into shacks. Then with liberal support, the inhabitants move to nicer places, which in a few years will be in the same shape as those left behind. Sooner or later, the money will run out. Then what? An America that looks like the slums of Juarez? Gaudily painted buildings lining Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills?

I don’t know where all of this will end, folks.

I just hate the idea of my grandkids growing up in such a toxic environment.