Entergy Texas, Inc. recently filed a proposal with the Public Utility Commission of Texas to give customers a fuel-related refund that will show up as a credit on bills for six months beginning in September.

The refund with interest totals $66.4 million and reflects an over-recovery of fuel costs through May of this year. If the PUCT gives its approval, the average, 1,000 kilowatt-hour residential bill will be lowered by $7.84 per month during the refund period.

Per rules established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, Entergy Texas determines what it will charge customers for fuel twice a year, with the amount based on fuel costs at that time. The recovery charge then stays in place for the next six months. Fuel prices, however, fluctuate on an almost daily basis and so the company may not recover enough or may recover too much. When too much is recovered, customers receive a refund in the form of a credit that lowers their bill. Entergy Texas does not earn a profit on fuel expenses and only passes actual fuel costs through to its customers.