Marriage Licenses Issued From
The Office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For the Week of June 28 thru July 2, 2010.

Kenneth D Weeks and Donna L Dickinson
Edward J Bandeau and Leia L Furlough
Dennis L Guidry and Rhonda G Reese
Samuel R Hardin and Jennie M Dupont
Nicholas D Graham and Jessica L Weeks
Joseph S Eberly and Samantha A Williams
Charles E Garner and Judith B Velasquez
Chad J Hague and Misty L Harrison
Gopala K Boddeti and Pamela J Russell
Gerald M Gunn and Pearlie M Washington
Logan S Savoy and Aries M James
Matthew D Carter and Brittney M Zenos
Manuel Lopez and Frances M Droddy
Jaime C Moreno and Lisa L Jones
Derrick A Deaton and Miranda R Graham