Lester “Buckshot” Winfree passed away July 2, 2010. His father Laurence had nicknamed him “Buckshot” as a baby and he proudly carried the name until death. Many of his friends and family overflowed Winfree Baptist Church Tuesday, July 6, for his final farewell. “Buck” had touched many lives and they had come to pay their respects. Starting as a young man, “Buckshot” built a successful business from the ground up. Three of his friends, Jerry Davidson, Wayne Peveto and Roy Dunn, spoke at his service but there were many in attendance that had traveled down life’s trail with him. They all have great stories and memories. I thought of Lynwood Sanders, who was sitting there, eyes filled with tears. Lynwood, an attorney, had participated in almost every deal “Buck” had made. Bobby Cormier and “Buckshot” were like brothers. “Buck” the older, had taught Bobby how to ride a horse. They had been inseparable most of their lives. Johnny Montagne, over the last couple of years, was a daily companion, taking him to exercise, haircuts etc. “Buck” told him “When you go to visit someone don’t stay long, they won’t like you because you’ll wear your welcome out.” His beautiful wife, Barbara, had lost the love of her life, her partner for 46 years and she knew life would never be the same again. The children, sons Will and Kirk, daughters Leslie and Elizabeth and their families, along with mother-in-law Dorothy, were saying goodbye to the greatest man they had known. He was always there through their good and bad times; their world will never be the same. Buckshot was laid to rest in the family cemetery, alongside the family he had so much pride in. His heritage was very important to him, going back to the day when Claiborne West had spent the night with his great-grandfather there in Winfree Community. He loved his church, family and the community he had spent an entire life in. He was an unselfish person whose concerns were always about others regardless of their statue in life. He treated all the same. A quite mannered fellow who was always fair, a man of principle who was so smooth people never thought of him as a politician yet he was never defeated for public office and served as president of the Port of Orange for many years. We at The Record are proud that a couple of months ago he was named as our Person of the Year. We’re proud of our friendship for all these many years. May he rest in peace. Please see obit and story by Robert Hankins. *****I need to move on. I would deeply appreciate it if you climb on board and come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


In light of the recent British Petroleum well disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Warren Perrin, chairman of the Acadian Heritage and Culture foundation, wants us to consider the following abridged chronology of Acadian history. In 1604, a colony was established in Nova Scotia. July 28, 1755, the British issued the Acadian expulsion order and carried out le grand derangement or great upheaval. The ethnic cleansing of the Acadians from Nova Scotia, resulted in thousands of deaths and the breakup of families. Ten years later, 1765, 193 Acadians led by Beausoleil Broussard arrived in New Orleans and settled in the marshes of south Louisiana. Many found their way and came later. Oil was than discovered in 1901 in Cajun country, near Jennings. In 1921 speaking French in schools is prohibited. Later, in 1955, the Acadian Bicentennial Celebration was formed. “Life Magazine’ predicted the demise of the French culture in 1964, inspiring the creation of CODOFIL in 1968, declaring Cajun French must be taught in all Cajun parish schools. A petition for an apology was filed in 1990, to acknowledge and apologize for the wrongs committed by the British during the Acadian expulsion. In 2003, Queen Elizabeth settled the petition with an apology, through a Royal proclamation, which acknowledged that the British Crown ordered the deportation. That set July 28 forever as a “Day of Remembrance.” On April 20, 2010, the deepwater Horizon, owned BP Exploration, exploded and caused the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history. BP CEO Tony Hayward, May 30, 2010, announced in an ad campaign, “The Gulf oil spill is a tragedy that never should have happened. We will make this right.” Well it took the British Crown 300 years to acknowledge the wrongs of the genocide that took place during the Grand Derangement. Only time will tell if BP will “Make This Right” and prevent another great upheaval of the Acadians of Louisiana. President Barack Obama has vowed that he will make BP pay. That’s what the Cajuns are placing their hopes on. Their way of life for more than 200 years may never again be the same. It could take generations to recover. History proves that Cajuns are tough, made of good stuff, survival is in their genes, and defeat is not.

30 Years Ago-1980

H.D. Pate took daughters, Shelly and Penny, to see Jerry Jeff at the Palace, in Beaumont. Penny knew all the words to all of the songs. H.D.’s favorite Jeff song is “L.A. Freeway.” (Editor’s note: I wonder if H.D. still knows the words to “Ballad of Forty Bucks” by Tom T. Hall?)*****Dave Wiltshire of Port Arthur swears in Barney Morris as Orange Rotary president. Morris replaces Jim Stelly. Barney joined Orange Rotary in 1952 sponsored by the late Johnny McGee. Barney is a CPA in both Texas and Missouri, where he’s a Washington University grad. He is a former manager for Price Waterhouse and Co. in its St. Louis office. He was a Navy combat intelligence officer in the Pacific Ocean in WW II. Stelly presented the Stark pin to Barney, who promised to keep it under lock and key. *****Opening soon is “Outpost” beauty shop in Mauriceville; owned by Joyce Dowdle, phone number 745-1192. (Editor’s note: Joyce still operates the shop on Texas 12. She is open Wednesday and Thursday by appointment only.)*****A few items from Danny’s Food Center are boneless briskets, $1.18 per lb.***Hormel bacon, 3 lb. Box, ends only, 98 cents. ***Side of beef, $1.38 lb., cut and wrapped free. ***Chuck roast, $1.18 lb.***Danny’s Boudain, $1.58 lb.***Three quart bottle Coca Cola, $1. *****J.H. Vickers, of Bridge City celebrates his 84th birthday. He’s Emma Day’s stepdad. (Editor’s note: Last we heard of Emma, after Ike, is that she is living in Austin where daughter Jesse Hebert and husband Windell live.)*****Owners sell Opportunity Valley News, Community Post, in Port Arthur and Triangle Press, in Beaumont to Cox Enterprises. Owner Roy Dunn will remain as a consultant for five years. The business became Golden Triangle Publications as of July 1. Bill Maroney, publisher of the Port Arthur News, is president, John Dubose, treasurer and Ken Murrell, vice president and general manager. Cox is an Atlanta based company with newspapers and cable companies throughout the country. (Editor’s note: The OVN, distributed in the Orange County market, enjoyed tremendous popularity. The Community Post was an overnight success and Triangle Press printed weekly newspapers and circulars throughout east Texas. Dunn said, “They paid him a lot of money as a consultant and never took one word of advice. They lasted for four or five years. They also bought the Orange Leader and later sold the Port Arthur and Orange papers).


The quote is by GOP chairman, Michael Steele, about the Afghan War and President Obama. Steele stated, “If he’s such a student of history, has he not understood that you don’t engage in a land war in Afghanistan? Everyone who has tried, over 1000 years, has failed.” Well, Bush started the war in Afghanistan, plus Steele is telling our troops we can’t win but keep fighting. The guy is as scary as most of the extremists. The Repubs will never gain seats if Steele is still steering the GOP’s ship in November.


If you haven’t visited Farmer’s Market, in front of Big Lots in Orange, on Saturday morning, you’ve missed out on a lot of goodies. Last Saturday, one man from Warren, brought 400 pounds of tomatoes. He has 1,600 plants. Several farmers brought large, sweet, locally grown watermelons, only $5. Fruit, vegetables, jams, jellies, cookies and much more can be found. Support your local market and be rewarded. *****We were glad to hear that our friend Judi and Gene Hidalgo are home from a Houston hospital. Judi is doing much better. We pray she will continue to improve. Happy birthday to her this week also.*****Our buddy Daniel Jacob is undergoing bone marrow screening that will determine if he is improving and if the experimental drug is working. We wish him the best. *****Pat Pate has had surgery for her back at Houston Methodist. H.D. has been with her and says they are looking forward to coming home by the weekend. *****Last week we reported that Walter Toronjo had a stroke and was in grave condition. We are sad to report he passed away June 30 at age 87. Services were Monday, July 5, at Winfree Baptist Church. To Juanita and her family, we send our deepest condolences. We were also saddened to learn about the death of Flora Glynn Gisclair, 82. She died July 4. Services are pending.*****Special folks celebrating birthdays this week: David Peck, incoming Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1, celebrates Wednesday, July 7. I’d bake him a cake but he’s trying to lose a bunch of weight. In fact, Ms. Patsy made the gang here a large pan of banana pudding and wouldn’t let David have any. ***Our bud at Bridge City High, Donna Riley, celebrates this week also. She has been a valuable friend through the years. ***Lovely Donna Peterson celebrated this week. She just doesn’t age. ***Coach Billy Bryant is a year older as is Patrick Halliburton. ***A great guy, Cleon Hogan, takes another step up the ladder of life. ***Lana Griffith and Elizabeth Dupuis both celebrate this week. Nice ladies. ***I don’t know what became of Michael Brinson, Darryl and Gretta’s boy, but he celebrates this week. That’s their son who went to college at age 15. ***I saved the oldest for last. A great lady, LaVern Premeaux, reaches her 90th on July 8. She grew up in Orange, lived in Vinton for years with husband “Choke.” After his death, she moved back to Orange and has been active in St. Mary Catholic Church. Everyone loves Nannie. We join them in wishing her a great birthday. *****A move is on in the Texas Legislature to allow slot machine gambling at dog/horse race tracks and Indian reservations. That move would hurt our little part of Texas. Around 700 Orange County citizens work at the casinos in Louisiana. Our motel and hotel occupancy would drop, so would hotel taxes. Other local businesses would be hurt. The money would all stay in Houston and at the reservations. Because of a $15 billion state shortfall, the Legislature will promote Texas needing the income. That’s bull corn, police and other local expenses suck up the money. The lotto was supposed to cure all ills. Where’s the money. *****Chelsea Clinton and finance, Marc Mezvinsky will wed July 31 in upstate New York at a private mansion in the village of Rhinebeck. Her parents, former President Bill and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will both be part of the wedding ceremony. *****Tiger Woods’ divorce from Elin Nordegren cost him around $100 million. That’s more than the pre-nup agreement. Tiger was worth $600 million before last week’s divorce. *****Scientists have found that a single gene guides the development of all brain cells and central nervous system. That opens a promising avenue toward possible treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. It may make it possible to treat and rejuvenate brain stem cells inside the both rather than in a lab. *****A couple of weeks ago, there was a drug bust that netted 60 arrest in Houston and Southeast Texas. It didn’t make much news here, even though a couple of people busted were locals. The operation was code named “Agent Orange.” The reason for that was that a couple of years ago Rob Strause, his partner and Orange County narcotics agents, working separate leads came up with the same conclusion. Their information was forwarded to friends in the DEA Galveston office. Work on the case by the DEA and county officers led to a drug trafficking conspiracy, with ties to Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel. Operation Agent Orange has landed the defendants in a Beaumont jail. The agent in charge said, “From one small tip in a rural county, we have taken another step up the ladder.” The Pinedas organization in Houston was the connection to Mexico. Today Rob Strause is constable of Pct. 2, in Orange County. I found it interesting that the operation was named for the county that led to the two-year investigation. *****Congrats to Lori Jordan with American Real Estate in Orange, who was named Realtor of the Month. She can be reached at 658-4166. *****Former Houston Mayor Bill White is getting credit for Houston being poised to emerge from the national down turn faster than other cities. Large and small cities are facing serious financial challenges as they prepare for coming fiscal year. Houston passed a $4.1 billion budget effective July 1. Over the last decade, Houston has added a quarter of a million jobs. The city is showing remarkable stability. Under White, Houston has grown five times that of New York, Boston or San Francisco. New Mayor Parker says, “We are committed to continue the quality service of the past.”


On July 8, Jaden Smith will be 12; Toby Keith, 49; Kevin Bacon, 52; Wolfgang Puck, 61 and Steve Lawrence, 75. ***July 9, Fred Savage, 34; Courtney Love, 46; Tom Hanks, 54; Jimmy Smits, 55; O.J. Simpson, 63 and John Tesh, 58. *** July 10, Jessica Simpson, 30; Ario Guthrie, 63; Arthur Ashe (would have been 67) and Jake LaMotta, 89. *** July 11, “Octomom” Nadya Suleman, 35; Lisa Rinna, 47; Georgio Armani, 76 and Suzanne Vega, 51. ***July 12, Michelle Rodriguez, 32; Kristi Yamaguchi, 39; Cheryl Ladd, 59; Richard Simmons, 62, Bill Cosby, 73 and Christine McVie, 67. ***July 13, Cheech Marin, 64; Harrison Ford, 68; Patrick Stewart, 70 and Erno Rubik, 66. ***July 14, Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier, 78; Polly Bergen, 80; Harry Dean Stanton, 84 and Dale Robertson, 87.


Edith Peet, Jennifer Martinez, Jerry Wilson, David Peck, Levy Hartman, James Swan, Devon Caldwell, James Arnett, Jason Barclay, Margie Bean, Amber Seiler, Anita Hennigan, Elizabeth Dupuis, Eryn Lucas, Janice Gresham, Jesse B. Gunstream, Linda Dews, Liz Barclay, Maude Ball, Patrick Halliburton, Steve Stanley, Charles Vidrine, Clark Eastman, Emily Blanchard, Glenda Whitley, Henry Woodard, Kathy Fraccastoro, Paula Auffurth, Bertie Seitz, Corrine Welker, Dawnie Wilkinson, Donna Riley, Laura Childress, Michael Brinson, Miranda Welker, Peggy Hebert, Sarah Cornwell, Shelby Welker, Arta Miller, Charlotte Stout, Cleon Hogan, Lana Griffith, Larissa Barclay, Nancy Byers, Terry Meyer, Craig Simmons, Danna Fournet, Dawanna Landry, Dera Breaux, Judi Hidalgo, Kristen McCurry, Marsha McCullough, Mary Morton, Rodney Barrett, Steve Sarver, Susan Everett, Angela Zenos, Billy Bryant, Donna Peterson and George Millsap.


Clotile Brasseaux, 82 years old, her, is a resident of Sunny Side Nursing Home in Abbeville. One day last week, she put on her best robe, put a lot of rouge on her cheeks and painted her lips bright red wit da lipstick. She waltzed herself down to where all the men’s were in da recreation room, swinging her hips side to side. She stop an announce, “Anyone of you mens who can guess wat’s in my hand, can have da pleasure of spending da night wit me.”Old man Bosco Boudreaux wat is sitting in da back of da room shouts out his answer him. “It’s an elephant?” Clotile her tinks a minute and wit no other guesses, says, “Close enough.”


I’m real impressed with the Procell advertisement in this issue. Quincy and the crew are great folks who do great work and are known nationwide for their high performance engine work.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Tuffy’s this week. This will be the first time since the new owners took over. The Bunch is looking forward to that. Next week the gathering is at Robert’s. Everybody always welcome.*****We visited with Tommy and Sue Simar over the weekend. You can always get a cup of fresh brewed coffee and a treat or two there.*****Well, I’ve gotta get out of here. Thanks for your time. mine is up. Read us cover to cover and remember, it’s important that you mention us when shopping with those in our advertising family.*****Drop us a line at Take care and God bless.