Ten million people waited 46 minutes for LeBron James to tell the world where he would play basketball. I was one of them. I got to thinking, what difference will it make in the grand scheme of things. It doesn’t add or take away anything in my life. Yet I sat there waiting like all the other fools. We had said give us 2 to 1 odds and we’ll bet he goes to the Heat. Cleveland Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert chastised LeBron for joining Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, but if the shoe was on the other foot and LeBron’s performance dropped and Gilbert could trade him for three players he would do it in a heartbeat. I learned from some of our professional athletes, John Patterson, Matt Bryant etc. that contracts favor team owners. Matt was let go without notice after kicking a 60-yarder to win the game. Each player has to do what’s best for them. It’s a business. LeBron could have stayed in Cleveland and been a big star forever. It was a dead end street to a championship. He won’t be as big a star in Miami, the pie will be cut up three ways, but he wants to be a champion. What’s wrong with that? Owners want players to be loyal when they themselves don’t have an ounce of loyalty. At least it can’t be said that James left for the money. He left some of that on the table. The country has a lot more problems than worrying about if a player will turn down $106 million to play for $90 million. *****As for me, I’m hoping the cap on the well works and oil quits flowing in the Gulf. There is a lot of spin going on about the moratorium on deep water drilling. Those “Talking Heads” spinning for the oil companies say 33 wells will not be drilled, knocking 55,000 people out of work. Here’s the truth, 33 permits have been taken out. Only 11 are on line to be drilled. The deadline is just four months until Nov. 30 and some will be lifted sooner with proof that a runaway well can be controlled. Of those 11 wells, only seven are expected to be started by Nov. So all this job loss and how the moratorium causes us to be more dependent on foreign oil is political hogwash. I believe caution should be taken before oil companies get another free hand. Haven’t we learned our lesson? No doubt we need drilling. We need the work but the few jobs lost for four months is not worth the unprotected risk. Let’s all remember that the spinners will spin us every day if we let ‘um. *****Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Back in 2003, the 2001 redistricting plan for state and federal districts was removed. The new plan, gerrymandering the district lines, was put in place. Orange County, for the first time ever, was cut in two state representative districts. Bridge City, West Orange and the City of Orange are represented by two state representatives, splitting the cities in half without a single voice of representation. The three mentioned cities are tied to Jefferson County. The other half is tied to Harden and Newton counties. Orange County and Newton County have enough population to have both in one whole district, rather then being fragmented. Example, Mike Hamilton could represent the entire county, not just the northern part. Here is the question, with the new 2011 redistricting plan coming up, do you believe our county and city government should work in conjunction to get fair redistricting lines and return the county to a single district, with one voice that speaks for all of Orange County? To vote for, vote yes, against, vote no. Log on to therecordlive.com and look in the left column on the home page to find the poll. After you have clicked yes or no, hit the submit button to register your vote.

30 Years Ago-1980

On Sunday, July 6, Bud and Tillie Mulholland lost their lives in an auto accident. They were returning to Bridge City from the beach, traveling on old Hwy. 87.*****Louis and Beth Dugas are the proud grandparents of a new grandson, born in Waco, July 6. His name is William Claiborne Dugas, named after his father Clay. Mother Nina and baby, who weighed in at nine pounds, 11 ounces, are doing fine. Beth and Louis now have three grandsons and one granddaughter. (Editor’s note: They are both dead now. Clay lives in Beaumont and I don’t know what became of baby Claiborne, now 30 years old.)*****Carl and Mike Thibodeaux are expecting another child in September. “Mike,” she is big pregnant her.”*****Phyllis and Roy Dunn’s mothers celebrated birthdays this week. Ms. Amy, Phyl’s mom, on July 9, Roy’s mom Marie, celebrates on July 12. (Editor’s note: Both lost their mothers a few years ago.)*****James Fontenot presents a new bike to Stephen Patterson on behalf of Shoe Castle and Stride Rite Shoes. Stephen won the Motorcross bike after registering for the give-away while buying a pair of Stride Rite shoes.*****Two years ago, Joe Kazmar’s mom took up golf. On the Fourth of July she made a hole-in-one. She used her driver on a par three, 160 yard hole.*****Orange’s Andre Robertson is hitting .250 with Columbus, of the International League. He was promoted from class A at Fort Lauderdale, to class AAA in Columbus by the New York Yankees. (Editor’s note: Andre was brought up to the Yankees where he became a starter for several seasons. Today, Andre is employed at DuPont in Orange. He still remains our Yankee and is talked about 30 years later.)*****Scott Turkel turns seven years old on July 17. He is the son of Richard and Arlene. (Editor’s note: The Turkel’s have another son, Russell and are now grandparents. Arlene is now Doctor Turkel. Time moves on.)*****Over 300 people attended the annual fish fry held by the W.T. Olivers. A few in attendance were Martha and Bill Hughes, Barbara and Charles Nixon, June and Earl Bishop, Tim Lieby, Roy and Phyl Dunn, Don Borman, Mary Ann and G.C. Fells and Chris Allen just to name a few.*****It’s the maiden voyage for Roy Bendy’s “Miss Brandy” which was launched this week. The tug was built by Watson Bayou Builders.*****Ann Craft has been named as chairman of the sixth annual Gumbo Cookoff.*****Happy birthday this week to Rusty Nicks and also Jessie Brown.


Everywhere we went this past week everyone was still talking about the death of “Buckshot” Winfree. The autopsy report stated he had died of a heart attack. J.B. Arrington came by our office to visit about him. He told a couple of stories Buck always wanted him to tell. He says he told those same stories at least 100 times and Buckshot enjoyed them each time, just like when he had first heard them. Buckshot was a people’s person who loved to hear real life events in the lives of people. Roy told some of Buck’s favorite stories at his funeral. He once told Roy he should put all his stories in a book. Roy responded, only country folks would enjoy them and there aren’t enough of them left to pay the printing. By the way, last week we said he had never lost a political race. We were wrong. Rusty Granger defeated him for one term and Buckshot won the position back and never looked back. We’re going to miss him.*****Congrats to Bridge City Little League 11-12 year olds who won the District 32 championship, going 4-0. They advance to Sectionals in Jasper July 14-15. Also deserving of congratulations are the BCLL jr. girls who also won district and will be competing in sectionals Saturday in Channelview. Go get ‘em Cards.*****Eighty-three year old Rev. Robert Schuler, founder of the Crystal Cathedral 55 years ago, will retire. His daughter Sheila will take over. I can’t remember when Schuler wasn’t on the air.*****Jeff Bagwell takes over as Astros hitting coach after the firing of Sean Berry. Bagwell will join the team Thursday in Pittsburgh. He had 449 home runs, 1,529 RBI’s and was a four-time All Star for Houston. Fans love Bagwell. God knows they need somebody to love.*****Spain beats the Netherlands 1-0 for the World Cup. It seemed to take all day to score one point.*****Singer Carrie Underwood, who apparently likes athletes, married NHL player Mike Fisher Saturday. Carrie, 27, was the fourth winner of American Idol, and at one time in a relationship with Cowboy Tony Romo.*****We were sorry to hear that Betsy Huckaby is now in the hands of Hospice. Hospice is a great organization that helps patients through the final days. Our prayers go out to C.J. and his family and to Betsy, a wonderful lady.*****We hear Martha Benoit just had surgery in Houston, daughter Gera said Martha is off the ventilator, knew her birthday, but was still a little fuzzy about where she was at. Please keep her in your prayers.*****Russell Botley, a cancer patient, is still traveling from Orange to Houston. If you would like to help with his expenses you may do so by dropping any donations off to Roy at The Record office, 320 Henrietta or to Dayle at Gunn’s Studio on Green Ave. If you prefer to be anonymous that is fine also. Just give from your heart. This fine young man could use your help.*****One of our faithful readers, Joyce Carlisle of Hemphill, is battling cancer. She’s determined to win. Coleman Peveto sees that she gets “The Record” and says she reads us cover to cover.***** When talking about a pair of aces, Coleman Peveto and Ray Cotton come to mind. Ray is one of the true colorful characters of our time. So many have left us but Ray is still kicking high and adding to his legend everyday. By the way, Coleman wants you to know that the big blowout rodeo championship at The Longhorn is July 24. A big party is planned for a great night out. Make plans now. It’s a Saturday and we will be there and looking forward to visiting with you.*****A little bird told us our pal, Gabe Pruett is gettin’ hitched.*****Got an e-mail from our buddy Mary Stanton about the Gulf oil spill and Louisiana, featuring Arron Nevilles. It’s really cool. View it at www.youtube.com. *****It’s hard to believe that on July 17, three years have gone by since our buddy A.J. Broussard went to be with the Lord. We recently heard from his wife Mary Ann. She’s still living at the home place. Since his death, his sister Vivian Dorman has also passed away.*****Some of our friends still kicking and celebrating birthdays this week are Tommy Harmon, Dale Newton and Edee Pratt. A sweet lady, Peggy Claybar, Bill Stringer’s beautiful daughter and David’s longtime wife marks another one.***Calvin Rutledge, Dee’s better half and a cool guy who goes with the flow celebrates.***Ella Stuebing, ex-principle, having another birthday. She and Terry are enjoying retirement.***Don Fields is a year older. So is Mike Hoke and Melissa Eshbach.***A very happy birthday to our friend Virginia Cox, Neighbor Cox’s bride of many years. She celebrated Tuesday, July 13. Best wishes to all.*****In the last few weeks the natives have been on the go. Here are a few trips we heard about. Since Rob Straus was elected constable, he had promised his wife Capt. Janois, a cruise trip. Finally he got around to it. It was a disappointment. The hurricane in the Gulf messed that up. *****Dayle and Stump Weatherford attended the Lion’s International Convention down under, in Australia, a 15-hour flight from Lost Angeles with 800 people on board the aircraft. Dayle says it was nice but she wouldn’t make that long trip again.*****Betty and Corky Harmon flew to Taos and Santa Fe. The plane was diverted from Albuquerque to Phoenix. They didn’t care much for Taos but loved Santa Fe.*****Judge Joe Parkhurst and Gayle again drove to Las Vegas. That’s a lot of time on the road but each trip is interesting.*****Sheriff Keith Merritt and Marlene also drove to Vegas to bring his brother some of his late dad’s possessions. He said he enjoyed the drive so much he would never fly it again.*****Judge Derry and Jane Dunn flew to Portland, Oregon to attend the a reception for son Dr. Mark Dunn. That part of the country is beautiful this time of year. *****Mayor T.W. and Lyndia Permenter drove to Kentucky to return their granddaughter whose husband is in the service.*****Constable Chris Humble spent last week in Corpus Christi with hundreds of other lawmen at a conference. His wife and kids had made other plans so Chris missed having them with him.*****As for me, twice I had to put off my annual trip to Buna, Gist, Evadale and Bugs Scuffle. It’s gotten too late in the season now so I’ll try again next year. I might drive down to Holly Beach and see if I can collect tar balls. In a few years, like everything else, they will be collectables of the greatest environmental disaster in American history.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Tuffy’s last week. New owner David Claybar was a great host. Former owner Van Choate attended, as did Harriet Dubose. She brought Commissioner Davis, a good guy and good commissioner. The Bunch dines at Robert’s Restaurant this week and with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s next week. Everyone is welcome.


On July 15, Brian Austin Green will be 37; Jesse Ventura, 59; Linda Ronstadt, 64 and Jan-Michael Vincent, 66.***July 16, Corey Feldman, 39; Bess Myerson, 86; Barry Sanders, 42 and Will Ferrell, 43.***July 17, David Hasselhoff, 58; Mark Burnett, 50; Phyllis Diller, 93 and Camilla Parker Bowles, 63.***July 18, Joe Torre, 70; John Glenn, 88; Vin Diesel, 43 and Martha Reeves, 69.***July 19, Angela Griffin, 33; Anthony Edwards, 48; Vikki Carr, 69 and George McGovern, 88.***July 20, Gisele Bundchen, 30; Carlos Santana, 63; Kim Carnes, 64, and Diana Rigg, 72.***July 21, Josh Hartnett, 32; Robin Williams, 59; Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), 62 and Norman Jewison, 84.


Virginia Cox, Jared Ganze, Joe Rion, Melani Woodruff, Calvin Rutledge, Ella Stuebing, Lance George, Ledia Miller, Mark Grizzaffi, Melissa Darbonne, Melissa Eshbach, Mitchell Heil, Peggy Claybar, Tommy Harmon, B.J. Graham, Cassey Polk, J.B. Jones, Marlin McKinney, Rhys Outlaw, Phil Dickman, Clarence Dale Newton, Lorie Dubose, Mary Dorsey, Carlis Roy, Edee Pratt, Theresa Krout, Deborah Ashcraft, Don Hightower, Harold Lonadier, Cheryl Richard, Cynthia Chataignier, Don Fields, Harry Barclay, Kurt Moerbe, Marion Whittle, Matthew McKinney, Michael Hoke, Robin Thibodeaux, Dorothy Hagy, Melissa Martin, Paige Williams, Preston Wayne Sullivan, Amanda Stephson, Kenyettia Foster, Megan Stephson and Rebecca Toal.


Chris Premeaux owns a small grocery market in Henry, a few miles out in the country from Erath. Ms. Eula Comeaux walks in and say, “Good morning Oris, me, I need to buy a fresh hen.”
Oris him keeps his fresh chickens in an igloo box filled with ice. He dugs around in dat box and cames up with a chicken. “Dis one, Ms. Comeaux, weighs two and a half pounds, Oris say.”
She answered, “Me, I’d like to have one bigger dan dat.”
Oris him, he put da chicken back in dat ice water and stir it around. “Lord, dats da only chicken I got left, he say to himself.”
He brings dat same one out, dripping wet and says, “Ms. Comeaux, dis one weighs nearly four pounds.”
She answer, “Dat’s good Oris, but as I jus tink about it, I’m going to have company, Edna Mae and her families is coming. I’m going to buy boat dem chickens. Warp dem up please.


Saturday is going to be a big day on MacArthur Drive Circle. Al Granger is having a big party celebrating the 30th anniversary of Automart. It’s not a sale, it’s an event with many prizes and games plus one of my favorite entertainers, Britt Godwin, will perform. There is no one in the music industry today that is more versatile. For several years he was on the road with Tracy Byrd then came home to live. A radio remote live on KOGT with Gary Stelly will take place also. (See ad in this paper.)*****From time to time I hear from people who need custom woodwork. A bench, a fireplace mantel, a specially cut beam, specially designed front porch columns, furniture, etc. I found a real craftsman at Joey Platt Woodworks and Construction. Joey can build anything to your design or his. He has his own sawmill, he uses exotic and domestic hard wood and does custom milling. No job too small or too large. This guy is good and very reasonable. You can reach him at 1-409-221-9613. You might remember Joey as a star quarterback at Bridge City playing under coach Les Johnson.*****George Steinbrenner, age 80, died of a heart attack Tuesday. The New York Yankee owner spent $200 million a year in salaries to build a Yankee team that was the best. That didn’t always work out. You either loved or hated the Yankees but George ruled with an iron fist. Was he good or bad for baseball? A little of both I’m sure. That’s like asking if Jerry Jones is good or bad for football.*****Well me, the bird and Joe gotta go but we thank you for tagging along. Business in the summer is always soft, limiting our space for copy. Please shop those who advertise with us throughout these pages. The Lord willing we will be back right here next week. If you take a trip be careful. Take care and God bless.