Junior Welterweight Cody “The Kid” Richard, 21, traveled to Jacksonville Ark., July 17 and scored a TKO, 1 minute and 32 seconds into the 2nd round, knocking out Quinntavis Rabun of Pine Bluff, Ark. This brings Richard’s professional boxing record to 4 wins 0 losses and 1 draw with three of his wins coming by way of knockout.

Richard doesn’t look like your average professional boxer. If you were to walk by him on a street or see him on a college campus, you would think he was just some regular college kid. Don’t let your eyes fool you. Cody Richard is not a regular college kid.

The undefeated Junior Welterweight prospect grew up in Orange. As a child he followed in his older brother’s footsteps by taking up various martial arts disciplines. “We were always close, so naturally I wanted to do the things he did,” Richard said. He names his father as his inspiration both in and out of the ring. The two watched fights together on television while Richard was a young child. “I always liked the idea of combative sports, and after seeing different fights on TV and the Rocky movies I decided I wanted to box!” Richard also added, “Some kids want to be fireman and police officers, I chose to be a professional fighter.”

When asked who is his favorite boxer, the southpaw responded “Manny Pacquiao, his story really inspires me about how he came from basically nothing, and from a fan’s perspective I really admire his no-fear attitude and aggressive style in the ring.”

Cody is currently being trained by Jesse Davila at the Golden Triangle Boxing Club in Beaumont. The training establishment is owned by his father C.L. Richard, and the gym harbors some of the best current up and coming fighters. It is also known for some of it’s punishing and effective training techniques. “I have high hopes and dreams in boxing. At the moment, I’m just focused on staying busy and constantly improving until I’m among the best in the sport,” Richard said.

“Over the years, I’ve had the opportunty to learn from many different trainers and fighters. I am very open minded and willing to try new things and meet new people in the sport of boxing.” Richard said, “I’ve been fortunate enough to train at Main Boxing Gym, owned and operated by Bobby Benton and Lou Savarese, where I’ve gotten lots of sparring with many of the top pro’s in the country. There are many great people and great fighters there. I trained there when I lived in Houston for about a year and a half and I still visit there to spar when I have a fight coming up.”

Richard is also a student at Lamar University in Beaumont where he is majoring in kinesiology. It keeps the young prospect busy, juggling both boxing and school, but it also keeps him away from the negative temptations that exist for a young man.

The young boxer will get right back in the gym to prepare for his next fight on Aug. 28 in North Little Rock, Ark. as he steps into the ring with Little Rock’s own Mike Wagenblast. (3-1-0)

Cody “The Kid” Richard possesses that attitude and spirit which every up and coming fighter should have. He is in the gym seven days a week perfecting his craft. He approaches his career with a positive and upbeat outlook, but don’t let his shy and humble personality fool you. “The Kid” can lay down some whoopings and he is currently on the rise.