The Bridge City Strutters were named All-American Team by the American Dance staff at line camp recently. They also received Super Sweepstakes, Home Routine Award and Best OverAll- Precision Award. To earn Super Sweepstakes, the team learned two dances in two days, perfect the routines, and perform them on the third day receiving scores above 90 from All- judges.

With more than 200 dancers trying out for All-American Kick Company, nine recipients earned the honor. They are Jordyn Ewing, Karli Anderson and Kaitlyn Ezell from Bridge City among six other dancers from various teams with Ewing being named All-American Miss High Kick. The Jr. All-American Kick Company recipients are Ciara Cooper,

Alexandra Biggs, Aubrey Hale, Madison Lyons and Katy Prouse with Prouse being named Jr. All-American Miss High Kick.

All-American recipient is Captain Jordyn Ewing. All-American Honorable Mention recipients are 1st Lt. Allison Morphew, Lt. Karli Anderson, Lt. Nicole Encalade, Lt. Kaitlyn Ezell, and Pres. Taylor Dishon. Outstanding Dancer Award; and the Elite Dancers at Camp Award went to Ewing and Morphew.

The Bridge City Strutters are Jordyn Ewing, Allison Morphew, Karli Anderson, Nicole Encalade, Kaitlyn Ezell, Taylor Dishon, Heather Aucoin, Caylee Champagne, Kayla Pruitt, Devon Skidmore, Samantha Morphew, Katie Nation, Sarah Norville, Sydney Shepherd, Madison Woodruff, Alex Biggs, Ashley Cisneros, Ciara Cooper, Aubrey Hale, Madison Lyons and Katy Prouse. Director is Cathy Riley.

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