Texas Comptroller Susan Combs today said state sales tax revenue in July was $1.69 billion, up 2.2 percent compared to one year ago.

“Total monthly sales tax revenue has now exceeded year-ago levels for the last four months,” Combs said.  “Sales tax collections in major sectors such as retail trade, the oil and natural gas industry and construction are up from a year ago.  We are monitoring these sectors to see if collections are returning to consistent growth.”

Combs will send $556.3 million in August sales tax allocations to local governments, up 2.3 percent compared to August 2009.  So far this calendar year, sales tax allocations to local governments are down 2.5 percent compared to this time last year.

Combs will send sales tax payments of $375.5 million to Texas cities, up 2.2 percent compared to last August.  Calendar year-to-date, city sales tax revenues trail 2009 by 2.2 percent.  Sales tax payments of $33.7 million will go to Texas counties, 0.2 percent below last August.  So far in calendar year 2010, county sales tax allocations are down 5.6 percent compared to last year.

In addition, $23.5 million in sales tax revenue goes to 169 special purpose taxing districts, up 11.1 percent compared to August 2009.  Ten local transit systems will receive $123.5 million, up 1.6 percent compared to a year ago.

August sales tax allocations represent sales taxes collected in June by businesses that file sales taxes monthly, and sales taxes collected in April, May and June by quarterly filers.
For details of August sales tax payments to individual cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose districts, locate the Monthly Sales and Use Tax Allocation Comparison Summary Reports on the Comptroller’s Web site at www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/allocsum/compsum.html.

Due to the Labor Day holiday, the Comptroller’s next sales tax allocation will be delayed until Monday, Sept.13.