According to Orange Police Chief Sam Kittrell, many Orange area residents have been receiving a mass mail solicitation from a company by the name of “Home Service Texas” offering insurance for water line maintenance from the residence to the meter for $4.99 a month. 

The City of Orange is not associated with this company in any way and the city is not endorsing this coverage. It would be up to the individual homeowner to make a determination on their own as to whether this coverage would be beneficial to them.

“As Chief of Police I always encourage citizens to look closely and to analyze unsolicited offers in the mail or through online means such as unsolicited emails,” said Kittrell “The City of Orange does not have a position as to the merits of the offer by the company offering the water line insurance. We have no reason to believe that they are not a valid company or that they would not stand behind their offer. We felt it was important for our citizens to know that the city is not endorsing this company and that we are not connected to this offer in any way.”