For Sgt. Richard Teague, 28, it was his first day on the job, but not in the business.

For Robert Bergeron, 40, a well-deserved promotion to sergeant and by no means a first go-round.

Jasper native Teague brings his experience with DPS, where he left as a corporal, to a supervisory shift position with the Bridge City police.

He also served in the Marine Corps., seeing such places as Okinawa, Korea and Australia.
Bergeron, a Bridge City native, moves up from patrolman to work in an investigatory capacity.

Teague has training in reconstruction, recovery data (or “black box” investigations), asset forfeiture, and evidence and custody issues, said Maj. Brad Frye.

“He was a great supervisor with DPS,” said Frye, who served under Teague there. “He’s a very strong positive leader. He’s not only a great supervisor but a good role model for younger officers.”

Teague said he loved the Marines but “got tired of being gone so much. I wanted to be able to see my family more.

“Law enforcement was a way for me to still be able to serve the community – so at least once a day I get to go home.”

Teague is married to Christy, and their children are Gaddy, 14; and Brice, 8.
Bergeron, formerly with the Orange police, has been with BCPD for about a year. He has several certifications, including his recent TASER certification, and is married to Kari. Their children are Kolten, also 14, and Kyle, 12.

“This is something I always wanted to do since I was a child,” he said. “I worked in corrections for eight years, and got to see that end of it – then decided I wanted to get into more of the enforcement part of it.”

“When he’s given an assignment,” Frye said, “as far as a case, he won’t stop until he gets an arrest out of it or get a case prosecuted with a district attorney. You give him something to do, he’s going to take care of it and get it done. He’s got great street skills, and a lot of officers don’t have that because it takes years to get.”