The first thing is to just do something!!!  If you have joined a gym take advantage of it. If you’re in a class go to it.  It also does not matter when you work out. There’s 24 hours in a day so just pick and schedule your time into what slot works for you. There’s not a right or wrong time as long as you do something.


Always get a physical before beginning an exercise program.
Initially obtain a trainer to get you started. The trainer will set up a program for you and show you how to exercise properly, allowing you to maximize your time spent.
Keep a dairy. This is very important to keep you on track. Your gym should have a tracking log.

Wear proper shoes and clothing designed to workout in. Blue jeans won’t allow for proper flexibility.

Reward yourself for achieving short-term goals. (Not Fatty food)

Take your time.  Its not how much work you do, but how you do the work that you do.

Ask questions from professionals. Greg the Trainer can be a lot of help to you. 407-550-0777

Review what you are doing with your tracking log. Are you increasing reps, increasing weight, running longer, reduced BMI or BFI, lost inches or sizes. (Use something other then the scale as a guide)
Warm up and cool down. Do not start lifting heavy weight cold. It can hurt you.

10.) Make some changes in your workout every 30 days. This will prevent your body from adapting to what you are doing. If using an elliptical increase resistance, or time, or repetitions.


Don’t lift more weight then you can comfortably lift while staying in proper form. Injuries result from the practice of lifting too much weight with incorrect form.  Improper form will result in much slower gains.

Do not arch your back. When performing any exercise make sure that your back is not swaying forward (as if you were pregnant) or arching when lying down on a bench.

Don’t get red in the face. If your face becomes red when doing aerobics, slow down – you’re going too fast. If you’re lifting weights and your face is turning red you may need to work on your breathing. Never hold your breath!

Don’t workout if you are sick. When you are sick you body is already broken down. Exercising is just going to tear down your body more and make it harder to recover. 

Don’t lose weight too fast. Its possible to gain weight initially by putting on muscle as a replacement for the fat lost.  An ideal weight loss is 1% of your weight or 1-2 lbs a week.

Stick to your plan. Don’t leave out something. Remember, what you don’t do will count also (against you)

Don’t change your routine to what someone else is doing. Changing everything every two weeks to what the newest expert in the gym has heard this is better, will never give you a chance to find a program that works for you.

Don’t workout if you’re sick. Your body is already challenged enough. It will make it more difficult to recover and could wind up cannibalizing the new muscle you have obtained.


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