By now many of you know that our editor

and feature writer Robert Hankins, 48, died of a massive heart attack

Saturday, Aug. 21. I last saw Robert around 11 a.m. Friday. He was

going out on an interview and since I was leaving for the day he said,

“I won’t see you again,” meaning I would be gone when he returned. I

told him it looked like he had everything under control. “Have a nice

weekend,” were my final words to him. To hear that he had died the

following day was a real shocker. A few years ago the same thing had

happened when fellow employee Ray Trahan suddenly died. You never get

used to expecting the unexpected. Your mind just doesn’t want to

compute it. Robert was like family. That’s not unusual in small

operations where everyone occupies a desk in the same room and

discusses everyday living and happenings. Robert always had his next

paper planned. He did interviews Friday and one on the phone Saturday

according to his wife Martha.
The problem is we don’t have any of

those interviews. His notes were in his own shorthand. Some of the

people are expecting stories that won’t be published. Over the years

Robert won many press awards for his creative and column writing. In

this issue we are running one of his columns that highlights his humor

and what an entertaining writer he was. We will miss Robert, our

friend, but we will also miss the quality of his work. He edited

everything in the paper, including this column and kept me out of

trouble. We are left without that service. Thanks to Margaret Toal, who

has pitched in to help us out of this bind and to get a paper out this

week. Thanks also to those that will fill in some of this Creaux’s Nest

column for me that I just can’t get to. Services for Robert were held

Tuesday, Aug. 24. Our condolences to Martha and his father Dr. Hankins

and his many friends and readers who have followed him throughout the

years. It’s hard to say goodbye. May he rest in peace. Come along now as we put another column together. It won’t do you no harm.



were sorry to learn about the death of Sheridon Wright, 62, of Bridge

City. She lived in Quail Valley, off of Hwy. 408. The one car accident

happened at 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 23. Her eastbound PT Cruiser

convertible struck a culvert on Roundbunch and Hwy. 1442, causing it to

go airborne and flip over. Mrs. Wright was a teacher at Marshall Middle

School in Beaumont. Judge Janice Menard has ordered an autopsy. To her

husband Bill, children and family and friends we express our deepest

sympathies. Services are pending at Claybar Funeral Home.



entire Dunn family was pleasantly surprised last week when Jenna Dunn

Ballou and her two children Nate and Delilah, arrived in Bridge City

from Massachusetts. Sharon Dunn, Mark’s wife, who pulled off getting

the youngsters to Texas without anyone being the wiser, arranged the

surprise. Roy and Phyl had not seen their 2-year-old great-granddaughter Delilah and had only seen 9-year-old Nate twice. Seeing

the lovely Jenna and those beautiful children was the treat of the year

for them. Sharon is a real sneak and for that the family is thankful

for the surprise visit. They will be in Bridge City until Saturday.

35 Years Ago-1975


to Lovell Lloyd, Chevrolet District manager, Harmon Chevrolet, one of

165 Houston zone dealers, has been named “Top Performer” for the second

time in a row. That rarely happens. *****Susan Boudoin will be 17 on

Sept. 1. ***On Sept. 2, Whitney Oubre will celebrate his 65th birthday.

Also his granddaughter Brenda Braquet will celebrate on the same day.

He is Phyllis Dunn’s father and Brenda is her niece. (Editor’s note:

Mr. Oubre died several years ago, Brenda is a CPA and married to Scott

Wilber. She has two sons and lives in Hamshire.)*****Mr. and Mrs. Mayo

Brasseaux will celebrate a wedding anniversary Sept. 2. *****A new

building, at a new location, is now under construction for First

National Bank. (Editor’s note: I believe that was built at 16th St. and

Green Ave. in Orange.)*****Only 16 major college teams will use the

wishbone offense this fall. Forty-one teams will use the I formation.

The wishbone was invented to promote the
talents of All American

Steve Worster from Bridge City. *****Oklahoma coach says Little Joe

Washington, of Port Arthur, is the best halfback he has ever seen.

*****Mauriceville Junior High cheerleaders are Kristi Enmon, Jeanette

Yawn, Deborah Gravely, Shana Poddy, Donna Franks, Hootsie Strickland,

head cheerleader. Hootsie is the daughter of Jerry and Nova Strickland.

55 Years Ago-1955


Chester Holts is drive chairman to keep the local Salvation Army

chapter opened. Holts’ chief deputy Kas Mitchell made the first

donation toward the $6000 fund drive. *****The Stark High booster’s

Club introduces the new coaching staff for Stark and Carr Junior High

Schools. Chuck Dean, head coach and A.D., Pat Mickler, line, Red

Hadaway, backfield and H.W. “Chief” Wilson B-squad. (Editor’s note: Not

a very large staff, four in all.)*****Coaches of Carr’s Golden

Hurricanes are Bobby Jones and Charles Russell. Arthur Hill will handle

the Carr Pee Wee’s. (Editor’s note: As far as I know, “Chief” Wilson

might be the only one still around. He now lives at College


75 Years Ago-1935

Alva A. Griffith has been

named to succeed Orange police chief Ed O’Reilly, who was slain by Rev.

Edgar Eskridge, who is awaiting trial in Houston on Nov. 18. *****Two

escaped prisoners, Clyde Dawson and B.L. Thompson, shot down policeman

Johnnie Godwin, who was acting chief and due to be appointed chief.

85 Years Ago-1925


Allie Blanda, County School Superintendent, dedicated a new site for

the $10,000 McLewis School. The site is the Martin Cole place, six

miles east of the city and north of the concrete road to Beaumont.

(Editor’s note: The site is where the Flying J is now

located.)*****Board of education is Dr. J.D. Yates and Mrs. D.C. Bland

of Orange, J.D. Peveto of Lemonville, Byron Smith of Doty and W.S.

McGill of Orangefield. (Editor’s note: Lemonville and Doty, once active

villages, no longer exist.)*****Charges were filed in Judge Tatum’s

court of unlawful manufacturing of liquor and possessing liquor for

sale against D.R. Smith and J.H. Dean. The men were captured in a raid

near Vidor with a still and six gallons of corn whiskey.



LeCoix, formerly with the Boogie Kings and Blood, Sweat and Tears, is

suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. He gets around now days with a

cane. That’s hard for me to believe. Jerry has entertained many of us

for a lot of years. He was the most active stage performer I’ve ever

watched. He was all over the place, on his knees, in the air and

hopping all over the stage. He’s one of the best entertainers to come

from those parts. We wish the “Count” best of luck and thanks for the

memories. *****Judge Pat Clark and Rosalie, along with her twin sister

Mary Ann and John Scofield will celebrate wedding anniversaries on Aug.

31. I’m not sure how many years but those girls of Frank and Sarah

Todora have put up with those old boys for a bunch. *****Also

celebrating is Judy and Berry Hunt. That poor guy, at least he never

has a dull moment. Happy anniversary to all. We wish for you many more

healthy, happy years. *****Happy birthday also to some special

folks. To our friend and former editor Glenda Dyer, now a Tennessee

resident along with husband Paul, celebrates this week. ***Happy 75th

birthday to the lovely Rosalie Romano. She celebrated at a party given

by her children at Sunset Grove Country Club on Aug. 21. Best wishes

for a long and healthy life.***My buddy Dot Hudson, the late P.T.

Thompson’s lovely sister, turns another year older. ***Happy birthday

to Barbara Childress, Veteran Service Officer Jerry’s lovely wife. She

has great legs. *****Mike Cedars, a good guy, is another year older.

***Celebrating also is Coach Dan Ray Hooks, a legend not only locally

but also around the state that has set records at WO-S that will last

through time. ***Also having a birthday is David Montange, the late Bob

and Celeste Montagne’s little boy. ***Frank Beauchamp, who has been

fortunate to have Cowboy Adams and Marcel as in-laws, plus Theresa as

his bride of many years is now older.
*****Dr. Laura Schlessinger

is leaving her advice show on conservative radio. That won’t be any big

loss. She made millions mostly from arguing with her callers. What did

her in was using the “N” word 11 times in a minute. She’s a joke. Sarah

Palin came to her defense but Palin has had a summer of set backs

herself. All of her Mama Grizzly primary candidates lost. Sarah had

predicted the Grizzly’s would rise up and defeat the Democrats. They

all lost in Kansas, Wyoming, Washington and Georgia. I also believe she

will be embarrassed in Tuesday’s Alaska senate race when her candidate,

Miller, is defeated in her back yard. We won’t have the results in time

for this column but remember what I wrote. *****The family of Millie

and Louis Lemoine hosted a birthday party that celebrated Millie’s 80th

birthday. She’s judge Janice’s big sister. The family also celebrated

the old barber Louis’ 78th birthday. Many friends and family dropped by. Me and Creaux would have come by if we had known it. We love Millie and

go back 50 years with Louis. Best wishes for a long and healthy life.

Louis is going to sleep most of his life away.*****A benefit for

two-year-old Keldon Gene Hardy’s medical and funeral expenses will be

held Saturday, Aug. 28 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Texas Hog Wallow Mud

Park. A family Four-Wheeler Ride, Washer Tournament and Mud Pit Racing

will be part of the entertainment. Plate lunches and drinks will be

served. All proceeds will be put into the Firestone Community FCU

benefit account. The 4000 acre park, located in Deweyville, is being

furnished courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Artie Longron. For contact call

409-746-2160. See ad in this paper.*****We visited coach Sam Moore at

“The Zone,” his hitting and pitching school, located near the airport

in Nederland. Baseball students were attending from throughout the

area. A mother brought a 12 year old and a 16 year old from Buna. Before attending Sam’s classes the 16 year old couldn’t hit the side of

a barn. Last year he played for varsity and hit .418, with 16 homers.

Nederland’s starting catcher was catching the young pitchers. Some had

improved from throwing 69 mph to 80 mph. We were impressed. New classes

are starting plus private lessons. Classes are given 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m

and 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. For more

information call 409-779-1013 or see ad in this paper.*****The

Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week. Next Wednesday,

the group will gather at Novrozsky’s where Uncle Jim is always a great

host. Have you tried the Nolan Ryan burgers yet? Everyone is always

welcome.*****Congrats to our friend Jane Dunn who found out Thursday

she was one of three finalist for “Teacher of the Year. We visited on

Wednesday about teaching. She said she can’t wait for school to start.

Judge Dunn, her hubby, said that he believes the

teacher’s first love is teaching.*****Thanks to Max Powell for the

Louisiana treats. He’s spoiling us but I’m loving it.*****Our buddy Pat

Pate has been in the hospital again. She developed a staph infection

after back surgery, but hopes to get out this week. Meanwhile, H.D. has

been undergoing stress test. I told him not to worry his heart is

black. He fears it might be turning gray. He’s still a good attorney

and open for business.*****Our love Barbara Childress is also

recovering from surgery. It has been a long, slow recovery.*****Juanita

turned age 72 Monday. She’s Ms. Pearl Burgess’ daughter. She has two

other daughters Billy Wynn and the baby Beverly, who is 62. What’s

amazing is that blue-eyed Pearl mows her own lawn and does all of her

yard work, drives like Bat Man, and prepares large meals for her gang.

Always on the go. Sleepy Smith and a lot of other guys are in love with

her. She’s a trip, who on Oct. 27, will be 90.
She stops at

nothing.*****Congratulations to West Orange mayor Roy McDonald, honored

by the Masons with the “Free Mason’s Community Builders Award.” The

mayor does a good job for his city and is well deserving. *****The

Pearland, Texas Little League team keeps rolling along, undefeated in

World Series play. They beat Connecticut 14-1 in four innings Saturday.

Wednesday at 5 p.m. ESPN will air Pearland against the winner of the

Connecticut and Washington game. My bet is that it will get down to

Texas and Georgia in the Saturday national championship. The winner

will play for the world championship against the international

winner.*****Gov. Rick Perry, for the 11th week, has refused to debate

Bill White. He also won’t stand the scrutiny of newspaper editorial

boards by refusing to meet with them. Where’s the public outcry? It’s

coming. *****A speedy recovery to Joey Krout, who is in Beaumont

Baptist Hospital. Joey is a Dupont retiree. Best



Aug. 26, Macaulay Culkin will be 30; Branford Marsalis, 50; Geraldine

Ferraro, 75 and Chris Pine, 30.***Aug. 27, Mason Betha, 32; Paul

“Pee-wee Herman” Reubens, 58; Tuesday Weld, 67 and Sarah Chalke,

34.***Aug. 28, LeAnn Rimes, 28; Jack Black, 41; Jason Priestley, 41;

Shania Twain, 45 and Ben Gazzara, 80.***Aug. 29, Dante Basco, 35; James

Hunt, 63; Robin Leach, 69 and had he lived Michael Jackson would be

51.***Aug. 30, Andy Roddick, 28; Lisa Ling, 37; Cameron Diaz, 38;

Warren Buffett, 80 and Timothy Bottoms, 59.***Aug. 31, Jeff Hardy, 33;

Chris Tucker, 38; Van Morrison, 65 and Richard Gere, 61.***Sept. 1,

Gloria Estefan, 53; Dr. Phil, 60; Barry Gibb, 64 and Lily Tomlin, 71.


Amber Juneau, Ricky Sheppard, Charlie Broussard, Randy Elkins, Sierra Hutchison, Debbie Stark, Judy Marsolan, Dotsie Robbins, Dot Hudson, Glynis Gothia, Ken Kreger, Milton Briggs Jr., Ron Cowling, Scott Deppe, Shanley Hubbard, Trevor Schaffer, Johnathan Aldridge, Michael Philen, Phelecia Rucker, Bree Fontenot, Jerry Mercer, Molly Abshire, Sheryl Guillory, Sydney Eby, David Green, Frank Beauchamp, Jaycie Dardeau, Nina Birdwell, Theresa Wilson, Angie Jones, Barbi Childress, Bobbie Brown, Dempsey Deason, Gary Bonneaux, Gary Turbeville, Rick Beaulieu, Wanda Sanders, Wendy Fontenot, Blake Tally, Buddy Hancken, Glenda Dyer, Ileta Primrose, Jon Weidner, Mike Cedars, Patty Allred, Brooke Snowden, Cristi Harper, Crytal Killman, Dal Moreau, Dominic Nguyen, Dorene Scott, Elise Domas, Erin Weidner, Mary Behnke, Paul Vandervoort, Ron Kincade, Alex Murphy, Buddy Cox, Jesse Grooms, Jay Odom and Lauren Robertson.



Desomeaux had been a rounder all of his married life to Agnes Marie.

She had put up wit his running around, coming home with perfume smell

and lipstick on his collar. Now da kids were all grown and gone and

poor Joe him, now was very sick and dying. Agnes Marie sat by his side.

Joe looked up at her and said weakly, “Honey, I got something I must confess me.” “Dere’s no need Joe,” Agnes Marie replied.

Joe insisted, I want to die in peace. Babe, I slept wit you best

friend, Laura Mae, also wit Clotile, wat live across da street, plus a

pick up at Tee-Boy’s Bar. Honey, I’m sorry me.”
Agnes Marie said, “I know Joe, now jus rest and let da poison work.”



we are at the end of the line for one more week. Where we go from here

is the question. We have to find an editor and a reporter or one person

talented enough to do both.***** Be sure and check our website daily.

We have big changes coming up. For local happenings click on regularly,

it constantly changes. Thanks to the folks in our advertising family

who bring you this paper, delivered to your door, free of charge each

week. Until next time, take care and God bless.