Every year Americans pause to celebrate the fruits of our labor. We honor the working men and women who really keep the wheels of this country rolling. Next Monday, the City of Pinehurst will honor our senior citizens with the annual Labor Day picnic, started by Judge Pete Runnels when he was city mayor. Each year the outing at Bancroft School draws over 700 people. Our buddy Robert, of Robert’s Restaurant, always fixes a good meal and entertainment again will be furnished by Britt Godwin. It’s a great place to visit with all the good folks who have been the pillars of the community. Make plans to see that your elder parents make it.*****Looking at the clock on the wall, I see it’s 10 a.m. I still expect to see Robert Hankins come walking in. I need to get going. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Oail Andrew “Bum” Phillips, born on John Street in Orange, Sept. 29, 1923, has written his life story. He became Orange County’s most famous native.  The book, “Bum Phillips, Cowboy, Coach, Christian” is now on sale. Coach Phillips, in the first chapter, relives his days in Orange, the city he proudly claims as home. Hopefully some of our community and civic leaders will make an attempt to bring him home to autograph his book. Meanwhile, Mid-county jumped out front and will host a book signing for Bum on Sept. 15, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., at the Holiday Inn, on Jimmy Johnson Blvd. Jim Nantz, Emmy award winner at CBS sport’s says, “We can all learn from him and his remarkable life.” Mike Barber, former Oiler tight end, says, “When you read this book it’s like being on the sideline with Bum, who coaches you up as only he can do. I love the book and you will too.” Dan Pastorini, Oiler quarterback, says, “I was honored to have shared my life with him.” Dr. John Bisagno, pastor emeritus, Houston’s First Baptist Church, says about the book, “Bum’s book blew me away. I’m still floored with the Bum I never knew. They just have to make this into a movie. It will leave you in awe of the real coach Phillips. Three words will impact you forever, “The Lord, The Love, The Legacy. It’s much, much more than just one great read. Bum’s book blew me away.” Dodie Osteen, co-founder of Houston’s Lakewood Church, says, “Bum’s book will be a blessing to you. To me, his greatest accomplishment is the fact that he found the Lord Jesus as his savior at age 76. Bum’s still has relatives in Orange County. His son, Wade Phillips, coach of the Dallas Cowboys is also an Orange native. Those two Phillips boys make Orange County proud. In this issue we are running a sampling of the book and points of interest. Bum attended Anderson School and gives a great description of the school. It was the first school he attended. Now unfortunately, for the first time in 100 years, due to progress, the halls of Anderson will be empty.


We had known Bobbie for 50 years, starting when she was a 23-year-old mother in the 1960’s. She and Calvin had been married 57 years. How quickly the years have flown by. A group of beautiful young mothers, with young children, made the best of life with the little money they had to get by on. For entertainment the couples would get together at each other’s homes on Saturday nights, special occasions, holidays or to celebrate a child’s birthday. Most of the moms ranged from 23 to 25 years old and already had most of their family. Laverne and Hal Ridley’s place was most often used for the big parties because they had the largest house. The Ridley’s had the most children also. Today, Laverne is in a nursing home and Hal passed away several years ago. The times back then were simple, everyone just trying to raise their families and make a better life.

Bobbie and Calvin had three youngsters, Calvin, Jr., Terrie Linn and Kellie. The night before high school graduation, in 1974, Terry lost her life when she was thrown from the back of a pickup truck. It was a loss that affected all the young mothers who had seen her raised. Her death was mourned by the community but especially her parents, siblings and her graduating class. There is no bigger loss than that of a child. Like her mother Terrie was a beautiful young lady.

Time traveled on, the children grew up and had families of their own. Bobbie and Calvin were true partners through it all. They were joined at the hip. You spoke of both of them in the same breath. Through their business years Bobbie Jean had run the office and staff. They had a great life together but with the usual ups and downs. The beautiful woman I knew, at age 23, lived to be 73. Bobbie Jean died Friday, August 27. Services were held this Monday, Aug. 30. We will always remember this special lady. Our condolence to Calvin and his family. She will be missed dearly. She was the rock and the glue that kept everything together. We are proud to have known her. She’s joined her young daughter Terrie and the great family members she came from. May she rest in peace.

35 Years Ago-1975

An ad run by Joe Burke in the Opportunity Valley News reads, “Land for Sale, $395 per acre, Little Cypress-Mauriceville School District, high and dry, financing available. Buy 10 acres and start your own farm.” Not bad, a farm for just $3,950. (Editor’s note: Today that property is like gold.)*****Bridge City Day will be Sept. 13. A parade will be held at 10 a.m. from the junior High to the K.C. Hall. Festivities will be held all day at Hatton Elementary School. A dance begins at 8 p.m. Chairmen are Bobby Smitherman and Tim Lieby. Parade chairmen are Jimmie Hanson and Glenn Pearson. (Editor’s note: I remember those fun times with auctions, food booths, arts and crafts booths and all kind of games.)*****A.D. Martin, is owner of Sav-On Carpet. *****Don McBride is owner of Don’s Alternator. *****The Gulf States strike is in full force. Nails have been pulled from GSU company tires. *****Bridge City Police Chief Wilson Roberts has been slaughtering the red fish. During his time off he’s been wetting a hook. *****Alvin Keown has purchased a new 45-foot boat. He named it the “Skipper.” (Editor’s note: I remember the Skipper and Alvin too. Some folks may not know but the mutli-millionaire was once Orange police chief. That’s when Ace Amodeo was the jailer. Famous attorney Perry Foreman had to come to the rescue of Alvin, Uncle Henry and others. Ace wasn’t involved. Amodeo is the only one still living. He is in an Orange nursing home and recalls the story and prisoner that was murdered. The murdered young man had been working for Roy Dunn at Pleasure Pier Island in Port Arthur. He built fences, stock barns and pens for Roy’s shetland pony ride on the fairway at the amusement park. Dunn was just a kid himself.)*****Some of the BBB Gray Ladies at Orange Memorial Hospital are Jamie Swearinger, Gloria Swan and Pat Reed.*****Don and Muffins are splitting the blanket through mutual agreement. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of her and how her life turned out.)*****Dinner theater presents “Last of the Red Hot Lovers.” Lowell Scribner plays the lead, Diana Hill, Paula Lee and Charlotte Smith play the female roles.*****Sarge Ledford, manager of Bonanza Sirloin Stockade, leaves this week. Sarge is retired from the Navy.*****The Bridge City Cardinals, under coach Andy Griffin, is favored to win the east zone 10-AAA championship. The Silsbee Tigers might be their undoing. Richard Slaydon is the Cardinal quarterback but it’s the B.C. defense everyone is talking about because of size and speed. Silsbee coach is Stud McGallian. Artie Shankle and Derrick Shelton are their horses but they lack a proven quarterback.*****The Stark Tigers depends on quarterback Craig Couvillion and his favorite receiver Reginald Kelly.*****The West Orange Chiefs have the passing ability of Andre Robertson and the rushing of Lorrance Wills and Chris Ulery.*****Coach Ronnie Anderson, known throughout the state for his great baseball coaching, is the Chief’s defensive coach.*****The Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears, coached by Randall Dorsett, is depending on the talent of quarterback Clint Plant and receivers Rick Smith and Buney Seago.


Happy anniversary to Tony and Karen Fuselier on Sept. 1. Those two great Cajuns are celebrating their 21st.***Sprad and Margaret Spradling celebrate their 60th anniversary on Sept. 2. That lady is bound for Heaven. Sprad says a good thing about being married so long is you don’t care where your wife goes as long as you don’t have to go along.***Pauline and Claude Wimberly will mark 56 years of marriage on Sept. 4. Best wishes to all and congrats to you lucky guys.***Belated happy birthday to our buddy Donna Scales, who celebrated last Thursday, Aug. 26, after a day at Houston hospital Wednesday.***Judge Carl Thibodeaux celebrated old age Friday, Aug. 27. Sorry we missed you guys last week but Robert took care of the birthdays. When he left us without warning to join all the good newspaper people who went before him, we were left without an up to date list.***Some special folks we know celebrating birthdays in the coming week are Mayor T.W. Permenter, of Pinehurst, married to the lovely Lyndia for 50 years, marks another birthday. ***Cody Knight is a year older. We knew the coach when he was just a puppy.***Randy Godsy also celebrates this week.***On Sept. 6, Sheriff Keith Merritt marks number 59. He doesn’t look old enough to be a great-grandfather but he is. Wife Marlene had a birthday a few days ago. I wonder who’s the oldest?***Happy birthday to Gerald LeLeux, one great guy, married to our Penny, marks his special day on Sept. 7. I haven’t heard of anything special planned.***Happy birthday to all.*****The “Boys of Summer.” The Pearland, Texas Little League team looked like the favorite to win it all however, in the last two games Pearland lost their Mo-Jo and blew both games. They were defeated by Hawaii for the national title, 10-0. In the world championship game Hawaii lost to Japan. Pearland lost to China for the Bronze but coming out fourth in the world ain’t bad. The series was fun to watch. Those 12-year-olds are amazing.*****On television Sunday rookie Earl Thomas, of Orange, burst on the national scene with an interception of Brett Farve. Like a flash he returned it for an 86-yard touchdown for Seattle, their only score. Minnesota won the game but Earl’s pick-off made the “Play of the Day.” The hard-hitting safety is another Orange County star that shines. *****In high school football last Friday all Orange County schools won with the exception of Vidor who played very well against Texarkana but lost by one point.***West Orange Stark shocked Mid-County with a big win over Nederland 40 to 19.***Bridge City was just too much for Shepherd but coach Stump got to gain some valuable insight into his team and he liked what he saw. Final score was B.C., 50, Shepherd, 0***Coach Huckabay was proud of the way his Orangefield Bobcats fought back to win over East Chambers, 21-20.*****Thursday night, LC-M looked like the Bears of old in a 24 to 14 defeat of Goose Creek. This looks to be a good year for the Bears.***Week two should be a bigger test for our local schools. WO-S meets Friendswood, Bridge City tackles host Vidor, Orangefield looks to conquer host Buna and host LC-M targets Nacogdoches.*****On a sad note we were sorry to learn of the death of Grace Mae Linder, 96, on Aug. 24. Services wre held Saturday, Aug. 28. We recall and were friends of her son Louis, who died several years ago. To daughters Patsy Hudson and Cheryl Johnson, brothers, Lawrence and J.P. Miller and their families we send our sympathies.*****It looks like Hurricane Earl is taking aim at the upper east coast. Cape Cod is expected to have some high tides that could surge the mainland if it doesn’t veer north into the Atlantic. We know something about surges. *****You’ve gotta be kidding. The Bush handling of Katrina is dozens of times worse than Obama’s handling of the oil spill. There is no comparison. Thousands died and many were left to starve and die of thirst in New Orleans under Bush. The Obama Administration, to their credit, were on the scene early and held B.P. responsible to the tune of $20 billion. To compare the two is hogwash. Republicans called it shameful that he made B.P. pay up.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s this week. Notice, next week the Bunch will return to Robert’s for a special gathering. Tuffy’s will be skipped next week. Last week new visitors were Bridge City Police chief Paul Davis, Major Frye and Sergeant Bergeron. Also, it’s always a joy to break bread with Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout and his bride. Judge Janice and Judge Dunn were attending programs at Garth House. Judge Thibodeaux has been absent several weeks now. Working during his spare time to finish four-year-old grandchild’s special toy box. Commissioner Owen Burton, along with King Dunn came in from the country. Thirty folks or more gathered. You don’t need an invite everyone is always welcome.


On Sept. 2, Salma Hayek will be 42; Keanu Reeves, 46; Mark Harmon, 59 and Terry Bradshaw will be 62.***Sept. 3, Charlie Sheen, 45; Valerie Perrine, 67; and Eileen Brennan, 75.***Sept. 4, Beyonce Knowles, 29; Jason David Frank (Power Ranger), 37; Damon Wayans, 50; Dr. Drew Pinsky, 52 and Mike Piazza, 42.***Sept. 5, Rose McGowan, 37; Dweezil Zappa, 41; Raquel Welch, 70 and Carol Lawrence, 76.***Sept. 6, Jeff Foxworthy, 52; Jane Curtin, 63; Greg Rusedski, 37 and Swoosie Kurtz, 66.***Sept. 7, Corbin Bernsen, 56; Devon Sawa, 32; Gloria Gaynor, 61 and Richard Roundtree, 68.***Sept. 8, Pink will be 31; Guitar Shorty, 71; Sid Caesar, 88 and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, 29.


Paul Fournier, Virginia White, Billl McCorkle, Haley Aldridge, Pamela Layman, Vernon Dixon, Cody Knight, Ernest Procella, Hannah Hall, Judy Hollis, Peyton Choate, T.W. Permenter, Rusty Dubose, Tammy Stevens, Tracy Hollingsworth, Barbara Daigle, Kacey Harrell, Rachel Briggs, Robert Boehme, Cynthia Wedekind, Ginger Williams, Jamie Forse, Shirley Choate, Beverly Hanes, Cindy Myers, Jason Toal, Marilyn Bennett, Susan Cooper, Corrin Gonzales, Robert Vidrine, Gerald LeLeux, Keith Buker, Paul Rhodes, Randy Godsy, Ron Sherman, Rick Brownlie, Terri Childs, Dottie Couser, Karen Morse, Laina Sparks, Laura McCombs, Ted Miller


Clovis Marceaux him was having an affair wit his secretary, Mavis Comeaux. One afternoon dey went to her place. Exhausted, dey fell asleep dem and woke up at 8 p.m. Clovis dressed real quick and told Mavis to take his shoes outside and rub dem in da grass and dirt.

When he got home his wife Clotile axe, “How come you late you?”

“Clotile, I can’t lie to you, me and my secretary Mavis are having an affair and we fell asleep,” Clovis answer.

Clotile her, looked down at his shoes and said, “You lying Cajun, you’ve been playing golf.”


I’m coming to the end of another week. It hasn’t been as stressful as last week but there is still the struggle of getting two papers out without an editor. Margaret Toal is helping us and we appreciate it. By next week we should have a new editor/reporter in place.*****My body needs some major adjustments. Several people have told me that Dr. David Thrash, Family Chiropractic Clinic, has really helped them. One guy said he hadn’t been able to lift his left arm over his head for years, now he can shoot baskets. Others say after a few visits, he has straightened out their legs, back, headaches, etc. He comes highly recommended and is worth a try.*****Lamar plays McNeese in Lake Charles Saturday at 7 p.m. I’m anxious to see how the Cardinals will do in their first outing in 20 years. Go to the game if you can, it will be a good outing.*****I’d hate to be in Roger Clemens shoes today charged with lying to congress. I hate that because I was a big fan and loved to watch him pitch. Looks to me with Andy going against him he’s between a rock and a hard place.*****Thanks to our family of advertisers. Stay safe, take care and God bless you.