There were more than 3,400 traffic-related fatalities on Texas roads last year, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office plays an important role in increasing traffic safety for our area. DuPont Sabine River Works recently partnered with the Sheriff’s office to raise awareness of vehicle speed and safety. The site donated a mobile traffic speed safety trailer for use by the Sheriff’s department across Orange County.

Merritt said, “Dupont has always been a good partner in helping area law enforcement and the communities in our county. It is our pleasure to accept this gift from DuPont to help raise awareness of vehicle speed and safety. It will be utilized on the roadways throughout Orange County.”

“Vehicle safety is an important safety focus for DuPont, and we have used the trailer during maintenance activities when we have a lot of traffic on our site,” said plant manager Bobby Laughlin. “We felt the Sheriff’s department could get more use from this equipment to help keep people safe, so we are glad to donate it.”

DuPont Sabine River Works began operation in 1946 on the banks of the Sabine River in Orange. The plant produces ethylene-based copolymers used for packaging films, adhesives, compounds and molded products. The plant employs approximately 850 full-time DuPont employees and hundreds of contract employees.

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